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A sort of bonus reel on local Kansas City issues. The pot holes, for instance. Aren’t you too young to make Felix the Cat? That’s not mine, sir. That’s too bad, because he’s the biggest star in Hollywood and that’s what my theater shows. Well, I have something much better. Sure, you do. All my animations are assured to please all audiences. All I’m asking is that you take a look at my team’s work. Are they expensive? No, sir, cents a foot. Okay, then, it’s a deal. Yes, sir. I was on my way. I was ready to animate my next idea, fairy tales, but set in modern times. using the same satirical style as Newman Laugh-o-Grams. It’s happening, Roy. Not only did I get my own place… but I have a new team together and we’ve sold our first animation. Well, that’s great news! Edna told me you moved out. Oh, and they’re going to be shown in Newman’s theaters. That’s a big deal. How much are you making for each animation? cents a foot. And how much is it costing you? Walt? cents a foot. So you’re selling at cost? I forgot to add in profit. Walt, Walt, Walt– you got to get your head out of the clouds. It’s okay, don’t worry. It’s only a start. Walt! What a pleasant surprise! How is the business going? Good. Your brother tells me you sold some work to Newman. Yes, that’s what I’m here to talk to you about. Well, how can I be assistance to you? With this new contract, I’m looking to grow the company… and bring on new investors. Well, how much we talking? $,… that’s a hefty sum. My family and I have known you for a long time, Doctor. This is a great opportunity– I believe in you, Walt… but this is going to be a one-time loan. Yes, sir. I understand. I’m going to send Ralph over. He’ll draw up the papers. In the meantime, this should hold you over. Oh, thank you so much! Um– I forgot the check. Yes. Thank you, Doctor. Team! I’ve got good news! What is it? Newman bought our reel, plus a dozen more. And we have a new investor, so pack your things, boys… we’re moving to a bigger space. That’s wonderful. WALT With my investors and creative vision in place… Laugh-o-Gram was officially open for business. Okay, team, we need to get started on our first run of animations for Newman. I am thinking of a live action sequence… with a set of protesters… and chickens holding strike signs. Live action, huh? You mean real people? Mm-hm. Yeah, we’ll need a camera. We’re going to need some more help. At least another guy who can draw. We should open with a long shot… from behind the canvas, and then go into the animation. We can steal a camera from Pesman. Borrow. Borrow. Yeah, borrow it. I’ll put an ad out in the paper… see if we can find some animators. Great. Fred, what do you think about Friz, he’d be perfect for us. Who’s Friz? Friz is um, one of the most talented guys I know, Walt. He worked with Fred and me, funny guy… great animator and he’s amazing at doing voices, right? He’s the best. I know a girl who can trace well. Not better than you, I’m sure. Bring her in… and bring them all in. Let’s go get that camera. The trick is to come in prepared. We need a light. I live in a dark room, I don’t need it. What is this? Well, I’m a– Hey, let me– Thank you for coming. I say, I say, that boy is like a tattoo, gets under your skin. So what kind of name is Friz anyway? Well, my real name is Isador, but Hugh here gave me the nickname… after some congressman he saw in a newspaper article. The name just stuck. You have to hear some of his voices, he is fantastic. Bear with me. Why, Mr. Harmon, I do believe you are flattering me, son. That’s very good. Well, there’s a lot more where that came from. Who knows, maybe we’ll be adding sound to our animations one day. Who’s bothering us now? Well, there is a certain bill collector looking for a Wilt Dinsey… whoever that is. I’m certain that won’t fool anyone, Walt. Allow me to get the door, sir. I will scare away the varmint. Welcome to the House of Sam! What can I do for you, son? Uh, I read your ad. Well, Mr. Dinsey, no need to hide. Yes, uh, the coast is clear, boss. Welcome to our humble abode. Thanks. So you’re an animator? What experience do you have? Well, I draw for fun mostly. I’ve never had any training. I brought you some samples. Done a lot of portrait work. Oh, portraits. But I like animation. Hm, these are great. Thank you. But can you draw this? Ah, I don’t– I don’t imagine things so good… but I can copy real well. Well, copying is an honorable pursuit. Can you copy this? Sure. But move her right arm down… slightly, not by much. Uh, I don’t understand. Oh, no, I do believe we’ve confused the gentleman. Animation. And a lot of red ink. What? Uh-oh. Oh, uh, yes. Yes, the truth is… I can’t afford to pay you, but this is an opportunity to learn with the best. Well, uh, my pa wouldn’t like it… but it’s all the more reason why I should do it. If you’ll have me. Great. We can train you for $. You brought your checkbook? Oh, no, I’m here for the job. Ad says experienced animators, you are neither. But I don’t have any money. Neither do I. Welcome aboard, what’s your name? Uh, it’s Rudy– Rudy Ising.

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