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Julius and the dog boxing it out… and we’ll put it on an easel and we’ll all be watching, okay? Let’s get to work! Okay. I tried my best to salvage something out of the company… and to obtain new financing, so I could remain in Kansas City… but I wasn’t successful. Are you Walter Disney? No. It’s too bad, you know when he’ll be in? I’m not sure. It’s all right, I’ll wait. Good morning, Walt. Nice try. You’ve just been served with a bankruptcy petition for Laugh-o-Gram Studios. Have a good day. Thanks. Walt… I’m so sorry. It’s not your fault, kid. What if– I’m sorry. Just go home, Rudy. Hey, little guy. At least I have you, little guy. Hm. Let’s go for a walk. Hi, Mom, it’s me, Walt. No, I’m– I’m fine. I– Listen, please… I need to get the money that I left with Dad. No, you can’t tell him. No, he can’t know. It’s okay… I understand. I have to go. Hey, let’s get some food, huh? Hey, Joe, are you there? Come on, Joe. I just need a little– a little something. I’m sorry. I know, I’m hungry, too. Okay. Hey. Hey. Look, I got a little something. Come on. Come on. There you go. Hey, fellow– fellow, you can’t sit there. Don’t I know you? Oh, please, watch out! You’ll hurt him! No! No! No! No! No… I’m sorry. Roy… it’s Walt. ROY Hey, how’s the successful businessman doing? Walt? I lost everything. WALT It was the last of the fairytale reels… we had made at Laugh-o-Gram Films. We had yet to fully complete Alice, but… it was all I had left. WALT I finally came to a great conclusion… I had missed the boat. I had gotten into the animated cartoon field too late. Film cartooning had been going on for all of six or seven years. I should have started then. I don’t see how I could top those New York boys now. I thought you’d be here. You all right, Walt? I’m going to go to California. Get a fresh start. It’s a great idea. You should probably take this with you. You have more use for it than I do. Thank you. Now you let me know when you’re settled in. And I’ll go out there and join you. Yeah. I had to sell Ubbe’s antiquated movie camera… to pay for my train ticket. This gave me a little extra money… enough for a ticket to Los Angeles and $ to spare. My mood on that big day was somehow just free and happy. Last stop! End of the line! Baggage claim… end of Platform . Uncle Robert! Walt! Hi, Aunt Charlotte. Hi, darling, how are you? I’m good, how are you? Wonderful. Hey… was your travel restful? Somewhat, I’m pretty exhausted. Did you come through Topeka? No, sir. Well, Charlotte, he must think anybody that lives in Hollywood is kind of vapid. No, sir, we just didn’t come through Topeka. We must have bypassed the station there. Well, it don’t seem particularly likely. Yeah, I’m going to expect you to get a job right away. Robert! Well, there’s no free lunch at my house. WALT I paid Robert and Charlotte rent… in the amount of $ weekly, but I had to rely on Roy and his government pension for financial support. Oh, ho, ho, so Mr. Banker is playing chess now? Look who’s back from the dead. So, how’s Robert treating you? Like a Disney. Well, I’m glad you came out. So, what are you working on? Patience. Geez, that’s not for you. You okay? Yeah, I, uh, I’m the one working on patience. I’ve had enough for the both of us. I’m thinking about directing. Not animations? I just don’t know how to go about it. Well, you could get a job– any job in a studio… the way you started out in animation. And that worked out so well for me the first time. Excuse me… do you know when they’re finished filming over there? I have an interview with the director. I don’t. I’m sorry. Hey, Ralphie, take that to Studio D. Robert’s getting huffy. He’s wondering when you’re going to get a job? He is? Ah, he is so impatient. Are all of you Disney’s like that? Ah, it’s the Disney standard. He says you go out to the studios every day… what do you do when you get there? Are you applying for jobs. Not exactly. Then what? I can’t quite explain it. There’s something there for me, but it’s not what I can see. That makes no sense. I’m aware of that, it doesn’t make sense to me. At the studios, I see everyone doing one thing… actors, directors, writers, guards, secretaries; everyone has their own piece. But when I was animating, we were doing everything… drawing, inking, camera, gags, whatever needed to be done. Everyone has their strengths of course… but in the end it was Ubbe and Rudy and myself that were making Alice. I feel as if that story is drawn in my own blood. I’m sorry to bother you, but I was wondering do you have a typewriter? Damn! Ah, damn! Ahhh. I have never been good at using these things. May I? Yes, please. Okay, now… just talk at a normal pace… and tell me what you want to say. I haven’t said anything yet. I know our address. Right. Okay… go. Okay. Dear Miss Winkler… This is to inform you that I am no longer with Laugh-O-Gram Films. I’m starting a studio in Los Angeles… for the purpose of producing a novel series of animations… that I have previously written you about. In the past, all animations combining live actors have been produced in an amateur manner…

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