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What happened to her? She overdosed. They found her body three days later. Where were you? I was with her. Oh, my God. Took her away. Took me to a hospital. Grace was there. Thank you for telling me. Look at that house. That’s beautiful. The view’s probably amazing. I wonder who lives there. It’s an old sea widow. Lost her husband years ago. Sits at the window every night waiting for him to come home. Did you just make that up? Yeah. You wanna take the helm? Me? Yeah, you. Come on. I can’t do that. See where I’m looking? Yeah. Right there. Just hold. Okay? Okay. No, you’re fine, Ana. I’m still here. Don’t let go. I have to let go. Don’t. Oh, my God. Okay. Okay? You ready? Okay. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I’m steering it. I’m doing it. I’m the captain. Oh, my God! Hey. Hey, Jack. Personal calls on your own time, okay? Yeah? Um, did you get my message? You had a phone call this morning with Ruth Carusi at : a.m. Shit. I can just reschedule it. I’ll ask them. Did you book our rooms for New York yet? Sorry? New York. Book expo. This Friday. It’s in the diary. No, yeah, I know. Yeah, I booked your room. Of course. And you. It’s expected that my assistant also attends. I didn’t know that. I’m sorry. Don’t apologize. Just get yourself a room. Unless you’d rather stay back with your boyfriend. I mean, it’s not like you need to work. I’ll sort it out. Eric, hey. It’s Jack. How was your weekend? No shit. Mine was great. It was fantastic. Yeah, ’cause I read your new pages. No, they’re amazing. Amazing. No, I couldn’t put it down. We’ll be accessing state and federal grants of course, but more than % of the funding… …will come directly from Grey Enterprises Holdings. We’ll be making cutting edge renewable energy tech that will more than repay our investment. …provides a solid consumer base… …for our products. We’re aware that you have other bidders and some of them may offer what look like better terms, but… Hello? Christian? Oh, my God! Oh, excuse me, Miss Steele, I didn’t mean to startle you. No, no. You are very quiet. I’m Mrs. Jones. Mr. Grey’s housekeeper. May I? Oh, um… Sure. Thank you. Um, I’m Ana. But you knew that already because you said my last name. Mr. Grey is in his study, just finishing up a call. I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me. Okay. See anything you like? Oh, . The door was, um, unlocked. I’ll have to talk to Mrs. Jones. Does she come in here a lot? Does she dust in here? Those are nipple clamps. Come here. Give me your hand. It’s even more intense when you take them off. Ow. What’s this? Okay. That’s enough show-and-tell. What’s this? Let’s learn to walk before we run. I kinda like running. Ana? Mmm-hmm? Last time we did this, you saw another side of me. And you left. Last time was different. All right. But not here. Mrs. Jones. Oh, my God. You’re mine. I’m yours. You okay? Yeah. You know at some point we’re gonna need to talk about New York. We have talked about it. You forbidding it is not us talking about it. If you wanna go to New York, don’t go with Hyde. Let me take you. I have a place there. Of course you do. This isn’t some sort of vacation. It’s a work trip with my boss, who I would like to impress. You know he’s had three assistants in the last months, all of whom have quit without notice? You don’t think I can handle him? That’s not it. That’s what it feels like. Ana, I know full well that you can handle anything. And, uh, if you really wanna go, then I can’t stop you. But I’d like to take you there myself. Okay. Okay? Yeah. I mean, of course I would rather see New York with you. Good. I hate it when we fight. That wasn’t a fight. That was a conversation. It was, you know, when somebody talks, and the other person listens, and you resolve an issue. That’s how it works. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Night, Ana. Good night, Hannah. You leaving? Um, I was actually just about to come talk to you. Uh, about New York. There a problem? Um… I’m so grateful for the opportunity, Jack, but with such short notice, I made plans that I can’t change. Huh. But I will have my phone on me all weekend.

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