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KBSZ – 1260 AM Apache Junction, Online KBSZ – 1260 AM Apache Junction Radio internet, KBSZ – 1260 AM Apache Junction USA Radio

education Well what dangerous friends said the dangerous friends What is that? ah? control tower? ah, gazebo friends the entire town at a glance [paper airplane floating cloud] [Green floated along with the wind] take me away if only two people in a sad state ah, see the it really looks like a control tower control tower? guardian of the road before the tower travelers has been guarding the travelers on the road only the control tower here Yeah, put it on the end of Japan end of the world in the end there it I sometimes think these so have fled towards the end of the world I is not no other place where it spent the has been staying here, not on the line stay here but some will move to where have fled towards the end of the world so go I can get back to you here mark it as this tower so you can come back from the end of the world where it does not know Kan Bukan get here I, where we have to mark it to be a marker in order not to lose way back silly lines back to see it take you to home No, I can go back bye A microphone for the first time it told me to A microphone see you tomorrow ah, see you tomorrow after that, and A microphone that begins with the day play the notes with playing with the practice san ko na ma せ time ni san desu い (song) I am sorry this point で も night long desu ga ta ぎ で の but the night is too long Jun の Shengwen ku ta ki ta na っ Certified suddenly want to hear your voice a little sound sleep ぼ け ta ta で laughing Certified っ you sleep sound confused I can not help laughing Mizuho ら, bird ga ming い ta listening, called sparrow そ san na ど う で も と い if し て い ko Certified were in fact some matter of indifference walk walk ku da け tired れ い て て not tired to go walking crossing the ri birds fly san Certified い ku bird flew away also umbrella moo a thread even れ て に line け Certified go with umbrella ko ni san na na ら injury つ の ku if you are so sad Mizuho ら, rain ga na Xie い ne Come, ah the rain will not apologize そ san na ど う で も と い if し て い ko Certified do is say something irrelevant ko san na na wa ga ma ma servant の wayward never let go of my hand hand wo っ from さ na ka ta king ni you for such a made wa na na ki ゃ I must say that sentence then I thought this day will always continue Yeah dangerous dangerous Yeah dangerous ah right do not record the words of master to keep up with the deadline of eh? Still early it what master record and the song has not finished but soon, right? ah probably all right if you will be able to ah if and A microphone with the words the same eh like to marry him not friends give me some time it less money on nonsense pull fart ah Dad! father A microphone A microphone you go back it does not matter Sorry I want to go back you go back A microphone since Ah Mi both in school or band practice do not come off the Ah come before the microphone obviously I have been a person A microphone is gone after I do not know what to do the This practice paper on Monday to pay ah do not forget ah -eh ~ ~ ~ of the this practice paper who’ll get to Takimoto? no one will Qula who is going ah? Oh, Fujita then I want you to slightly anyone? anyone? A microphone what the the teacher showed you that that I finished song want you to see want you to Bouncing I do not see do not play Why do not look just do not look but that participation I but I do not see do not play do these things simply do not make sense useless useless useless that did not use useless ah [scores: control tower] come back how the who knows Welcome Oh, you came Xiang how? today is a person ah So I signed up for an ambulance unit… that didn’t care if I was too young. When I got back, I had a maturity, I was settled. I then was able to kind of line right up on an objective… and I went for it. Walt! Roy, your brother is here! Hello, Edna. Look at you. Welcome back, soldier. Hello, old man. How are you, kid? I’m better now. It’s good to see you, Roy. I’m glad you finally made it, you look great. Thank you for letting me stay here. Absolutely, but you only have a few weeks before our renter comes. Renter? You have someone moving in? He’s the one that’s moving. I’m going to California in a week. California? Yeah. What’s in California? Roy’s been a little sick lately, Walt. It’s nothing. I’m just going to make sure everything’s all right. There’s a Veterans hospital out there. Sick? Sick with what? He’s going to be fine… just fine. Isn’t that right, darling? It’s nothing. Now you just worry about getting yourself on your feet, okay? Roy called a favor in to a friend. You have a job interview in the morning. That’s right, now let’s find you a jacket for tomorrow. Look fancy, but not that fancy. I didn’t know what to expect at the interview. I didn’t necessarily have a portfolio, just all these corny drawings… I had done in France during the war, of the fellows finding cooties. Mr. Disney? Yes, ma’am. Mr. Pesman will see you now. What about us? I’ve been here for hours. Oh, you’re next. And you went to the Art Institute here in Kansas City? Yes, and in Chicago, when I was in high school. These drawings of soldiers…

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