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Come on! Come out now, you stupid, lazy bitch! [distant whistling] [distant thumping] Get the out of here. No, no, no, no! Get out of here! Get out of here! Dan! Os says out! Os says out! That’s right! You tell that bitch! Os says out! ‘ Open up! [screaming] Dan, are you okay?! She’s gone. What the hell happened? She’s gone. Man, I woke up. She was standing right here, and then I just started screaming, man. I forced her out. Did you hear me? Yeah, man. You were screaming like a banshee. I said, “Os says out. Os says out,” and then she just started backing, backing toward the window. And then she flew up into the sky, and» and then she just, like, disappeared into a twinkle, man. Holy . She’s gone. Ho ho. Two done, none left. We’re done. No, that’s… Hold on, though. The work is… The work… I mean, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. [glove buzzing] I think you’re right. Man, I know I’m right’ I think we got ’em. I think we did it. I think we did it. I know they’re gone, man. Ho ho! Yes. yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s celebrate. Sure. Canned wine? Been saving this stuff for a special occasion. What the hell is it? They used to send this stuff to the G.I.S, some of the rarest, finest wine you could get. My sisters and I found a half-dozen of these in my grandpa’s garage’ The wine guy told me he’d give me a can’ Oh. Man, I feel bad drinking your special wine. Oh, no. I mean, I think right now is a perfect time for wine. Seriously. Like, spending these last few days with you, you know, chilling, catching some ghosts, making a friend. Like, I needed it. Seriously dude, you know I really needed this’ So share a can of wine with me. All right. [sniffs] God damn, that smells strong. Told you, dude. That stuffs for the G.I.S. [chuckles] Um… How ’bout we start this off with a shot of Hennedone? Yeah, I’m just gonna start with the wine. All right, chicken. [chuckles] Are you sure this isn’t gonna kill us? No. I think it might, actually. [chuckles] Cheers. [laughs] Oh, wow, that is pungent. [shudders] Oh. [quacks] [quacking a tune] [clicking tongue] [clicking tongue] [quacking a tune] [chuckles] [quacking] Okay, enough. Enough. [quacking] Enough. That’s enough. [chuckles] My sisters and I used to do that. Yeah? Yeah. Drove my mom nuts. [laughs] [chuckles] ” [quacks] I’ll stop. [wind chimes clinking] I’m starting to like this wine. [laughs] I can tell, dude. It’s good . Ah, , I am so glad that we got those ghosts out of your house. I mean, it feels good to do something right for a change. I mean, you’re never sure if this type of thing’s going to work. It’s basically an intuition. Truth be told, sometimes I don’t really know what the I’m doing. You seem like you know what you’re doing to me. Thanks, man. I just never know if it’s going to work’ I like you, man. I like you, too, man. What would you say if, uh… What? I don’t think you would go in for it’ Ha. What? What would you say if you and I… got… a Stripper? [laughs] [electronic music] [] Can’t leave the party Don’t know then [breathing heavily] Kiss me. No. Stop- How much do I have to pay you to kiss me’? I’m not gonna kiss you. Why not? Just kiss me. You can suck on my titty. I don’t want to suck on your titties. I like you. Like, I really like like you. Come on. I’m not gonna kiss you. [sighs] I know. I know what. I know what. I know what. What? [laughs] Listen, I’ll- I’ll give you the ring. It’s gold. If you just lay with me and make out with me for three minutes. I can’t. I have a boyfriend. Come on. That’s a lie. Ado. [sighs] I’m done. Please go. Get off me. Okay, baby. Anything else? [] Um… No, I’m good. Okay, well, money. Poor bastard. [coffee grinder whirring] [soft galloping] [galloping gets louder] You want some coffee? Uh, yeah. I just had the most ed-up dream. Really has me worried. I-I mean, I wouldn’t worry about it. People dream crazy all the time’ Yeah, but… I- I haven’t been to a strip club since I was ‘ You know, it’s just not something I do. I’m not really into that. You seemed pretty into it last night. I don’t even remember last night. I have to be honest with you. I think something possessed me last night. Really? You think- You think you were possessed? I mean, I know we buried the dude… but the old lady, I mean, she could have flown out the window and zipped right back in and into me. I feel like I need to stay here today. Nope. You don’t need to. I mean, it’s gone. We’re done. I mean, I can feel the energy in here. It feels lighter. I mean… [breathes deeply] It feels good in here, you know? It’d just be really irresponsible of me to leave things how they are, so… I just-I feel like I’ve spent all the money I’m gonna spend on this issue. Today is free. But my family’s coming tonight, so… I’m fine with that. Shouldn’t be more than a few hours, so… . Okay. Okay. . Okay- [dramatic instrumental music] [] Hey, man. What’s up? Just working. Did you find anything? No, not yet’ I was just seeing if you wanted to grab a bite to eat’ You know, actually I have to go into town for a work lunch, but, I mean, I could bring you something back, if you want. Nah, that’s fine.

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