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about me I’ll get the ticket somehow You’d better and quick.Go on.Scram -Mike -Yeah Aren’t you pretending you are de Lisle English representative? Yes.So what? Why not write the letter in English It’s a good job that someone has the brain in this outfit Go on.Scram And try.That’s it.Straight your back That’s lovely.Oh,look who is here -Penny out there -Yes,dear -Very good view there -You look very nice from here What’s the time Ron? -Twenty minutes past ten -Thank you Good Morning Ron Good Morning Georges What happened to you? Do you know what time it is? I’m sorry I’ll work out a new routine I’ll show you I’ll catch this time What’s the matter? I want to talk to you We can talk later,I want to go on with this now,go and change I’m sorry Georges I have an appointment I want some money An appointment? I see How much do you want? I have had a lot of expenses , £ Or you can cash your cheque on your own account can’t you? I’ll lend you some till you get down to your bank Sorry but it won’t be enough My bank manager says that there is no money on my account I’ve to look into it No money left? You mean you spent all your savings? Are you crazy? What you think you are doing? What’s that to you,Georges, it’s my money isn’t it? Not worry I’ll pay you back All right.Take your girl out.Take girls out,but don’t go off your head Thank you That’s my business. No.It’s my business too.We cannot do the act without each other And we won’t be able to do it if you keep having appointments Remember Jules,we cannot do this,work for ever,we must save You worry too much,always money,money, money Yes.And your neck And my neck We haven’t broken our necks yet We are not going to break them for a few more years until then,why, Georges, I want to have a good time You should try too sometime Make you feel better -Guess what you get it all tangled -Sorry Thank you You can give me a cigarette please I don’t smoke Since when? Since now You are so different from your brother You know I have the feeling he doesn’t like me No.Don’t think that.No.Georges is all work,money,perfection And you no ambition? -Only one -Silly Don’t you really care about money? All the money I want.It’s one Penny Careful. People watching Mr Millionaire a bad penny will be home at midnight with a good ticket I hope So do I Penny,I know people are watching but would you marry me? Marry you? But I mean,serious Sure,I didn’t expect What I mean is your ancestry,your brother My brother he doesn’t mean more to me than you You know that I love you,Penny Of course Not worry about anything else Here Do you like it? Like it? Beautiful Thank you.Good night Sir Say Good Night Good Night Duckie You look lovely darling Would you mind holding this for a moment? Hello Mike Mike I.. All right,all right,you can never tell me We’ll love it,won’t we? Nice,long evenings looking into his gorgeous eyes A regular love’s young dream, couldn’t be sweeter,could it? May I ask where that is getting me Come on,come on what’s the excuses done Oh you to put your friendship for the acrobat Sounds that you are being jealous Mike Jealous? Nothing.For how long do you think we can go on like this for? Don’t you realize the winning number will be published any day now We are risking losing a fortune.And what have you done about it? Nothing de Lisle won a million de Lisle won a million You stay in Congratulations And Georges was in front page Two other papers Yes but they didn’t write to us. We got the ticket Why worry we won What’s going on here? What’s all this talk about a million? Hello Barney Glad you joined us The de Lisle they win a million francs on the lottery and they didn’t know? A million francs.Congratulations. Marvellous.What a bit of luck? Million I can’t believe it I was in the café when he bought the ticket,you remember? I bought one myself Where is our ticket Georges.You have it I hope you haven’t made a mistake No I haven’t made no mistake I have it here Boys and girls you better get going if you aren’t Hurry up Some people are born lucky You see.Top of the list.First brackets Well I’ll be.. It’s the same It’s the same We won a million Write them a note,champ I still can’t understand why they didn’t write us One is notified as a rule Yes.What about my ticket. I want a prize too No,Monsieur Barney,no I have to work for every penny I get -Yes.A price -How much? Twenty francs -Twenty francs. -Nice going boss. What are you boys going to do for the million? Buy out the boss I’ll take a fiver down,what is to be? House in the country,yacht, and trip round the world Why not all three,you can afford it now No.I don’t think so This is for when we say good bye to the circus And then,perhaps,perhaps a little farm,or a vineyard No this is for later What do you say Jules Georges is right,that was our idea But I think I changed lately maybe I want my little farm right now And the money in my pocket to spend -Here’s the champagne you asked for -Thank you Jerry To all millions.Every time I call you it’s going to cost you a dollar -Here’s the change -Here’s your first dollar Thank you very much Fifteen minutes Fifteen minutes Coming Jules There is plenty of time Georges, you must all have a drink with me You two over there come along,take some glasses -What happened? -It’s all right.. We still got our chance if you are quick Jules is alone in the dressing room, you see,and you got to talk to him Georges is the one who has got the ticket George.Where has he got it? Look to yourself.He’s got to get the ticket from Georges Tell him that it is either you or Georges,see, tell him,you are leaving, if you don’t get it Make anything,do anything,make a thing It’s of no use,he’ll only think because he’s got the money Look I know what I’m talking about, do what I tell you,go on,scram -That’s my.. -Go on.Do what I tell you Darling.I just heard.It’s wonderful So excited Oh Jules aren’t you happy. Why didn’t you tell me yourself Now we can get married Married? What’s the matter? I know you think that you precious brother.Why should you? All he thinks about is money, and it is your ticket,get it back You want me to steal the

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