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I’m in the business of making money. FRIZ Your bad checks are the problem, Walt. You’ve ruined my company! Walt, why do you keep playing around with this fairytale? GOLDSTEIN I am sorry, thank you for stopping by. Walter! Charles. I trust you’ve had a change of heart? Do you have the contract? Yes. Now, let’s sign it and be done with this. Do you mind if I take a look at it before I sign? Hurry up, I have a meeting to get to. Wait, am I reading this correctly? You want us to assign all rights of ownership of Disney Studios… to Snappy Comedies and you? In exchange for what, a $ a week salary? Walter, we are assuming a significant risk by extending the contract. That’s a fair deal. This is not what we agreed to, Charles. You have no leverage, Walter. George has already signed your artists and your designers. Take the deal or lose everything. I suppose… it’s too much to hope that you would be a man of your word. My team and I will have nothing to do with you. What team? You don’t have a team, and I own the rights to the rabbit. You’re finished. Go back to Kansas. I never liked that damned rabbit anyway. I had made my declaration of independence… and traded security for self-respect. An artist who wouldn’t is a dead mackerel. I was going to make pictures for quality, not for price. Tickets please, tickets please? Thank you, sir, thank you. Do you have them? Yes. Maybe you left them in the bag? No, no, oh, here they are. Thank you sir, welcome aboard. This was delivered to the hotel. Oh, yes, I’ve already seen this. What you running from, son? My Poppa is mad at me again. Yeah? Ah, been drawing them chickens again? Pretty horse, isn’t it? I’ll tell you what, Walt. I will pay you a nickel to draw my Rupert here. Would you like that? Really? Yes, sir. I believe in you, Walt, but you got to give me your best… promise? This time, why don’t you draw it on a pad. Here. Walt, just tell me everything’s going to be okay? I am never going to work for anyone as long as I live. I’m going to be my own boss. Why don’t you tell Roy about what happened? It doesn’t matter. We’re going to do things our own way. I needed a new character. Someone who represented those same ideals… and I needed the right people to make the dream a reality. I got it… Mortimer the Mouse. He goes on adventures; he’s innocent and trustworthy. He’s very well intentioned. He’s friendly to all and he believes that the world… can be a better place with happiness and joy. Walt, we don’t have money for this. We– we can’t quit now, Roy. We have to fight for what we believe. This is just a test. I wished upon a star and look at what it gave me. He’s adorable. I think you’ve got something. I– I know you can do something with this Ubbe… just don’t show it to anyone unless we know that we can trust them. I– I hope you’re right on this one, kid. Let’s get to work. I don’t like the name Mortimer. What? Why not? It’s too depressing. We need something happy and friendly. How about Murphy? Marty? Marty? Mickey? Mikey? Mickey! Mickey. Mickey… Mouse. Mickey, Mickey, that actually sounds catchy. Yeah, it has a nice ring to it. What do you think, Walt? I hope he has a girlfriend. Mickey… that’s it. WALT All the adversity I’ve had in my life… all my troubles and obstacles have strengthened me. You may not realize it when it happens… but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you. Found you deep within the pages Tracing lines into the spaces Everywhere that you fly I will follow you When I look up at the sky with you I see the stars like dreamers do Shining with a hope that I have never known But with you I start to believe Just a wish in your heart And anything can happen A simple wish can find you Anywhere you are Just a wish on a star Can hold the ever after And it all begins With just a wish In every picture every story told In every breath I feel your heart unfold A new horizon waits before us anywhere we want to go And if we ever fall and lose our way Tomorrow brings a brand new day And like a thousand suns we rise to chase the night And once again I can see Just a wish in your heart And anything can happen A simple wish can find you Anywhere you are Just a wish on a star Can hold the ever after And it all begins With just a wish And I don’t know where this road will lead But my heart is singing like a symphony ‘Cause I feel Let’s go check out the other ghost rooms. [inhales deeply] Ah. This it? That’s it. You remember which brushes fell’? Those three right there. None of ’em are inherited or bought from odd men at garage sales or anything? No. I bought them new. All right. Well, the weird energy’s definitely concentrated right up here, so I’m gonna spend a little time in here, try to talk to ’em if that’s cool with you. You’re gonna talk to them? Yeah. ls that cool? Sure. Listen. Whatever… whatever you need to do, okay? Is there anything that we can do to, uh, help? Mmm. You could throw that out for me. Thanks. And, uh, close the door on your way out, please’ Thank you. [humming a beat] Whoa, whoa! Who’s this? Oh. Why’d you do that then? I love you! I said I love you!

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