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We will fix this problem. Because I need you to paint. [telephone ringing] Os Bijourn. Lots of interpretations. It’s good. The guy said they’re harmless, like an Aurora Borealis just for us. And not to worry about it, but, uh… [chuckles] Mm-hmm. And this guy, did he, uh, have a name? Joey, uh… Joey Lee Dansing? Yeah. You know him? Yeah, I know Joey. I know he’s sloppy, he’s lazy. He’s a total bleeding heart when it comes to ghosts. I mean, he’s always on their side every time. Just that. You know, Joey. Yeah. I mean, he said they’re not even necessarily ghosts. He said they could be beings from another dimension. Ah, I don’t disagree with him there, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them “beings” per se. What would you call them? How are you? Fine, thanks. What would I call them? Demons. Demons? , yeah. With a capital D, dude. And from hearing your account of the encounters, I’d say they pose a definite threat to your home, to your mental and physical health, your wife’s health, your son’s. My advice is we go over there right now, and if ‘s as ed up as I think it is over there, we need to initiate a plan of complete and total execution’ Annihilate the specters. What do you say? [Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven] [] Yeah, so, um, I talked to the guy, uh, George recommended, the exorcist. What did he say? Well, he couldn’t really say much without seeing the place, of course, but… based on what I told him, he does feel that the beings are malignant, so… Really? So he didn’t agree with Joey. No. In fact, he knows Joey and thinks he’s full of . So, I don’t know. I was thinking maybe I’d go up there Monday with him, take a closer look, stay, work the week, and you and Jazz can meet me on the weekend. Do you really think that it’s necessary? Necessary? I don’t know. But it’ll put me at ease, you know? And he’ll just look around, tell us what he thinks, and then we can make an informed decision. . Okay- Okay, you go get your second opinion, and we’ll figure it out. Thank you. [instrumental piano music] [] This one’s clean. [glove buzzing] Are you kidding me, dude? [buzzing sound continues] Whoa. Crazy vibe in here. Whoa. Not trying to, uh, destroy your whole house’ I’m just… need to get in there, see what’s go- Ah, . These are the paintbrushes they manipulated? Yeah, those three right there. They tossed one, made that mark there. [scoffs] I bet they did. Assholes. And then they made a triangle out of all three. which is… Whoa. [laughs] Very impressive. [laughs] So these are your, uh, paintings? Yep- You kind of do a black circle and then with colors around it? Yeah. I mean, there’s more to it than that, but, uh… are you into art at all, or… I guess I am enough, you know, to wonder what’s going on with these. Okay. Um… Well, basically I started thinking about the first moment of life. The light comes in, and your eyes fill with light, and it’s like this circle of white coming into the darkness, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I follow. So, basically I started thinking, “Whats the inverse of that? What’s the opposite of being born?” So blacked-out circles. Anyway, enough of the art jibber-jabber’ Let’s, uh, get back to work. So, just to fill you in, the energy is definitely in here. Well, yeah, I mean, that’s what Joey said. Um, hold on a second. [static sounds] Actually, the energy’s out here’ Is Mexican beer okay? Absolutely. Dan, I think we’re dealing with an E.F.D. What’s that? Evil Fully Determined. Evil? You think they’re evil? Oh, most definitely. I mean, it’s evil, it’s aggressive- Uh, Joey said there were two. Two ghosts. Yeah. I mean, that makes sense, actually’ I mean, it’s- A baby and a dog can sense ghosts. It’s not that hard. It’s grading the ghosts that’s difficult. Anyway, I don’t think there’s anything too out of the ordinary here, but I need to be straightforward at this point as a professional. It is going to take a while, uh, a few days at the very least, and it’s not gonna be easy. Okay, well, I-I’m gonna have to talk to my my wife about it first, because we said that we would discuss it before we made a decision, so… Yeah. I mean, get Mommy’s permission, but let’s get this figured out ASAP. It sounds a little melodramatic, don’t you think? Sweetie, I think you’re getting.“ I think you’re getting kind of caught up on the word “evil.” Evil is just his way of saying it. I just… I don’t feel like there’s anything bad there. Can you just wait until I’m up there and we can talk about what to do? Darling, the man is here right now. I’m looking at him, so I’d like to, you know, take some action steps. Sometimes I just think that you have too much respect for your fear, honey. I have respect for supernatural entities that I see with my own eyes. It’s scary. You know, I don’t… But just because you’re scared, that doesn’t make it scary. Okay. Maybe we should table this, because I’m… I have a very strong, diametrically-opposed point of view on the matter, so… Yeah, okay. Well, we’ll just talk about it when I get up there. . okay- Okay, Bye-bye. Bye. Os. Oh, hey’ What’d she say? She’s into it. [singer vocalizing] [] A lot of ghosts,

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