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last week, man. Oh yeah? Yeah, check this out. I’m at Larry’s barbecue party on Sunday, right? Larry had a barbecue? Yeah, the barbecue party. And, uh, I’m just standing out there on the deck, right? And I’d already eaten a lot, and I’m just having a beer, right? And you know that blonde friend of Larry’s girlfriend, um, Rita? I’m not sure you met her. I don’t know Rita. (Luis) Well, she is, like, super hot! Right? Oh, yeah. And just like, stacked too. (Luis) Just beautiful curves. Like an animal. And, you know, she comes over to me and she asks me what I’m doing later! All right. Yeah, right? (Luis) Yeah, so we talk for a little while. And, uh, she was like, really flirtatious too, man. OK. You know. Yeah. And finished my beer, and, oh, man, you know, I had to get up early for work the next morning and all that, so… You split? Yeah. Yeah. But it was… it was cool, though. Uh, I mean, I knew exactly what she wanted, right. And I got her number, too. She gave me her number. (Jimmy) So did you call her? No, not yet. No. Mm-mm. No, cos I figured I’d wait a couple of days. All right. You know. OK. But I should call her, though. Yeah. I should. (horn blaring) (Jimmy) You, uh, you workin’ late tonight? (Luis) Yeah. Yeah, I need the overtime. Yeah, me too. (♪ instrumental music) (♪ singing in foreign language) Another One. When you’re a child, you learn there are three dimensions – height, width and depth. Like a shoebox. Then later, you hear there’s a fourth dimension – time. Hmm. Then some say there can be five… six, seven… Are you OK down here, honey? Uh, yeah. Yeah, I’m finished for now. (Marvin barks) (loud thud) Now, darling… you have two important things to talk about before you and Marvin go out for your walk. Oh, OK. Two important things. One’s about you and one is about me. OK. One is about your writing, and you know what it is. Oh. Please. Please make some copies. You know that I know that your poetry is really, really good. And that some day, you might just decide to let the world get to read it. Laura, I really don’t… No. Look me in the eye for a second. Look me in the eye. (laughing) You are a great poet. All your poems are still in that one notebook. Your secret notebook. My secret notebook, yeah. So will you finally just go to the Xerox place or something? Please. Just do it. It would take about ten minutes to make a copy of your entire secret notebook. Well, I think it’d take a little longer than ten minutes. OK. OK. or minutes. I would even do it for you. Baby, I’ve been asking for a year, at least. Yeah, you have. Well, maybe I can do it this weekend. You promise? Y-Yeah, OK. Thank you. I’ll feel so much better. (Marvin growls and barks) What was the… What was the thing about you? Well, it’s not as important as that, but… I’ve been thinkin’ about music lately, and, and then I saw this guitar on YouTube that Esteban demonstrates. And it’s in black and white. It’s called the Harlequin. And it’s so fantastic that I think I really need to learn to play the guitar. And it comes with… comes with lessons and DVDs and instructions, so in no time at all, I could be playing away and realising my dream. I-I… Which dream is this? Don’t be silly. To be a country singer. Maybe even a big star, like one of the greats like Tammy Wynette or… or Patsy Cline. And I can wear black and white and have my own distinctive style. I have a very strong visual style, as you know. Yes, you… Yes, you do. Yes, you do. Yeah, definitely. Well, y-you really need this guitar? Oh, yes. And they say it’s so important to learn new things as you get older. And, well, music, you just don’t know where it could lead. And it’s only a few hundred dollars. I know it’s expensive, but we can pay a little each month and free two-day shipping. A few hundred dollars? It comes with lessons, instruction books, a tuner and, um, extra strings and a hard case and everything. Well, I think, um, maybe… Maybe you could be, uh, a country singer some day. Really? Yeah. I wouldn’t put it past you. Oh, honey, thank you! Thank you. I love you. (whines) And I love you too, handsome. Who’s going out with Daddy? Who is my good boy going out with Daddy? Marvin’s going out with Daddy. Yes. Who is going out with Daddy? Yes, good boy. Good boy. (Marvin panting) Oh, look at that. Look at that right there. That’s cute, right? That’s an actual creature. (Marvin barks) (♪ upbeat music) Hey, yo! Yo, my man, let me holler at you for a minute! Hey, yo, that’s a English bulldog, right? Uh, yeah. Yo, I told you, man. Them dogs are poppin’ right now. Yo, that dog mad expensive, right? Yeah, well… expensive to feed. You hear this guy, yo? Nah, I feel you, though, but, man, dogs like that get jacked, y’know what I mean? Like, dog-jacked, my G. You feel me? (barks) Oooh, hear that little guy, man? Dog-jacked? Well, it gives me something to look forward to, then, I guess. (chuckles) All right, money. Hey, yo, be safe out here, a’right? And cuff that dog. It’s real out here, bro. All right. I’m gonna cuff you, Marvin. OK, Marvin. Don’t get dog-jacked. Paterson, I got something weird. Maybe for the wall. Maybe… What’s this? (Doc) You know this cat? Iggy Pop? Oh, yeah, Iggy and the Stooges. “Paterson, New Jersey Teenage Girls’ Club “names singer Iggy Pop world’s iest man.” “June, .” Does it go up? Uh, yeah. Sure, why not? It’s Paterson. All right. All right. Iggy Pop on the wall. Iggy. Hey, Doc? Who’s that, who’s that, right next to Uncle Floyd holding the guitar? (Doc) I finally got you. Well, that’s new. But that’s Uncle Floyd Vivino’s little brother Jimmy. He’s a band leader on the Conan O’Brien show. That’s a little past my bedtime. Hey, Marie. Another ginger ale? Thanks, Doc. You know Paterson, right? Umm, not really, but… we’ve seen each other. Hey, Paterson. Hey-hey-hey, Marie. You drive the bus, right? Yeah, I do. Your name really Paterson, or they just nickname you that? Uh, no, my real name is Paterson. (Marie) Well, that’s kind of crazy, right? Yeah. Right. Oh, shit. Everett still not gettin’ it. Not yet, the numbskull. I’ve been breaking up with him for two weeks now.

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