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[both laugh] Hey, listen, we’re just camped right up here if you wanna come by later, help us light some marshmallows on fire. That sounds good. Great! I’ll see you later. [ Emil] The other day [all] The other day Jlsawabeara’ Jlsawabear.“ a’ A way up there a’ a’ A way up there a’ The other day I saw a bear X A great big bear way up there a’ [laughing] J’ He looked at me J’ J’ He looked at me a’ I looked at him A’ a’ I looked at him A’ a’ He sized up me I’ a’ He sized up me I’ [Mack] You have a nice family. [Emil] Thank you. You as well. Daddy, we need to say our prayers to Papa. I’ll be right there. “Papauv?” Yeah, it’s my wife’s nickname for God. I like that. It is a little too familiar for my taste, but the kids love it. Daddy. I’ll be back. [whispers] Do you know what my mom used to tell me? She said when a star twinkles, a prayer is heard in heaven. [Missy] Wow. Papa sure is busy. Yeah. How come she had to die’? Who? The Indian princess. Well, I don’t think she had to. I think she chose to. What she did saved her people. Is it a true story? It might be. Sometimes legends come from true stories. But Jesus dying isn’t a legend. [Mack sighs] It’s in The Bible, so it must be true. Is the Great Spirit another name for Papa? He is a spirit. And he is great. Right? Then how come he’s so mean? Why’d you say that? The Great Spirit made the princess jump off the cliff and made Jesus die on the cross. Don’t you think that’s mean? I’ll tell you what. When we get home, your Mom will have a good answer for you. Daddy, will I ever have to jump off a cliff? No. No, honey. You will never have to jump off a cliff. Would God ask me to? No. He won’t ask you that, either. (K)’- Good night, Daddy. [softly] Good night. She asks good questions, doesn’t she? Yeah, she sure does. She’s a special girl. You both are. Thanks. Love you, Dad. I love you. Get some sleep. Missy, it’s time you start packing up. Do you think the princess should have red boots or blue? Time to come in! [Missy] Daddy, red or blue? [sighs] What else is she wearing? She’s wearing a red dress like mine. Ah. Then red it is. It’s beautiful, honey. [Kate] Daddy! Look at me! Stop! Daddy! [Kate yells] Josh! Josh! Dad! Josh! Dad! He’s stuck! I can’t get him! [screaming] Josh! Josh! Dad! Josh! Dad, he’s stuck! Dad! Josh! Dad, where’s Josh? Hey, hey, hey, you okay? I can’t get him! [both gasp] [man ] Need help? He okay? [man ] He’s got him. Come on, Dad! Hang on. [man ] Go, go, go. Get his right side. [grunting] [Kate] Come on, Josh. Come on, come on. Come on, son. Come on, son. Come on! Come on, son. Come on, Josh! There we go. [coughs] There we go. That’s it. [Kate sighs] II’ Missy! Hey, you can come out, honey. Everyone’s fine now. Emil, have you seen Missy? No. Can you check your camp? Yeah. She’s probably with my girls. You okay? Where is she, Dad? She’ll be here somewhere. We’ll find her. Okay? Not here. My girls are gone, too. Check those bathrooms and showers, and I’ll check those. All right. Missy! [Emil] Emily! Sorry, have you seen a little girl? I didn’t see anybody. Missy? [dog barking] Vicki! I found them. Where’s Missy? I’m sorry, Mack, they haven’t seen her. Missy! [Panting] Oh, God. Missy! Oh, God. Please, God. [sirens chirp] [officer] We need to know if there’s anything different from the way you remember it, anything out of place. You said she was there. Yeah. [sighs] What’s that? That ladybug, that pin. That’s not Missy’s? No. Definitely not. I think it’s probably one of two places, fellas. I think it’s either the lake or the mountain. Yeah. Let me check this clearing Radio Yeah. [indistinct] Can someone please tell me what’s going on? [sighs] Um, I’m really sorry, Mr. Phillips. Apparently, there’s a guy the Feds have been pursuing for years. They think he’s responsible for abducting at least five young girls. [sighs] Do you think he took my Missy? We don’t know anything for sure. [officer over radio] We have a possible suspect sighting. Man in a truck near the lmnaha roadblock. Bureau is setting up base camp in Joseph. Over. Tell him we’ll be there within the hour. Mr. Phillips, go get your kids. [indistinct chatter] Mr. Phillips, there isn’t one person in this room who doesn’t care about your Missy. We’re doing everything in our power to bring her back safely to you. [Kate] Mom! It’s okay. It’s okay, I’m here. [Kate] I’m so sorry. I’m here. [Kate] I’m so sorry. Shh Radio [Nan] Hey. [whispers] Took my eyes off of her just for a second. They tipped over the boat. Shh. I know. Hey. [Sobbing] Shh Radio Mack. Sweetie, it’s not your fault. Mr. Phillips? Sir? Ground teams found the truck in the mountains. [MaCk] Okay. Chopper’s waiting, sir. Mack, you okay? You’re okay? Okay. Okay. [officer] We gotta go. [Mack] Okay. Okay. [indistinct radio chatter] [thunder rumbles] II’ [sobs] [Mack screams] [groans] [tap running] II’ Hey, Mack. We’re just sitting down for dinner. What the heck is this? What? Some kind of sick joke? You Radio you think I wrote this? Mentions the shack. Signed “Papa.” Who else knows that? Mack, I would never kid about that. Now, where’d you get it’? It was in my mailbox. Somebody put it there.

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