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The men that do this, sometimes they can be Radio I can go. No, you got homework. All right, I’ll go. Just, uh, let me get my dad settled. (STRAINING) All right. WILL: I’m just saying, I don’t care what the lawyer says. KATHRYN: But it’s dangerous. WILL: I’m not gonna hurt our chances. (LOGAN PANTING) Want TV? There’s TV here. I’m fine. Okay. Get some rest. You know, Logan Radio this is what life looks like. A home, people who love each other. Safe place. You should take a moment and feel it. Yeah. It’s great. Logan. Logan! You still have time. Charles, the world is not the same as it was. We’re taking a risk hanging around here, you know that. And where we’re going, Eden Radio it doesn’t exist. Her nurse got it from a comic book. You understand? It’s not real. It is for Laura. It is for Laura. Get some rest. Canewood Beverage bought up everything out here, except for us. When we wouldn’t sell, they tried eminent domain Radio then screwing with our water. Couple of months ago, somebody poisoned our dogs. LOGAN: So, out on the highway today, those trucks Radio WILL: (SIGHS) Who knows. Maybe. Hey, look at ’em. Look like dinosaurs with their -ton bodies and tiny little brains Radio shucking their cloned-up super corn. You know it tastes like shit, too. Why do people eat it? They don’t. They drink it. Corn syrup. It’s in those drinks that everyone’s having Radio to stay awake, cheer up, feel strong, , whatever. Used to be a time when a bad day was just a bad day. LOGAN: Mine still are. (MUSIC PLAYING FAINTLY THROUGH EARPHONES) Those are for breakaway roping. Those are for barrel racing, and right here is for pole bending. They’re all second, third place. I’m not too good at it, but my dad makes me. Do you want to listen? (MUSIC CONTINUES THROUGH EARPHONES) Do you like it? Um, here, you can take it for tonight Radio and I’ll get it back from you in the morning. (WILL GRUNTS) (GATE SQUEAKING) (WATER SPRAYING) Looks like we’re gonna be here a while. (MUSIC PLAYING THROUGH EARPHONES) (WILL GRUNTS) Should hold it. Yeah. Till next time. (PANTING) Thanks. Hey, so, uh, how long has your girl been like that? Huh? Mute. Uh, since the beginning. Mmm. Well, in a lot of ways, I envy you. They get to be Nate’s age, with the nonsense that comes out of their mouths Radio Makes you wonder the whole point of it all. Shit. Don’t worry. We won’t need it. Stay here. Evening, Mr. Munson. What brings y’all this way? Why don’t you ask your boys? Mr. Munson, you understand you’re trespassing right now, right? I have an easement with the previous owner of your property. Huh. Bullshit. “Previous” being the operative word. Who’s this? Just a guy telling you to get back in your nice truck. Go play Okie head somewhere else. Hey, Carl Radio it looks like Mr. Munson hired some muscle. Looks that way. He’s a friend of mine. A friend with a big mouth. I hear that a lot. Radio JACKSON: Then you probably hear this, too. (GUN COCKS) More than I’d like. Then you know the drill. I’mma count to three, and you’re gonna start walking away. I got rights to this water. One. I have a lawyer now. Two. (GROANS) Three. Ah. Ah. (SPITS) You all right, boss? (GRUNTS) You know the drill. Radio JACKSON: Pick up my goddamn hat. Get the hell out of here. You okay, boss? off. Go! (JACKSON GROANS) (ENGINE STARTS) (COUGHING) (CONTINUES COUGHING) You’ve had training. Some. (CRICKETS CHIRPING) (CLOCK TICKING) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) CHARLES: Hey, don’t wake her yet. Let her sleep another hour. (SIGHS) You know, Logan Radio this was, without a doubt Radio the most perfect night I’ve had in a very long time. (VOICE CRACKING) But I don’t deserve it. Do I? I did something. Something unspeakable. I’ve remembered what happened in Westchester. This is not the first time I’ve hurt people. Until today, I didn’t know. You wouldn’t tell me. So we just kept on running away from it. I think I finally understand you. Logan Radio (GASPS) (GROWLS) (LAURA SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) (CONTINUES SCREAMING) (GROANING) (NATE GRUNTS) (CLAWS STABBING) (NATE GROANING) He’s fantastic. You said you only needed the girl! I told you I was forced to bring a new tool to bear. Your friends had every chance. And so did you. KATHRYN: Nate? Put her down. (GUN COCKS) (COUGHING) Honey. KATHRYN: Stay down there, Will! (HORSES NEIGHING) Stop! (GUNSHOT) (KATHRYN SHOUTS) (LAURA SCREAMING) WILL: Kathryn! (CONTINUES SCREAMING) WILL: Kathryn! Kathryn! (GROANS) (SCREAMING) (LAURA CONTINUES SCREAMING) (GASPING) (LAURA SOBBING) (LAURA SHRIEKS) (SCREAMING) Charles! Charles! (LAURA CONTINUES SCREAMING) Hold this. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. (LAURA SCREAMING) Radio DR. RICE: Here he comes. DRIVER: I could pick him up, meet him halfway. No, no, no. Let them come to us. We struggled with the X-s. We assumed, because they were children, we could raise them without a conscience. But you can’t nurture rage. You must simply design it from scratch. (LAURA SCREAMING) Who the is that? Will Munson! (PANTING) (CHARLES GROANING) Just hold on, Charles. Radio JACKSON: Munson, God damn it, come out here! (PANTING) (CHARLES GROANING FEEBLY)

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