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Let ’em! They’re not teaching anything anyway! Then do something about it! Not one of ’em has a personal stake in that school! Not one! The fire chief says it’s illegal to bar doors. Mrs. Barrett is organizing a parents group to remove you since you suggested that they get off welfare because quite a few of them need it. I wasn’t talking to all of them, frank. Look, you came and recruited me, man. You disappoint me. The disappointment here is you! Me? Yes! You’ve known me years. You know how i operate. Nigger, can you keep quiet? The fact is you’re screwing up! You’re alienating everybody! You have no life. Your wife left you. I ought to walk out myself! Go ahead, bail out! I said i’d back you up! That’s what yousaid, frank! Brother, i’ll go through the fire with you, but you are not taking care of business. But this shit you’re pulling now, you’ve just gone plain loco! You suspend darnell! What the hell was that? Darnell is symptomatic of disciplinary- he is a good, strong, young black teacher! He dumped that desk on top of your head. Good for him. You will reinstate that man! You fire mrs. Elliott. Why? She didn’t want to kiss your ass. I wouldn’t either! Mrs. Elliott has an ego problem. Well, you lost the best teacher we had! I don’t have time for mrs. Elliott’s problem! You better make time! We’re being crucified by a process that’s turning blacks into a permanent underclass here! See? Nobody wants to talk about that! Mrs. Elliott’s missionary zeal about mozart has nothing to do with our problem! What good will mozart do children who can’t go out and get a job? Joe, your personal battles are going to cost us the war. Worry about the test scores. What the hell you think i’m worried about? End of discussion! Debate is over! You will write a formal apology for your treatment of mrs. Elliott and darnell and for your thoughtless insult to the women of this community! You will kowtow and step and fetch. Get used to it! It’s the way of the world! If you’re so hot on discipline, then start by accepting mine because contrary to popular opinion, i am the head nigger in charge! Come on. Let’s get something to eat. Boy Radio you really think you bad, don’t you? You’re all in violation of the fire code! You cannot prevent me from going in. You’re not getting in, and that’s that. You have no right to lock these doors. This isn’t a plant. This is my school. If you want to get in here, apply for a pass like everyone else. What the hell is the bat for? They used to call me crazy joe. Now they can call me batman. I got thugs and drug dealers trying to get into my school. You might be one. I don’t know. Are you crazy? I got all day, chief. How much time do you have? I’ll be back, clark. Thanks, mr. Darnell. Good to have you back. You shouldn’t have fired me in the first place. You’re right, but don’t get used to it. Mr. Clark, why did you lock the school? Aren’t you concerned about students’ safety? Get these people back to their classes. Honey, get back to your class. You’re playing into his hands. That was the fire chief. Know what he’s saying right now? “Black bastard can’t throw me out,” know where he’s saying it? Out in the parking lot. Mr. Clark, a baseball bat? If they’d got me those emergency doors that sound an alarm when you open them up like the ones white schools have, i wouldn’t have to chain them. Those doors cost a fortune. We don’t have enough money for books. Tell the mayor that. Call the federal government. Never mind what i’m doing. Why don’t you do what i ask you? Where are those test scores i asked for? Hey, mr. Clark. Hi. Where you been? I was sick. Sick, huh? Hi, eric. What was that altercation about? Alteration? Are my pants too tight? The fight you had in the cafeteria. Don’t get cute with me. I’ve already had enough shit from this. Why did he come after you? You dealing drugs? We don’t need to get into this. I just came here to tell you something. I don’t think i’m cut out for school. I just came to say good-bye. Dropping out on me, huh? I’m not dropping out. I’m moving on. You’ll be dead in a year, son. You hear what i’m saying? You’ll be dead in a year. Mr. Clark, i got to go. You know, baby, i look at you, and i want to do the hootchie cootchie. Hootchie cootchie, that’s what i’m doing. You know, sometime, baby. Come on, fellas, not again. Sams, freeze. Where are you running off to? Why aren’t you carrying a book? I got lunch then gym- why did i let you back in here? To get an education. How you gonna get an education if you don’t read? I read. When do you get your report card? Next week. Miss james says i’m getting a “b.” I knew you were smart. I knew it, too. See you later. Nice tie. Sams, get back here. Let’s see what’s in here. You don’t want to go in there. It stinks. My, my, my. Aren’t you my little songbirds from the cafeteria? Weren’t they with you? Who, these guys? I’m sure you’ve learned the school song by now. You better know it because this time if you don’t get it right, you’re suspended for days each. Is that clear? Yes, sir. All right, let me hear it. All right, fellas, let him hear it. Fair eastside fair eastsl-l-ide fair eastside by thy side we’ll stand and always praise thy name praise thy name, praise thy name to heaven, yeah lend our hearts and hands to help increase thy fame ooh, lord the honor, yeah of old eastside high calls forth our loyalty loyalty, loyalty so cheer- all right, all right! Who taught you that? Answer me! I know you didn’t do it yourselves. Sams! What? Who taught you this song? Speak up! Mrs. Powers. Mrs. Powers, eh? Come with me, all of you. Radio out this world gonna shoulder up my cross gonna take it home to my jesus ain’t that good news? I got a savior in that kingdom ain’t that good news? I got a savior in that kingdom ain’t that good news? No, no, no, people. You must remember, we need intonation, phonation, accuracy, and pitch. Now, this is your note. Hmm mrs. Powers. Yes, sir. These hoodlums told me something. Did you change the school song? Mrs. Powers- let her answer! The children thought the song was boring. Boring, huh? I have never heard a school song like that.

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