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my doctor? what do you think’s wrong with me? nothing, i just Radio Never mind. what? i just figured you’d have one on hand or something. why’s that? it fit. big house, well-off guy, the on-call doctor. maybe that’s just a movie thing. maybe. yeah. belle Radio i’m sorry about my behavior yesterday. you you read everything, and i Radio [ clears throat ] anyway, my apologies. feel free to take the day off. okay. thanks. see you tomorrow. can i ask why you keep it? excuse me? isn’t it kind of a temptation? this coming from someone who would never understand. have you ever had a drop of alcohol in your life? no. And you knew that. but that’s why i’m asking. i really don’t understand. it’s a reminder. for what? to never go there again. [ cellphone rings ] this is eric. kyle. Yes. [ telephone rings ] the st should work just fine. hello? Mr. Landry’s office. man: is eric there? he’s on another call. he was supposed to send me a packet yesterday, and it’s not here. Where is it? okay. What’s your name? brent yielding, of yielding dynamics. okay. we need that right away. i told eric this days ago, and he still hasn’t come through, which is unlike him. i can’t stress the urgency enough. we’re preparing a presentation for the board. actually, mr. Yielding, it’s my fault. i failed to get it out in time yesterday. you? Your boss will hear about this. i’m very sorry. You should have it first thing in the morning. i better. who was that? a mr. Yielding. [ groans ] the packet. this it? It’s no problem. i’ll just take it right now, if you want. mr. Yielding, please. is eric here? he’s walking outside. he asked that you wait in the great room. i’ll go fetch him. um Radio yes, dear? which one’s the great room? the one right off the entry. eric’s bedroom? no. That’s a nice room. No need to give it an ego. i’ll show you. why’s it called the great room? because it’s big. everything here is big. you covered for me on the yielding thing. i didn’t even think about it yesterday. that’s what i get for taking the day off. you were sick. but it’s not an excuse. thank you for what you did. i’d like you to read this analysis. make it more Radio Diplomatic. we’ll go over it tomorrow. oh, there you are. hey. Just finishing up on the diplomacy revision. you’re still working on that? yeah. it’s not the state of the union. come on. No, it’s not done. well, let me see what you have. i’d really rather explain my notes. i just wrote whatever i was thinking. “see the good in the manager.” “respect the ceo. He brought you in.” “too harsh. Too critical. Too mean.” eric Radio [ chuckles ] “why would they listen to criticism with no hope?” i was going to type those up and explain what they meant. there’s no need. They’re quite clear. just let me finish. finish? There’s more? i can’t wait to hear how else you think i’ve failed! eric, you asked me to help you. i know what i asked! Now i’m telling you to stop. you think you understand this business simply because you can read. i know my clients and what they need to hear. nngh! i’m sorry. do you have something you wanted me to do? i did have a list of things i thought you could help me with. but don’t worry about it right now. i’d rather pick up your dry cleaning than have you yell at my work. i’m trying to be nice. your notes were correct. i’m just i’m not used to criticism. that’s ironic how someone so critical can’t take criticism. come on. come on. i find this clears my head. i thought you might enjoy it, too. you’ve been working pretty hard up there. nah. It’s just some writing and revising. i didn’t mean to disregard your work. neither should you. these grounds are beautiful. my wife, she loved flowers and plants and anything she could grow. she planted most of this. how long ago did she pass away? years ago. but you knew that, didn’t you? [ chuckles ] mrs. Haygood has a tendency to talk about my history. i’m sure she’s already told you plenty i’d rather you didn’t know. it must be hard for you. listen, i have some phone calls i need to make. but i’m sorry about before. I do appreciate your work. what’s this? i’m sorry. It’s just a little homework. it’s all right. auditing. That’s a little advanced. well, it is grad school. mba? Mm-hmm. what did you get for your undergrad? english. and that didn’t take you where you wanted to go? [ laughs ] you have an error there. i know. I’ve been trying to figure out why. your formula’s wrong. let me show you. what’s wrong with that? It’s condescending. no, it’s honest. there’s being honest, and there’s being excessively blunt. i was lost in the dark you kept your faith and showed me a new way and i’ve learned to see the beauty of my heart now that i can fly now that i can find my strength and my dreams i am shining now that i can fly now that i can finally see i will always believe i feel a change from within myself that makes me smile like the sun came around you took a chance and now i understand and i feel like i’ve been given a new start now that i can fly now that i can find my strength and my dreams i am shining oh! [ laughs ] belle, somebody’s here to see you.

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