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You’re wasting my time! Please let me back, sir. I have to get back at school. I can’t tell my mama i got kicked out. Now, why should i let you back into my school? Because i’m going to do better, sir. How? By doing my work. What else? And staying out of trouble. What have you been thinking about all this time? Why should i believe you now? Because i changed my ways. I don’t believe you, sams. I don’t think you’ve changed a thing. Go on, jump! No. I don’t want to jump. Yes, you do! You smoke crack, don’t you? You smoke crack, don’t you? Look at me, boy! Don’t you smoke crack? Yes, sir. You know what that does to you, huh? No, sir. It kills brain cells, son. It kills brain cells. When you’re destroying brain cells, you’re killing yourself, only it’s slower! If you want to kill yourself, don’t around with it! Do it expeditiously! Go on, jump! No. I don’t want to kill myself, sir. You’re sure? Yes, sir. I tell you what i’ll do. I’ll go back on my own word just this once and let you back into my school, ’cause you’re still a baby, and you don’t know shit. But you understand this, boy. You’re not gonna get a moment’s rest. I’m gonna be on your case every minute. You mess up just once, and you’re out of here. You understand me? Do you understand me? Yes, sir. Now, go on back downstairs. All right, people. Let’s settle down in here. Now, settle down, quiet down. Let those who are trying to eat their lunch digest. Robert, boy, you had lunch at fourth period. Go on. If mr. O’malley didn’t do anything, mr. Clark won’t. Louisa, you’re looking mighty good today. Gonna have to tell these boys to watch out. You kids having any problems? Yeah. She is. Tell him. Louisa? Why do i have to take home ec? I want to take auto shop. I have brothers and sisters. My mother works. I’ve been cooking for years. Does it look like i don’t cook? I want you to take this to mr. O’malley. You know how much auto mechanics make? $ an hour. Boy: That girl right there, man. Yo, sweetheart. Right here. I got hunger pains, baby. You could be my lunch. Boy, get off this table! Get your hormones together! It ain’t hormones. She’s fly, man. She’s a fox. I just saw you with your arms around clarisse. You honked off with that skeezer? No, i never- check it out. It was only one time. Chill out, man! Richard, for your first job as class president, i want to build an atrium. Track me down tomorrow. We’ll talk about it. Don’t worry about it. How you doin’, brother? Good to see you. Oh, you, hey! Yes, mr. Clark? What’s your name? Kid ray. How you doin’? Nice suit. Just like you, mr. Clark. Got to look the part. These kids don’t understand that. Hey! Sams, put it back! Put it back! How many times have i told you, boy? Put something in your head, not on it. Pull your pants up! Show some dignity! Have some sense! What’s he doing hanging out with you seniors? You’re providing a deleterious influence here. Mr. Clark, he’s my cousin. We was just goin’ over music. Music, huh? Come here. Let me have your attention. Everyone quiet down! I want all radios off instantaneously. All radios off. I want all of you to look at this Radio slovenly, sloppy boy here Radio as an example of how not to dress. Now, if you look like this when you look in your mirrors in the morning, find something else to put on. Self-respect permeates every aspect of your lives. If you don’t have it for yourselves, you’re not going to get it from anywhere. Now, to prove their self-respect, mr. Sams and his friends here- you boys stand up. I’m going to pound him. Mr. Sams and his friends are going to sing our school song. I want absolute silence. No one is permitted to move during the singing of the school song. All right. Let’s hear it. Fair eastside by the road- mr. Darnell, no one is permitted to move during the song! I was picking up trash. Report to my office! Immediately! Woo! Quiet! Quiet in here! Ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha! All right. Continue. So cheer for Radio ? You boys are on detention, days each. You will learn this song, or next time, you’ll be suspended. This goes for everybody! You will sing the school song upon demand, or you will suffer dire consequences! Mr. Wright, take this riffraff to my office. Hit the road, jack and don’t you come back? No more, no more, no more, no more hit the road, jack and don’t you come back no more what you say? O, o glorious is thy name o mighty lord glorious is thy name- people, what are you- can i help you, mr. Clark? Yes, you may. I want everyone to be able to sing the school song on demand or be suspended. Can you see to that? Certainly, mr. Clark. From the top- mrs. Elliott, may i see you in the hall, please? Now? Yes, now! Will you see if you can get these people together? Mm-hmm. If you sing like that in new york, we will not be invited back. I don’t like being ignored. I’m sorry if you weren’t getting enough attention, but i’m training a chorus. You don’t think the school song is important enough to warrant a little interruption? It’s fine, but we were doing mozart. We were in the middle of a difficult part. If you’d like us to respect your work, try to appreciate ours. Who do you think you’re talking to? A man who seems threatened when any other adult does something the children like. Mrs. Powers, i want it quiet in here right now! I’d love to chat, mr. Clark, but i have a concert next week in new york, and i’d like to be prepared. What? Prepared-you know what that means- capable, ready, and up to your job. What concert? The one at lincoln center. We do it every year. Until now. Your concert is canceled. What? Cancelled! You know what canceled means, don’t you? Over, finished, terminated! Why? They’ve worked too hard! For not telling me. Oh, i filed a form in your office! And for rank insubordination! You’ve questioned my judgment, intelligence! You’re the one who comes around here to bother me. You’re a despicable man! I’ve nothing to say to you. Let’s accommodate that. You’re fired! You need a psychiatrist! Get out! Right now! Fine! Fired? You’ll hear from my lawyer! Mr. Clark. Ms. Levias, these miscreants don’t know the school song. They’ve got days’ detention.

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