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When did that happen? This morning. Near the border. I got away from them, but Radio Radio now they know my car. Look, I gotta go. No, wait. Please. Here. Please, wait! Look. Look. Here, take this. It’s $,. Here. Take us to this address. You can have $, more when we get there. My friends there will give it to you. They will be waiting. They will give you anything. Where did you get this? My boyfriend. He wants to kill me and take her. And that’s your daughter? Yes. I know you’re still good inside. I know you want to help us. You don’t know anything about me. Please! I promise, there will be no problems if we leave now. I can’t just leave to North Dakota! We have to be there Friday. Or what? Or we miss our chance to cross. Please. You have to. Please. Please. I like those. Huh? They make you look younger. Charles, listen. I gotta go away for a few days, okay? I got a long ride for some good money Radio but when I get back, we’re gonna get outta here. We’re gonna drive down to Yelapa. We’re gonna get ourselves a boat. And we’re gonna go live on the ocean. Will you be safe there? Yeah. We’ll be safe. Look what Logan got us, Charles. Be back in a few days. (TRAIN CLACKING) (SIGHS) Shit. (SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE) (LOGAN COUGHING) Logan. Yeah? What happened? Did something go wrong? The job was wrong to begin with. (SNIFFS) Logan! Logan! What? Who does this belong to? Who’s that? Thought you were supposed to see shit coming. I can track mutants. I’m a glorified truffle pig, not a clairvoyant. Go inside and keep Charles quiet. Go inside now! You need to turn around, asshole. This is private property. Yes, it is. In fact, I believe it belongs to a multinational smelting company Radio based in Shanghai. Where are you keeping the old man? Hmm? Is he over there? Or is he there? That’d be smart. I’d like to meet him. I’m told the HSA classifies his brain as a weapon of mass destruction now. Damn shame, what happened back east. He’s been dead for a year. I need the girl. What girl? The one that goes along with that ball you’re holding. There’s no girl here. I know you went to the motel. Yeah, I was called there. There was no girl. It was just the woman. Just the woman. Such as she was. So, you saw Gabriela. But you didn’t call me. That hurts. You didn’t shoot the poor thing, did you? No, did you? I asked you first. I don’t like guns. Of course. I wish you’d called me, Logan. Like I asked. See? You’re not the only one that’s been enhanced. (GIRL SCREAMS) Logan. Logan! This is Laura. Caliban, come! This is who I’ve been telling you about. This is Laura. We’ve been waiting for you. (SPEAKING SPANISH) Come, come here. It’s okay. Come. Laura. It’s okay. It’s okay. Come. Come. Come. It’s okay. You can stay here, Laura. It’s safe. We can look after you here. Come on. Looks like ex-military. Bounty hunter, maybe? Worse. Is he by himself? Yeah, not for long. You get him back in his ride, take him out to the wash and dump him. What if he wakes up before I get there? Text me where you are. We’ll pick you up. (CHARLES SPEAKING SPANISH) Yes. Logan. Logan. Hey. Hey! You’ll get it back after I figure out what you and your mother have got us into. No, Logan. What? I think the Radio (LAURA STRAINING) Logan, the woman that you met, that’s not her mother. So she talks? We’re communicating. Communicating. Take these now. We have to get out of here. It’s not safe here anymore. And you can’t have an attack out there, you understand? Yes, but this is the mutant that I told you about. She needs our help. She’s not a mutant. Yes, she is! What’s her gift, Charles? Eating? Pipe throwing? (RUMBLING) It’s okay. (SPEAKING SPANISH) (GRUNTING) Oh, yeah. Take the gun. Dump the body. Text me when you’re on the way back. You have anything else you need? Food for the kid? (SPITS) You’re ed now, mutie. (RUMBLING) It’s okay. (SPEAKING SPANISH) CHARLES: Choo-choo. LOGAN: It’s not a choo-choo. It’s okay. Sit down. We gotta go. What? What’s going on? Where? Stay here. Don’t move. Where are we going? Hey, don’t worry. He will be back for you. Logan, the girl. You’ve got to go back for the girl. Logan, what about the girl? Logan. Logan, we mustn’t forget about Laura. She’s not our problem. Shit! Ah, shit! (MEN SPEAKING SPANISH) (BREATHING HEAVILY) (MAN SPEAKING SPANISH) Logan. Yeah, I’m thinking. The child. Logan, we mustn’t forget Laura. Please be quiet. Logan. Huh. Charles Xavier. Where’s Caliban? America’s most wanted octogenarian. I’m a nonagenarian, actually. (GRUNTS) Ah. Where’s Caliban? Why don’t you tell me where the girl is first? Or I could ask Cue Ball. He seems quite friendly. I told you, she’s not here. Where’s Caliban, motherer? Well, I left him in the same ditch he was gonna leave me in. (GROWLING) (MEN GRUNTING) (YELLING) (GUNS COCKING) (PANTING) Jesus, Wolverine, seeing you like this just breaks my damn heart. As soon as I rip it out of your chest, -stick. (GROANING) Go get her. (CRUNCHING) (DOOR OPENING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (SPEAKING SPANISH) (MAN SCREAMING) (GUNFIRE) (PANTING) Laura. That a girl! Hey, baby. Laura Radio Laura! Honey, you wanna stay where you are. You wanna see your friends, right? (SHOUTING IN SPANISH) Command, stop. You said alive or dead. Laura! Laura. (GUNS COCKING) Laura. No. No. Move! Go! (GRUNTING) (SCREAMING) (YELLING) Move! Go! (ORDERING IN SPANISH) (GUNS FIRING) Stop shooting! She heals! Move! Go! (MEN CLAMORING) Holy shit! (SPEAKING SPANISH) (YELLING) (GROANING) (MAN SPEAKING SPANISH) (YELLS) (GROANING) (MEN SHOUTING IN SPANISH) Gotcha! (GROANING) (YELLING) Ah! (GRUNTS) Come on, hold her down. (SCREAMS) (SCREAMS) (GROANING) (LAURA SCREAMING) (MEN SPEAKING SPANISH) (MAN SCREAMING) (CHOKING) (COMMANDER ORDERING IN SPANISH) (LAURA SCREAMING) (LOGAN YELLING) (SPEAKING SPANISH) As I told you, Logan, she’s a mutant like you. Hold on! Very much like you. (TIRES SCREECHING) (GRUNTS) (GUNFIRE) (MEN SHOUTING IN SPANISH) Laura, are you all right? (GLASS SHATTERS) Ahh! (SPITS) Move! (COMMANDER ORDERING IN SPANISH) Hold on! (ALL GROAN) ! Come on! (ENGINE REVVING) Come on! (GUNFIRE) Shit. (MEN SCREAMING) (GUNSHOT) (MAN YELLING) Fall in! Let’s go!

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