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The attorney for the defense. There has been no actual prove against Tommy. The gun, which he admits carrying, has not been found. Furthermore, Marty Mason and two other important witnesses have not been located and we are unable to produce them in Court. There are certain technicalities in this case which prevent me from passing the death penalty. Nevertheless, I consider my duty to see that you don’t spend the rest of your life making other citizens miserable. The verdict of this court is that you’d be sentenced to the federal penitentiary for the rest of your natural life. Even then, Bart Kanin and that dolly have climbed up and let me take the rap. Sure, Marty knew too much for them to sing. All three of them were just as happy to let things ride. They shipped me off to Leavenworth, but I got a chance to make a break for it in the washroom at the railroad station. How did they pick you up out of here? I’ve been looking for Marty Mason. And it wasn’t easy, because I had to keep out of sight. After a while I got onto it that he was held up North West here, but the coppers got on my trail and I was the one who had to hold up. Maybe I’m getting a little lucky for a change. Yeah! They finally caught up with you, the hard way. I think he’s gonna suddenly remember where Marty Mason is. There he was, just standing in the station. I didn’t even dream he had handcuffs on. He looked so young. I know, I saw the guards putting him on the train. He doesn’t belong in jail, I know he doesn’t. Well, sometimes it’s the lawyers fault. You know they don’t always take up an interest in a case. That’s not the way my uncle practices law. He’d see that he got a fair trial and I bet he’d take the case too. Maybe you have to talk to this boy. Do you think they’ll let me? You can always try. Why don’t you see if we can’t fix it with one of the guards? One went through here just a few minutes ago. Would you ask him? I think that you’d stand a much better chance. Yes, sir, you can beat this country for hunting. There he is now, come on, ask him. Well, yes, sir. I’ll show you quail like you’ve never seen before. As big as eagles. You’re alluring to the young ones, I’ll take it. No, I… I don’t know what his name is. but he got on the train at Varneyville, the same station I did. Honestly, I’m not going to help him escape. No, I guess you are not. Not through here, lady, this is a prison car. Oh, that’s right, of course. But couldn’t I just talk to him for a minute? You know I don’t make the rules. And even if I did, you wouldn’t want to go in there with a bunch of thugs like that. That wouldn’t worry me. I still can’t let you. Now, you’d better run on back to your own car. I’ll just wait around here for a while. Perhaps you could arrange it. Oops! There you stay… I am dreadfully sorry, I’m always doing that. Ah! You gotta watch those curbs. Well, I have got to get back on the job. Oh! I didn’t mean to bother you. It’s no bother, it’s a relief to get out in the world once in a while. Good night. We haven’t got all the thieves locked up in there. Forty cents to fill this thing. There it is, on his collar. Here you better have some. It’s gonna be a long time till morning. How do you know that’s a tip off? Never mind, I know, that’s it. Keep out of it. Lay off, you guys. Cut it out! The Indian is loco. Cut it out! Look out, what are you doing? Get gone! Come on. What’s the matter with you, blood! Break it up! Go, what are you doing? Cut it out, man! Hurry up! Come on, we can make it! Go ahead! Get the nausea gas. Break it up, monkeys! Gas! Tear-gas! Hold it! All right, who started this fight? What’s it all about? I don’t know, somebody slugged me, it’s all I know. Hey, Grady come on out of there. Break it up and get back to your seats. You see what I mean? Yeah. You can’t do anything with them, why get yourself killed? Yeah, you are right. Did you get it? What’s the idea with making us turn in so early? Ask the marshal. It was his idea. Makes it longer after the breakfast we don’t get. They seem to be a little calmer. They’re a little too calm, if you ask me. I am going back to see the conductor. We run about a half an hour behind schedule. Okay, we’ll watch them. You are getting ready for something. Yeah, I suppose now it’s as good a time as any. Okay. All right, Forbes. You and Mahaffey, you’re next. If anybody can get us out of here, Forbes will do the trick. Yeah, then we’ll go the rest of the way alone. Enjoying your ride, Forbes? Sure! I’m looking forward to that salt air. I’ve heard it’s good for you. Come on, boys. Just unlock it, don’t take it off. Here’s your matches, Geronimo. Ah, quit stalling, Forbes, get a move on. What’s the rush? It’s like not seeing my dentist for twenty years. I wanna have a nice smile for the warden, you know. Hey, Grady. How about getting this hand fixed? I must have cut it in that scrap. Looks like we’re coming into a town. There are no towns in these hills. Hey, what are you doing? Look out! Don’t let him get that gun! Come on, get us out of here! On your face! Get those leg irons off. You take key. Trying to run out of this, huh? Yeah, where did you get the key?

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