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how did you know it was here? my wife used to come up here and take pictures. photography was her hobby. she loved it up here. so, what got you into consulting? i liked it better than dealing with a whole company. because of what happened with your old company? i get to go in and fix things. and i don’t have to deal with the day-to-day hassles and politics and people i don’t like. that’s understandable. plus, you’re better off where you are now than if you’d stayed, don’t you think? no, i’d have a bigger house if i were still there. no, but i mean it. i think things happen for a reason. it’s not always easy, but there’s someone looking out for us. someone’s looking out for us. yeah. i guess that implies that god wants us to be happy. you don’t think he does? my wife and i were out one night, driving. we weren’t speeding or doing anything dangerous. the left front tire hit the road wrong and blew out. after that, we went off the road. there wasn’t a single other person on that road. no one to help. for a highway like that, that’s pretty unusual. it was as if Radio god knew exactly what he was doing. and i couldn’t do a thing to stop him. by the time i woke up, she was already gone. i prayed and i prayed, but it didn’t make a difference. so i sat in that car, trapped, unable to move, for three hours until someone even noticed. but i didn’t stop praying. i figured it was the only thing that i could do. i was still stupid enough to believe that she might actually be okay, she might even live. so, no, i don’t really think god cares for me. and i don’t believe he wants me to be happy. this happened such a long time ago, and you still feel this way? what about what’s changed? what about getting stronger and growing from your experiences? growing? i lost everything. i became a drunk, had to put my life on hold. sometimes bad things happen to good people. i should get you home. why did you do it alone? there had to be somebody you could have gone to for help or for comfort. there was. a bottle. not the strongest solution. why did it matter? i mean, no one saw me as the same. all the rumors started. i lost my business. what else did i have? maybe more than you realized. something on the wind chills me to my toes as it kicks up life’s shifting sands whispered, restless thoughts stir my timid soul to close my eyes and think of where i am the swirling dust i find alters my design drifting past this gray and rising to where light shines through i’m searching for life in full color in my heart, i know it’s time to twist this kaleidoscope hi. hi. do you mind if i study some? I have a test today. no, go ahead. thanks. how’s it coming? good. are you cold? no, i’m okay. here. thank you. is that really the time? oh, shoot! I’m gonna be late. what? an exam that starts in minutes. [ cellphone rings ] hello? kelli. What did you do? no, i can’t. i have an exam in minutes. I’m going to be late. you’re just going to have to fess up to dad. i’ll call him. Kelli! No, i can’t talk right now. okay. I’ll figure something out. what’s wrong? my little sister. she got in trouble at school, and the principal wants someone to pick her up. i’m going to have to miss my exam. what? Why? What about your dad? no, she doesn’t want me to call him. plus, it’s really hard for him to just leave work like that. well, i can pick her up. really? You’ve got your exam. it’s slow here today anyway. i’ll pick her up and drop her by your house. are you sure? yeah. You’re going to be late. kelli? you’re here to take her home? uh, yes. do i need to sign for her or something? wait here. our principal, mr. Daniels, would like to speak with you. with me? i guess my sister sent you. what are you in for? [ mumbles ] what? cheating. let’s talk in my office. no, no, kelli. You stay here. so, is there a reason you wanted to speak with me? mr. Watson no, no. Hear me out. i know you may want to defend your daughter. no, but i’m not please don’t interrupt. we’re concerned that kelli would cheat. she’s normally such a sweet girl a little rambunctious, but intelligent and able. yeah. Why would she cheat now? i’ve seen her scores, and she’s always excelled. perhaps there’s something going on at home. not that i’m aware of. look, mr. Daniels, i don’t have a lot of time. i was afraid of that. Perhaps you should make time. she is your daughter. clearly. i see a lot of this. it’s one of the biggest problems we see in our schools today. parents just aren’t making time for their children, and sometimes the children act out like this cheating to get attention. well, we’ll work on that. good, good. Listen to your daughter. you’d be amazed how many problems can be solved just by doing that. here at our school, we listen to our students, and i’m very proud of that. well, you should be. did you do it? does your mansion really have secret passageways? no, it doesn’t. it wasn’t really cheating. i couldn’t remember this one equation on this one problem, so i asked dillon. but then ms. Parker saw me and she hauled me down to the principal’s office. dillon didn’t even

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