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Thank you. What is this? Marvin? Marvin, did you do this? Oh, my God! It’s… It’s your notebook. It’s what? Your poems. Honey, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to even say. You… you usually keep your notebook down at the basement. I guess I left it up here on the sofa. That stupid dog. He’s gotta be put out in the garage. Honey, it’s so early. It’s Sunday. Please, come back to sleep. Please, baby. I will, I will, baby. Ye– Go back to sleep. (birdsong) (Marvin huffs) I don’t like you, Marvin. Marvin, didn’t I put you in the garage? No, it’s OK, I let him back in when I went outside. No, he’s going back out there! Come on, Marvin! No! You’re staying out there! (door closes) I wish you would have read me some of your most recent poems. Maybe I could’ve remembered them. It’s OK. They were just words… written on water. Baby, I’m so sorry. I saved all the pieces. Maybe, somehow, they could be puzzled back together, with a computer programme, or something. (Paterson chuckles) Is there anything I can do to cheer you up? Should I play you the song I’ve been learning on my guitar? Oh, no, that’s OK. Th… I appreciate the offer, just, maybe, not right now. OK? Maybe you just wanna be left alone? Should I go out for a while? Oh, n-n-no, no. No, it’s OK. Maybe I’ll go out. Take a little walk. Paterson. It’s you. Hello, Everett. I’m sorry about the other night. I kinda lost myself. Yeah. It’s OK. Are you doing better now? Yeah, I guess so. (crow cawing) You OK? You look a little low yourself. Yeah, yeah. I’m OK. Well, it’s like they always say. “The sun still rises every mornin’ and sets every evenin’.” Always another day, right? Yeah. So far. So far, yeah. So, I guess I’ll see you around, then. Yeah, yeah, take care. Yeah, you too. (birdsong) (crow cawing) Excuse me, please. Allow to sit? Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure. Thank you. (birdsong) (birdsong) Excuse me. Maybe not acceptable behaviour, but may I ask if you from here, in Paterson, New Jersey? Am I? Uh, yeah. Yes I am. I was born here. Excuse me again. But, are you knowing the great poet, William Carlos Williams? Here in Paterson, New Jersey? Well, I’m aware of his poems. Excellent. May I ask if you too are a poet of Paterson, New Jersey? Uh, no. No. I see. I’m a bus driver, myself. Just a bus driver. A bus driver in Paterson. Ah. This very poetic. Well, I’m not so sure ’bout that. Yes. This could be poem by William Carlos Williams. (chuckles) Did you know interesting French artist Jean Dubuffet was meteorologist on top of Eiffel Tower, Paris, in ? Very poetic. Yeah. Yeah, Jean Dubuffet. Yeah, he was, uh, he was a meteorologist. This I learn from poem by your interesting poet, Frank O’Hara of New York City. Yeah, I read that, too. I like Frank O’Hara. The… the New York School. Ah ha. I guess you really like poetry, then? I breathe poetry. So, you write poetry? Yes. My notebooks. Ah, yeah. My poetry only in Japanese. No translation. Poetry in translation is like taking a shower with a raincoat on. (chuckles) I see what you mean. I hope this isn’t, um, inappropriate behaviour, but may I ask what you’re doing here in Paterson? I come here to see city of your interesting poet, William Carlos Williams, who lived and make his poems here in Paterson, New Jersey. As you know. Yeah, yeah. He lived here. He was a doctor. Ah ha. (chuckles) “Ah ha,” what? Also Allen Ginsberg is growing up here. Also Paterson, New Jersey. Yeah, that’s true. (birds cooing) I leave here tomorrow. Nice to meet you. Oh, nice to meet you. Are you… you’re going back to Tokyo? No, Osaka. Oh, Osaka. What I meant. Have a good trip. Thank you. I’m sorry. Oh. A gift. A gift? Yes. Sometime empty page present most possibilities. Thank you. That’s very kind of you. Excuse me! Ah ha! Ah ha. (pen clicks) (♪ instrumental music) The Line There’s an old song my grandfather used to sing that has the question, “Or would you rather be a fish?” In the same song is the same question but with a mule and a pig, but the one I hear sometimes in my head is the fish one. Just that one line. Would you rather be a fish? Oh, um, a friend of mine has a photography exhibition opening tonight. So, gonna go. Good. How did you make out with those manuscripts? Oh, really great, actually. This one, um… Boyce Fox. I couldn’t put it down. It’s so sharp. And relevant. And I think he’s really got something. You think? Yeah. All right. I’ll check it out. Great. Have fun tonight, Ana. Thank you. Thanks for today. Good night, Hannah. Bye! Glass of chardonnay? Thanks. Mmm-hmm. Oh, my God. Jesus Christ. Ana! You made it. José… This is, like, so much of my face in here. Well, if I had asked, you would have been like, “I’m too shy.” Yeah. But you… It’s my best stuff. That’s so… Do you like them? They are super large. Hold on. All the portraits have sold to one man. You’re kidding! No. Well, somebody likes them. They just bought all six. All six? Dinner’s on me tonight, okay? Mmm. I’ll be right back. Anastasia. It was you, wasn’t it? You just went and bought all of these? I don’t like strangers gawking at you. Why are you here? For you. Hey. Can we talk somewhere private? No. Look, I’m not very good at this. I’ve never had to… I’ve never wanted to try again. Christian, I don’t… It’s not a good idea. Let’s talk. Okay? Just talk, please. Have dinner with me. Okay, fine. I will have dinner with you. Because I’m hungry. But we are only talking and that is it. Hold on. Hey. I’m gonna take off. Already? Your photos are so stunning, José. Thank you. Thank you. I’m proud of you. Christian, I can’t. I can’t do this. Christ, Ana. Okay. I have a proposition. Just come to dinner. We can talk. Would you like some more time? No. Two steaks, medium. Fries. Green vegetables. Um, actually, I’m gonna have the quinoa salad. Fine. And two glasses of the Barossa Valley Shiraz. We only sell that by the bottle, sir. A bottle then. Yes, sir. Thanks. So? Let’s talk. I want you back. I’d like to renegotiate terms. But I don’t see how. The things you want, you said that’s the way you are. But what happened last time, that’s not gonna happen again. How can you say that?

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