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Are you sure, kid? Well, Ubbe’s the talented one, he’s a better animator than I am… and one of the most loyal guys I know. Thanks, Dis. All right! Let’s go find us an Alice. Okay, let’s get started. Hi, I’m Walt. Now, who is up first? Go on, get up there. Get up there. No! She’s just a little shy, that’s all. And what is your name? William. Thank you, next. Ah, I told you to use your girl’s voice. Come on. Hi, my name is Tina, I’m so excited to be here. I prepared a little dance for you. Ah, we’ll let you know. Ah, excuse me, aren’t you a little too tall to be playing Alice? I think I have a better idea. I need my original Alice. Yeah, bring that flat. Where to? Make a little set. Yeah. Yeah, we can set some things over there. All right, Virginia, are you ready? Okay, great, now look over at Hugh, all right… now you see something very, very far away behind him. You’re not sure what it is, but it makes you smile. Now wave “hi” to it. All right, now you see that it’s a very, very big bear. All right, now duck down. Okay now– now right behind you in the barrel, a bunny rabbit pops out. Yeah, that’s right, you can pet it. Yeah, good. Okay, now you turn back to that bear and you say… “No, no, no, you can’t come over here.” Now jump up and down like you mean it. Great, that’s a cut. Ladies, can we help you? I’m here about the job, to help with ink and paint. Oh yes, yes, come in. All right. What is your name? Lillian Bounds… here, it says so on my resume. Oh. What are you doing? I’m getting a chair for Miss Bounds. This is an interview, not a date. Ah, and your name, Miss? Oh, ah, Bridgit, but I’m not here to interview… I’m just accompanying Miss Bounds. Oh, I see. Ah, have you ever worked before? Sir, I know where you’re going with this. I am willing to do whatever it takes, I am a dedicated person. In Idaho, I learned that there is no substitute for hard work. Idaho has great potatoes. Wonderful. Well, it’s $ a week, so you can start tomorrow. I can’t work for less than $. Well, then $ it is. What about you, Miss Bridgit, we could use an extra hand. Oh, I don’t know. She’d love a job. Wonderful. Congratulations, welcome to the team. Thank you. Okay, let’s rehearse this one more time. So you’re out of tea and you’re looking out into the distance… and then you see land and you point… and then a bunch of fish jump onto the boat all around you. Okay? Okay. All right. Okay, so we have just enough film in the camera for one more take. So… no pressure. Okay, let’s see the ocean move. Go ahead and roll it, Fred. And action. We were very pleased. Mostly. With the increasing quality of the Alice series. Of course, much work remains to be done. Much, very much. Well, the problem still remains that we’re spending as much as we make. More tea, dear? Yes, I’d love some. I find tea relaxes the mind. It’s very useful in discussing business, don’t you think? Problem is– The problem is we pay you up front… that we don’t realize a profit for at least six months. But whatever that profit is, you keep it. Press has been good, there are other distributors. Yeah, let’s not yell fire just yet. Actually, when we took on Alice… I was forced to put in a copyright. How do you– We pay you for the originals, it’s a sale. We own the originals. We make the prints and the negatives, and lease them. The copyright protects us, not you. Excuse me. Walt takes great pride in his work. He spends every waking minute thinking of ways to make it better. I don’t suppose it could have ever occurred to him that someone else could own that? If you don’t mind, I’ll go join my brother. It’s better when they’re emotional. We will always take the prize. Walt… Walt! Dear Mr. Mintz, by this time you have no doubt screened “Alice Cans the Cannibals”… and in this subject, we have endeavored to do nothing but gags. The story is one gag after another… and you will notice that the quality of the picture– Walt, can you slow down. I can’t slow down. But I don’t have it all yet. Okay, well what do you have so far? Dear Mr. Mintz, you have no doubt– something about gags?

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