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the telescope begins to gather radio waves that just might contain messages from an alien civilisation. There you go. It’s coming in. Right! For six hours, the giant dish tracks the star across the sky, scanning billions of radio channels simultaneously. By :am, the observations are complete. These four plots represent about megahertz of the radio spectrum and this is only about one quarter of the amount of the radio spectrum that we’re observing. So this plot shows the shape of the radio spectrum as a function of frequency. And here we see the radio spectrum as a function of time. If there was evidence of technology in these data, what we would expect to see is a spike in one of these plots, a lot of electromagnetic energy in just one channel. Now we don’t see that yet, but in the coming days, weeks and months, we’re going to be looking at the data in many different ways with much higher resolution, that will allow us to be much more sensitive to evidence of technology. For tonight at least, Tabby’s Star is holding onto its secrets. For the Breakthrough team, the search for extraterrestrials is only just beginning. I don’t know if they’re out there or not. As a scientist I have to admit that. But I think that it would be a pretty strange universe in which life only arose once, and intelligence only arose once. I think, to me, the most interesting property of the universe is the fact that intelligence exists at all, that somehow the universe has evolved a capacity to know itself, to ask questions about itself, and ultimately I think, until we answer this question, we won’t really understand the universe at all. Since , many more fast radio bursts have been discovered. Duncan and Maura now have a theory for what might be producing them. So whatever it is that is causing FRBs must be both very compact and very energetic. It must be compact because the width of the pulses is very narrow, and they must be very energetic because the distances that we infer are very far away. It’s thought, in fact, the bursts could be created during the explosive collisions of neutron stars, some of the densest, most energetic objects in the universe. We observe binary systems of two neutron stars that are in orbit around each other, and when we observe these systems, we see them getting closer and closer together all the time. So what will happen eventually is that they’re going to collide. And when they merge, the neutron stars will be completely destroyed and form a black hole. As they annihilate, the two stars release in an instant the same energy the sun produces in an entire month. A blinding flash visible to our telescopes as a fast radio burst. This theory perhaps solves the mystery of these strange signals from space. When you look at the energetics of these events, you can easily explain the FRB energies with them. You can also explain the durations of the FRB pulses with the expected durations of these merger events. So it’s quite a plausible explanation. Then, in , a new burst was detected. He’s combed his hair and he smells nice. He’s trying to impress Ally Taylor. No, I’m not! Yes, you are! Who’s Ally? Well, I don’t care who it is. If she gets us there on time, she’s got my blessing. But if God is always with us, why does He care if we’re late for church? She’s got a point. Yeah. God cares because your mama cares. [Mack chuckles] Okay, come on. It was a nice try, you little rascal. [Willie] Good morning. Hi, guys. [Nan] Hi. Mack, did you catch the game last night? Since when do I control the remote? [laughs] I hear one day you get it back. You know, crazy thing is, I’m starting to like her shows. [Willie] I met Mack at church years ago. [all] Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty I Early in the morning A’ Our song shall rise to Thee a’ Holy, holy, holy Radio A’ [Willie] Back then, he didn’t know God the way Nan did. [singing continues] If his relationship was wide Radio Nan’s was deep. She called God “Papa” and talked to him like an old friend Radio which was never something Mack could relate to. But together they still managed to create what most would call a good life.

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