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Nah, I always say, don’t try to change things, or you’ll make them even worse. (train whistle) Good morning! Morning. You’re up late, honey. Your silent, magic watch didn’t wake you up. Yeah, it was a little late today. Well, some days, something inside just doesn’t wanna get up. Ever feel like that? Today. (Laura) Oh, my. I have so much to do. I know it’s silly, but I’m so excited about the new farmer’s market. Because if my cupcakes are a big sensation, then I might be on my way to a very successful business. That would be amazing, honey. And you know what else? My guitar should arrive today. My Harlequin guitar, direct from Esteban. Is Esteban gonna deliver it personally? Who knows? (oven dings) Mmm, smells good. I like your technique. The Run. (♪ instrumental music) I go through trillions of molecules that move aside to make way for me, while on both sides, trillions more stay where they are. The windshield wiper blade starts to squeak. The rain has stopped. I stop. (knocks) Morning, Donny. You OK? No, not really. You don’t even wanna know. (indistinct chatter) (engine turns over) (horn blaring) I go through trillions of molecules that move aside to make way for me, while on both sides, trillions more stay where they are. The windshield wiper blade starts to squeak. The rain has stopped. I stop. On the corner, a boy in a yellow raincoat holding his mother’s hand. (♪ instrumental music) (♪ music continues) (indistinct chatter) (indistinct chatter) (horn blaring) (indistinct chatter) (engine sputtering) I think it’s probably best if we, uh, stand as far away from the bus as we can. It’s not gonna catch on fire or anything, is it? It could explode into a fireball! Oh, no, ma’am. It’s just an electrical problem. What’s gonna happen to us now? Are we stranded here? Oh, no, no, no. Another bus will come get us shortly. (Passenger ) Dear God. I think we’ll just gather up over there, if you don’t mind, thank you very much. OK, people. Let’s join the rest of the passengers, if we could. Did we run out of gas? No, plenty of gas. It’s just, uh, an electrical problem. Sabotage, probably. OK, let’s… let’s come over here. Another bus will come get us in a minute. OK everyone, I… I apologise again for this inconvenience. I think it’s best if we wait here for a few minutes and, uh, I’ll call now for a replacement bus. Don’t you have a smartphone? Uh, no I-I don’t. I don’t, not with me. Would you like to use my phone, Mr Bus Driver? Oh, if you don’t mind. Thank you. So, what’s gonna happen to this bus? Um, well, a… a big truck is gonna come and tow it back to the depot. Awesome. Thank you very much. I can’t wait to see the truck. OK, I’ll just be over here. I apologise again. (dialling) (indistinct chatter) Hi, this is Paterson, bus , I have a situation. (Esteban) Third, second and first. Third, second, first. Pluck all those strings together. There you have your first chord. (crow cawing) (indistinct chatter) (birdsong) (siren wailing in distance) (♪ guitar music) Surprise! Just sit down, darling, for a second, and listen to this. OK. (♪ guitar music) ♪ I’ve been working on the railroad ♪ All the livelong day ♪ I’ve been working on the railroad ♪ Just to pass the time away ♪ Well, that’s as far as I got so far. But it’s pretty amazing, right? For someone who never played before? It’s very amazing. You just learned all that today? Yeah, from these instructional DVDs. And I’ve been baking all day too. Well, I’m very impressed. Isn’t she beautiful? Yeah, you two were made for each other. What’s it called again? The… the Jester? No, the Harlequin. Harlequin. And thank you, my love. You look a little drained. You’re home a little late. Was your day OK? Well, it was until the bus broke down. The bus broke down? Was it dangerous? No, it was just, uh, just sputtered out. It was an electrical problem. Electrical problem? Could it have exploded into a fireball? (chuckles) No, no. It’s just an old bus. Well, I think they should get their best driver, who’s also a great poet, a brand-new bus. It’s the least they could do. The city of Paterson? Not likely. Well, honey. I’m just glad you’re OK. Maybe you should get a smartphone. Just for emergencies. You know I don’t want one. The world worked fine before they even existed. I know, darling, but sometimes they make things easier. Honey, since the kitchen’s a mess with all my baking going on, couldn’t we order out? Like, a pizza? Pizza’s fine with me. Great. Then after dinner, while you and Marvin go out, I could practise just a little more. I wanna learn the rest of that song, at least. The Harlequin. (Marvin groaning) (♪ upbeat music in distance) So what’d they do? Send a mechanic, uh, on site or tow the motherer or what? Yeah, yeah. They come and tow it back to the depot, and they send a replacement bus for the passengers. Man, that could’ve been a lot worse. Damn thing could’ve exploded into a in’ fireball! (laughing) Hey, Doc, if you’re not doing anything tomorrow, they’re having the new outdoor farmer’s market again. And I know for a fact there’s gonna be some fantastic cupcakes for sale in the bakery booth. Oh, tomorrow’s, uh… tomorrow’s Saturday. I got that big chess tournament goin’ on over there in Camden. Oh, right, right. OK, well, good luck. Yeah, thanks. Hey, fellas. Hey, Marie. Hey, shortie. How you and, uh, Romeo doin’? Please, Everett! And we’re not doing. If anything, he’s acting worse. But I think the key word is acting. Well, how well do you really know him? We’ve known each other since we were kids. And I really do care about him. It’s just… this whole girlfriend thing was a big mistake. Obviously. It’s cool. He just needs to act out. He’s always been that way. He needed some kind of drama, and then he gets over it. He’s not gonna do anything crazy, is he? If you ask me, everything he does is crazy. (door opens) Speak of the devil. Baby, I need to talk to you for a minute. Everett, why can’t you just forget about me? Because I am in love with you. Well, you can’t have me. OK. OK. OK, then nobody move! If I can’t have you, then I guess nobody can. Everett. Stop acting crazy. Crazy?

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