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the money side, I’ll be responsible no matter what it costs Thank you.We will do our utmost but it is a very difficult case I know that of course You see I have two clients, and we have to safeguard both their interest -The Court -Pardon Silence please You persist both of you in saying that you did not commit this crime Georges de Lisle what do you say? I know nothing about it. I was performing my act And you Jules de Lisle? I was on the trapeze at the time of the murder I know nothing about it As principal witness for the defence we call Madame Bergen Silence Silence And the defence must be barmy Silence please Madame Bergen May I offer my regret that after your terrible experience you should be asked to appear in this court We offer you our deepest sympathy Lift up your right hand You swear to speak without fear or hatred and to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth Say I swear I swear Madame, you were the only witness present in the café who could identify the murderer of your husband Which of those two men shot your husband? It was Georges Point him out That is Georges Silence It was he,who murdered my husband Are you Georges de Lisle? Yes Gentlemen of the jury None of the prosecution witnesses including the lion tamer and the ringmaster have been able to identify which of the accused brothers did the act in the circus on that eventful night Not one shred of evidence has been brought against either of these men The examination of fingerprints has failed to bring about any conclusive evidence either against Georges or against Jules de Lisle The car,the patisse bar all the fingerprints of both men And the gun does not bear fingerprints of either In the name of the prosecution I protest Defence Council is out of order. He is making a defence speech now Monsieur Le President.Surely it is quite clear by now to the Court that this identification is meaningless At the time of the murder the murderer was wearing make up and costume of the de Lisle act Therefore I demand that both brothers should appear in court in full make up and costume So that my witness can then try to identify them In my view it is quite unnecessary We can not have the accused parading in fancy dress in this court These two men stand here to defend their lives It is your duty to see to it that justice is done All justice The court decide to adjourn in order to enable to the accused to appear in the same costumes and make up they were wearing on the night of the murder What is things going like? I wonder how she choose them apart I couldn’t Cherchez la femme The defence must have some plan and confuse them even more over their identities Each one says he was on the trapeze What an alibi It’s a dual alibi Silence,silence,please, the hearing is reviewed Bring in the accused Silence Madame. You have told the court that Georges de Lisle murdered your husband Point him out please That is Georges That is really Jules de Lisle I protest It is Georges Silence It is Georges I confirm the man Madame Bergen pointed out is Jules de Lisle I was informed by the defence of the position each brother would take up in the dock Where are you going to now? Quiet everybody quiet,I’ll give you a statement.What do you want to know? They are going back to circus again? They are coming back to England with me A couple at the Billy Barney’s circus and you can quote that Good House? Packer.The de Lisle all right? Just going on You He had never been so heavy I could not hold him much longer He didn’t move He was dead You tried to find out which it was Jules Georges Georges Jules You could never tell us apart,Mr Barney I never could Which are you? I am Jules I never could understand why you should disappear I thought that I could get away from it all Can’t I help you? Surely there is something I can do to help you There is nothing you can do for me Nothing Since my brother died Swinging from a rope,like a murderer Murderer? I suppose it was fate Poor George had to pay for his crime It was a murder he committed It was me I killed Mike Bergen And he lived right back there. Paterson, baby. He looked just like Denzel Washington, too. They locked him up. (Boy ) Why’d they lock him up? They say he shot some people up with a shotgun in a bar and all that. I know he didn’t do it. (Boy ) Then they finally let him out, right? (Boy ) Yo, years later, though. But yeah. (Boy ) You think before all that, Hurricane Carter ever shot somebody? I don’t know. (engine rumbling) (Boy ) What are you gonna be for Halloween? (Boy ) My mom found this picture on Instagram of these kids, they were shadows. So they crept up next to kids, other kids, and they used to spook ’em out and look like shadows. One year, I was actually a subway surfer. (Boy ) You can buy that one? (Boy ) Um, no, I built it. (♪ intense music) (indistinct chatter) Love Poem. We have plenty of matches in our house. We keep them on hand always. Currently, our favourite brand is Ohio Blue Tip. Though we used to prefer Diamond brand. That was before… we discovered Ohio Blue Tip matches. They are… excellently… packaged sturdy… little…

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