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Your choice. I know this is overwhelming, but Radio you’re gonna be all right, Mack. I’ll be finishing up a project in the workshop, if you wanna stop by. [reggae music playing on earphones] [humming] [door opens] [door closes] [music stops] You remember that smell? Ma Griffe. Your mother’s perfume. She loves you more than you can possibly know. Am I dead? Do you feel dead? You knew I would come, didn’t you? ‘Course I did. Was I free not to come? I’m not interested in prisoners. You’re free to walk out that door right now. [sighs] Why did you bring me back here? Because here’s where you got stuck. You’re wearing a dress. Excuse me? I always pictured you with a white beard. [chuckles] I think that’s Santa. [continues chuckling] After what you been through, I didn’t think you could handle a father right now. Here. Make yourself useful. Press out Radio Fold back. Rotate. All there is to it. [sighs] I know what a great gulf there is between us, Mack. You may not believe it, but I am especially fond of you. Mmm-hmm. I wanna heal that wound that’s growin’ inside you and between us. There is no easy answer that’ll take your pain away. No instant fix that’s enduring. Life takes a bit of time and a lot of relationship. “Relationship”? Hmm. You’re the almighty God, right? You know everything. You’re everywhere, all at once. And you have limitless power. Yet, somehow Radio you let my little girl die. When she needed you most Radio you abandoned her. I never left her. If you are who you say you are Radio Where were you when I needed you? Son Radio When all you see is your pain, you lose sight of Me. [exhales] Stop talking in riddles. How can you say that you will help me when you couldn’t help her? Because of you Radio she’s gone. Unless you can change that, I will never be free. The truth sets everyone free, Mackenzie. And the truth has a name. He’s over in his woodshed right now, covered in sawdust. “Truth”? Mmm. I know that story. You left Him, too. Seems like you have a bad habit of turning your back on those you supposedly love. I’m not who you think I am. He said it Himself. “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” No, Mack. You misunderstand the mystery. Don’t ever think that what my son chose to do didn’t cost us both dearly. Love always leaves a mark. We were there together. I never left him, I never left you. I never left Missy. [chirping] Mmm. He’s a beauty, isn’t he? Created to fly. You, on the other hand, were created to be loved. Living unloved is like Radio clipping a bird’s wings. Pain has a way of doing that to us. If it’s left unresolved, you can forget what you were created for. That’s not something I want for you. That’s why you’re here, Mackenzie. This is your flying lesson. Dinner’s almost ready. [laughing] So Josh has a girlfriend now? You mean Ally? Mmm. I like her. Me, too. I’m especially fond of that laugh of hers. [all laugh] [Jesus] It’s cute. Yeah. He’s still having a hard time believing this is real. You think? [chuckles] How’s Kate doin’? We, urn Radio We used to be close, but Radio Oh, my God. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to Radio No. It’s okay. I didn’t make it. [laughing] It is good. [laughing continues] [soft piano playing] That was the best meal I’ve had. Ever. Dreaming or otherwise. [all] Thank you. Let me ask you somethin’. I’ve been tellin’ you all about Josh and Kate and Nan. But if you’re real Radio then you already know everything I’m gonna say before I even say it, right? Yes, but we choose to listen to everything you have to say as if it was for the first time. We love getting to know your kids through your eyes. I’ll wash, you dry? [Papa] I’ll take this round. Why don’t you show Mack some of your handiwork? Wanna take a look? [Jesus] Watch this one. [Mack] Incredible. I get that you’re all connected. But I feel way more relaxed around you. That’s probably because I’m human. But you’re God, too, right’? I’m the best way any human can relate to Papa and Sarayu. To see me is to see them. You’re all so different. Elousia is not what I expected at all. And Sarayu, oh, geez. [laughs] Sarayu is creativity. Action. The breath of life. She is my spirit. Love is meant to exist within a relationship, Mack. That’s all we wanna have with you. Even if you can’t see it. You are in the center of our love and purpose. As beautiful as all this is, it’s nothing compared to how we see you. [Mack] The last time I looked at stars like this, she was lying next to me. I know. [upbeat music playing] [Papa and Sarayu laughing] [Whooping] ‘ [Papa] Yes! II’ [Papa] Night, Mack! [Mack groaning] [Missy] Daddy! [Mack gasps] Daddy! Missy! Daddy! Daddy! ‘ [GaSps] [breathes heavily] [Papa humming] Your heart A’ Try to be sure I Mornin’, Mack. You like Neil Young? I am especially fond of him. How’d you sleep, baby? Fine. You know, dreams are important. They can be a way of openin’ a window, lettin’ the bad air out. Is there anyone you’re not especially fond of? Nope. Haven’t been able to find any. Guess that’s just the way I am. Don’t you get mad at ’em? Well, sure. But what parent doesn’t? And that’s when your whole wrath thing comes in, right? My What?

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