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Can I talk to you for a minute? My wife’s divorcing me. Can you believe that ? Well, um, what happened? Cats. My cats. I just… I kept getting more and more, and she was like, uh, “One more, and that’s it. I’m gonna leave.” And I was driving home, and I saw this tabby… and, uh… you know, what-what are you supposed to do’? It’s just sitting there. It’s shivering. It’s sitting on the side of the road. Like, what kind of man would lea- So I, uh… I bring it home, and she said, “That’s it. I’m gone,” and. uh, she split. Well, dude… You know what? There is a silver lining. I mean, look at it this way. You can now do whatever you want’ I mean, you can date whoever you want. Yeah. but it’s… it’s hard to meet people. I, uh… I ed this purple-haired girl, like, the day after my wife left. Great. But since then, it’s been, like, zero, nothing’ And that purple-haired girl wont even return my texts anymore. Forget the purple-haired girl. There’s so many other girls out there, like, with different colored hair: blondes. brunettes… anything you want, dude. I’ I kind of envy you. You get to go out and-and go wild. It’s awesome. Dude, this is exactly what I needed. You know? This . God, you’re smart. That’s nothing. I… You got this perspective that a lot of people don’t have. Well, that’s what friends are for. Well, thanks, buddy. I appreciate it. Seriously. Yeah, of course. It’s nothing. Good luck. This looks good. [light piano music] [] You know, ghosts aren’t stupid. They catch on really quick. You can’t use the same trap twice, so this time, we’re using light’ [whirring sounds] Nah, that’s gonna make me sick. [whirring stops] So, uh, earlier, I took a look at one of the paintings you’re working on. I think you’re right, man. There is something, you know, just innately deathlike to them. You know, it’s really cool, really cool. Yeah, maybe. Uh… [laughs] What’d I say? I’ll be honest with you, man. They’re just circles. [laughs] Wh-what about that big death rap you told me before? Made it all up. I did a show with them years ago, and it sold out. People started wanting to do interviews, so I had to figure out what the paintings meant retroactively. You came up with all that afterwards? Yeah. Dude, that’s cool. I mean, I actually started painting them because of Jazz, so… Oh. yeah. The rhythms kind of inspired you. No, no. Jazz, my son’ Jazz. Oh. Me-me and Mary were super young when she got pregnant. I just finished art school, and I was thinking, “, you know, how do I support a family?” You know, I needed to figure out a way to support my family. So then, like, two weeks before Jazz was born, I started, like, falling into… painting black circles. years later, here we are, and I’m the black circle guy. C’est la vie. It’s cool, you know. It’s a story from your life. You know, that’s cool. I don’t usually say this to my clients, but, um, I think there’s something really special going on here, you know, more than just work. You know, I think… I think it’s kind of the start of a friendship’ Do you» do you feel that? Yeah, man. I think you’re cool. I think you’re cool, too, man. I think you’re warm. Seriously, you have so much charisma and a great persona. I wish I was like that. I wish I was more like you. You know? Listen, I, uh… since we’re, uh, doing the confessional thing… That whole story about the Devil, you know, being outside my bedroom window? That was bull. What?! You didn’t see Satan? Well… I mean, do you- Do you want to hear the whole stow? Yeah, sure. You sure? It’s pretty gnarly. Yeah, man, lay it on me. Well, when I was younger, like a teenager, um, I was pretty ed up. You know, I did a lot of drugs’ I ran with this bad group of boys, really bad souls. We’d break in to businesses and beat up people, push down drunk girls. Wow. And we were hanging out with these three hot girls, the Garcia sisters. Everybody wanted to the Garcia sisters. Anyway, we were all drinking, like, a lot, and I had been doing a bunch of pills. And that night, we break in to this funeral home, and, uh, Ronnie, he was kind of the leader of our gang, starts around with, like, this dead body. And he starts moving his lips. He’s like, “Anybody know which way to the graveyard? Is Metamucil on sale?” You know, just stupid , and, like, the Garcia girls were eating it up. You know, they were, like, “Oh, gross,” but I could tell they thought Ronnie was cool. You know, they-they thought he was being brave. So I guess that maybe I was jealous or what, but I started moving this old lady’s arms up and down and being, like, “Has anyone seen my piano? Where’s my little Casio?” And, um, yeah, so Ronnie unzips this poor old man’s zipper and pulls the guy’s dick out and starts ticktocking it back and forth, you know? And… there was, like, a staple in his dick for some reason. Anyways, it gets, you know, weirder and weirder, and we just try to one-up each other more and more. And, uh… and I don’! know why I did this. I like to think, you know, it was the drugs or what have you, but I just… reach down into this poor dead lady’s eye sockets and pop her eyeballs like zits.

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