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we’ll be with her this afternoon. If you go, you’ll be leaving her behind, but only for now. Well, what does she want? She’d love to see you today. But she lives in a place where there’s no impatience, so she doesn’t mind waiting. [soft chuckle] Everything about being here has been so remarkable. Back home, I go to work, try to be a good person. Love my family. [faintly] I don’t know. Does what I do really matter? Absolutely. Mack, you are important. And so is everything you do. Every time you love, Mack, or forgive, with every act of kindness, the universe changes. For the better. Mmm. If anything matters, then everything matters. Then I wanna go home. [chuckles] Well, can we ask you to do something for us when you go? Anything. Kate needs you. She blames herself for Missy’s death. [sighs] You had your own guilt to deal with. But the time for blame is over. When I go back Radio I still want you in my life. I always was. I always am. I always will be. That’s good. ‘Cause I’ve become especially fond of you. [laughter] [Jesus] I love you, Mack. [laughter continues] II’ [horn blaring] [glass shattering] [Willie] Mack? Mack? Mack. [chuckling] Hey. Hey, buddy. You’re awake. [Mack] Where am I? You’re at the hospital. Where’s Papa? I’ll go get the doctor and the family. Okay. Willie Radio She was there. Who, Mack, was where? I gotta talk to Kate. Hey, hey, settle down. And Nan. And Josh. I gotta tell ’em. They’re here. Nurse just went to get ’em. They’re in the cafeteria. What happened? [chuckling] Well, buddy, you were hit by a -ton semi. Last night? No, Friday. Right after you stole my truck. That’s impossible. [groans] I spent the weekend at the shack. Mack, you never made it. Yeah, I did. Yeah, I made it. I was there. Okay. Hey, bud, this is a lot to take in, all right? I met God. Papa said to tell you he’s especially fond of you. [chuckles] Mack’? Rest. Oh. Oh, you’re okay. I’m sorry. About everything. Shh. It’s okay. It’s okay, we can talk about it later, sweetie. You just need to rest now. I got so much to tell you about Radio the lake and Papa. And Missy. She was there. I saw her. It’s okay. Hey, Hey. [Crying] [sniffles] She’s more than okay. She’s happy- She’s beautiful. She’s so beautiful. II’ Hey, champ. Hey, sweetie. You’re strong. Thank you. Give me and Kate a minute here. Yeah. Thank you. Hey, you. I know things haven’t been that great between us lately. See, I was so lost in my own sadness that Radio I wasn’t able to help you through yours. I’m really sorry. Kate Radio none of this is your fault. [Sobbing] I Radio I never should’ve stood up on that boat. [crying] Look at me. Don’t think about the past. Everything’s gonna be okay. I know what it feels like to carry what you’ve been carrying. And I’m only beginning to learn Radio how to let it go. And I’m hopin’ that this is something that we can learn to do together. Doesn’t matter what you’re gin’ through. You never have to do it alone. I love you so much. I love you, too, Dad. I love you so much, Kate. II’ [Willie] That afternoon, Mack told Nan everything. I believe you. [Willie] Over the next few weeks, Mack improved rapidly. [all] Our God is an awesome God He reigns from Heaven above I With wisdom, power, and love S’ Our God is an awesome God A’ [inaudible] [Willie] I’m sure there are some who’ll wonder if everything really happened the way Mack recalls. Or if any of it happened at all. You’ll have to decide for yourself, I suppose. But the changes I see every day in my friend are evidence enough for me. [Mack] Hey. Willie said the bass are biting. He’ll give me O bucks if I beat his five-pounder. That’s easy money. You bring a pole for me? Take your pick. Got one for you, too, if you’re feelin’ lucky. Oh, you’re on. The Great Sadness is gone. Mack experiences most days with a profound sense of joy. He loves larger than most Radio [laughter] He’s quick to forgive, and even quicker to ask forgiveness. [Josh] Dad. He has become a child again. All right! Whoo! Or maybe the child he was never allowed to be, abiding in simple trust and wonder. And it wouldn’t surprise me if, every now and then, . I heard you was in Phoenix. But then, last night, some friends of mine in Texas HP called Radio and told me they found three dead cholos in a pullout on . Not unusual, I know. Except one was missing a hand, another one a leg. So they was thinking it was either an escaped tiger or Freddy Krueger. But neither one of them can drive, one being fictional, the other one extinct. And since the wheel lugs they found belonged to a ‘ Chrysler Radio and, well Radio this is a ‘ Chrysler. She found you yet? Gabriela? See Radio I’m not looking for you, Wolvie. Well, not really. I’m looking for someone who’s looking for you. She took something of mine when I wasn’t looking. Something for which I am responsible. Mexican lady. Has her sights on you now. Doesn’t ring any bells? I don’t know any Gabriela, so get the out of my car. Oh. You know Radio I know what you’re hiding, amigo. The old cue ball south of the border. What do you want? A little co-operation. I’m a fan, by the way. , ! (INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENTS OVER PA) LOGAN: No, Mr. Esperanza, no. I know I said June, but I need the boat now. Why would that mean the price go up? (COUGHS) Listen to me. I know you wanted Radio Okay, what if I could put together $, cash right now? Hello? Hello? Shit. Hey, Sam. Morning. (COUGHS) CHARLES: “I know that virtue to be in you, Brutus. “As well as I do know your outward favor.” “Well, honor is the subject of my story.” He’s having a bad day. LOGAN: They’re all bad days. He needed these six hours ago. This is not enough, you know. Won’t see us through the week. I’m working on it. Your turn. I’ve had a rough night. Poor you. In other news, he told me last night he’s communicating with someone. He’s not talking to anybody. Don’t be so sure. He’s got all these details. I thought that tank was supposed to act as a barrier. It’s got them cracks in it. Just please stop. Bottom left. You’re not listening. He’s been asking questions again about why we’re here. I think he’s trying to read my mind.

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