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and Casino welcomes you to Oklahoma City. Please keep right for valet parking. LOGAN: Hey. The fun never stops at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. Hey, keep it out front, all right? (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) Come on, let’s go. (PEOPLE EX CLAIMING) (MACHINES RINGING) Hey, Laura. Let’s go. We need clothes. FEMALE VOICE: Going up. No, no, stop. Not a toy. Uh, no, no, sorry, chair. What? Okay. Push up again. Thank you. FEMALE VOICE: Going up. Come here. Stand there. Just stand there. Logan, it’s yours. What? I’m not gonna wear it now. In the room. We’ll get changed in the room. You’re a low-down, lying Yankee. Prove it. (GUNSHOT) (HORSES NEIGHING ON TV) This is a very famous picture, Laura. It’s almost years old. (LOGAN COUGHING HEAVILY) (SINGING ON TV) In life, in death, oh, Lord Abide with me I first saw this picture at the Essoldo Cinema in my hometown Radio when I was your age. ALL: Who art in heaven Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come, thy will be done Shit. SHANE: (ON TV) I’ve heard that you’re a low-down, Yankee liar. WILSON: Prove it. (GUNSHOTS) You read these in your spare time? Oh, yeah, Charles, we got ourselves an X-Men fan. You do know they’re all bullshit, right? Maybe a quarter of it happened, and not like this. In the real world, people die. And no self-promoting asshole in a leotard can stop it. This is ice cream for bed-wetters. Logan Radio Her nurse has been feeding her some grade-A bullshit. I don’t think Laura needs reminding of life’s impermanence. Didn’t you say something about finding us a new ride? Two more pills in one hour. Give ’em to him. BOY: (ON TV) Why, Shane? A man has to be what he is, Joey. Can’t break the mold. I tried it and it didn’t work for me. Joey, there’s no living with a killing. There’s no going back from one. Right or wrong, it’s a brand. A brand sticks. Now you run on home to your mother, and tell her everything’s all right. And there aren’t any more guns in the valley. STORE CLERK: Who are you guys? More cops? ‘Cause I told the other guys everything that I Radio (MAN SCREAMING) MAN: Get up! In your cage, tracker. You did your job. LOGAN: Fellas. Shit. Knock yourselves out. WOMAN: I’ll tell you what. Eight grand Radio I’ll have her freshly painted for you, new tires Radio mounted, balanced, and complete paperwork. I’ll give you as-is, if you can forget the paperwork. Well, you still need new tires, man, they’re bald. How long will that take? An hour. (COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING) (SIGHS) Jesus. You gotta be kidding me. (HORN HONKING) (COUGHING) Sir, are the keys in Radio Sir! You have the keys in it? Sir! Shit! (PEOPLE CHATTERING LOUDLY) (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (RUMBLING) (GROANING) Charles. Charles! Argh! (GASPING) (GROANING) AUTOMATED VOICE: Going up. (GRUNTING) (LAURA GRUNTING) (STRAINING) (CLATTERING) (GRUNTS) (WHIMPERING) (PANTING) (PANTING) (MAN GROANING) (YELLING) (CAR ALARMS BLARING) Oh, shit! You all right? We gotta get outta here. (WOMAN SOBBING) CHARLES: I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. (PEOPLE GROANING) (EXHALES) NEWSCASTER: Emergency personnel are still on scene at Harrah’s Casino Hotel in Oklahoma City Radio where at least guests were stricken with temporary paralysis yesterday. Many are noting a similarity to the Westchester incident over a year ago Radio that left over injured Radio and took the lives of seven mutants, including several of the X-Men. Knock it off. (DOOR LOCK CLICKING) I said, knock it off! She’s a child, Logan. And, point of fact, she’s your Radio How long has it been since you took your meds? (EXHALES) Tell me, how long has it been? I don’t know! Two days. You saw what happened yesterday. If that shit had gone on any longer, everyone in that casino Radio I did what I had to do to save Laura. You didn’t do anything. You just freaked out and had a seizure! I guess you prefer me pharmaceutically castrated, rambling on like a lunatic. So much easier for you. Easier? Jesus! There is nothing easy about you, Charles, nothing! Yes, yes, please be like the rest of the world Radio blaming someone else for your boring shit. I know, Pop, I’m such a giant disappointment. You honestly derive no sense of purpose Radio from what we’re doing? Okay, what are we doing? Hmm? There is a young mutant sitting in our car. Yeah, I see that. And where we’re taking her, there are others. Does that mean nothing to you? Yeah, means nothing to me. Especially since Nurse Gabriela Radio made all that Eden shit up with comic books. What are you talking about? Give those to him, will you? Take out two pills and give them to him. Logan! Logan! Give ’em to him. Now! I wanna see it. (EX CLAIMS) Radio PIERCE: Dr. Rice. It’s under control Radio (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Mother auto-trucks. Language, Logan. And you’re screaming at a machine. Oh, what? She can gut a man with her feet, she can’t hear a few naughty words, huh? CHARLES: She can learn to be better. You mean, better than me? Actually, yes. And, by the way, Laura’s foot claws Radio are the obvious result of her gender, you know. LOGAN: Is that a fact? In a pride of lions, the female Radio is both hunter and caregiver. LOGAN:

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