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It does not come again, just have it for last time Your happiness is yours, every moment is a ceremony Do not waste time about yesterday and tomorrow, just live this moment Let us once give shake hand though danger is saying no Let us give way to adventure saying welcome Let us make the hangover stand to a side though it is coming Let us break the thought if there is a border Let us once give shake hand though danger is saying no Let us give way to adventure saying welcome Let us make the hangover stand to a side though it is coming Let us break the thought if there is a border Chai, Really time goes unnoticed being with you. You impressed me a lot. If you do not mind, can you spend time for me in the five days I am here? My pleasure Thank you This is the house of Mr Rao. Hey, bring the luggage of madam Hey, I do not know how to open the dickey Why are you pampering so much bro?Did you get connected? How did you catch so late bro? How did you connect so fast bro? Time dude! Everything comes along so, if our time is good. See, I will impress her full in these five days and make stay back forever All the best bro Bring the luggage Sure Will he always be with you? Yes, to avoid the bad sight Hello.. Do not say anything that happened here inside Hello…Hiding secrets at me is like hiding black money in Swiss bank Super, but see what uncle says That man looking angry is my dad. We came late right? He is a super successful businessman He has command over eight languages, but demands that all should converse in Telugu at home That lady coming in smile is my momas you came new and she is a house wife. Excellent cook and she became slim feeding us all. Ravipraksh, my elder brother in law and brother of Rajesh He takes care of business along with dad. He is either in sleep or on the net.He is never in humans. That lady looking innocent is my sister Siri,Mrs Raviprakash. So, an anger, an innocence,a ferociousness and a naughtiness… Our family is an emotional one withsuch with so many variations. What dad? Who is this girl? Have you seen the timing?You said to pick up right? That is the girl I asked to pick up. Priya! Uncle. I waited three hours for you at the airport. You know how tensed was I that would miss the exam? I went and brought as your phone was in off. Then this girl is… That means are you not KN Rao uncle? My name is KJ Rao dear Sorry Dad, I did not remember name of Priya and did not write your name completely. Could you not see correctly? I do not know anybody herOh no. I even lost my phone. What should I do now? You stop it madam. You stay back bro Hey..You wait Bro.. Madam, you wait for days at home for passport and hours at embassy for a Visa. Come on, can you not wait for some time for the ones we need? How many are the Raos? KV Rao, KS Rao, KJ Rao, VN Rao, PN Rao,MN Rao and every idiot is a Rao. What uncle?Oh no! You too are Rao right? Sorry uncle It is been so late because of his love story uncle. You said Swiss bank? Shut up Added he had Vodka and fought with the girl uncle. Bloody, did you have Vodka? Doubt comes taking Whisky or Brandy and thus preferred Vodka brother. Bloody Still, a confusion, mistake and an error…how did you do it all in a single situation? That fortunately..What? No, it happened unfortunately dad What is your name dear? Meera Vellanki It sound like an Email id, right uncle? Do you know any details about KN Rao, dear? I know that he is working as the Museum director, uncle. Hey, take her to all the museums and enquire. What, if you do not find?You! This too is a valid point and should discuss even on this. What to discuss, bring her back home if you do not get.You first go and freshen up. Priya, take her to your room Thank you aunty..Go baby Move dear What bro, you said time? Why is the bad luck ready even before luck entered? You are by my side right? Bloody, why do you not feel even when you are insulted for so many times? I am feeling from inside like the heroine of Racegurram, bro. Do you not have an ambition in life at all?Why not? Uncle should sometime give me a peg mixing with his hands in life and that is my ambition. Go and ask him then. Oh no, not now uncle. It is just ambition. Bloody, should I mix a peg? He can definitely be found in this museum, right? Yes, he will be. Where can he go? Damn this one! You are getting irritated as and when you are getting that message, what happened? Nothing Say, what happened? Shall I say what I remember or what I know? Say what has happened Steffy! Steffy Graph plays with Tennis balls and this Steffy plays with brains of boys. Interesting! No, irritating She tried to even trap me like all the others and followed me. I unfollowed her and she to take revenge is sending photos so to torture me. Have a look You too send. She has got so many boyfriends,who is there for me? I am there right? I mean, I will cooperate with you to irritate Steffy Many thanks, but where can we get a guy to cover so great. They will be found and if not we should get them. What else can we do? I will call you back. Excuse me, one small favour

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