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You flee along with me baby, you will be dripping with diamonds -We are going places -Sounds good Even,if I don’t believe it Here you are This one is registered for Mr de Lisle I’ll sign.Give it here Looks as if he had a bit of a job finding him OK Redirected.Look at this girlfriend hard after him Yes, in the name of Loterie Nationale Barney,beat it quick There you are,now what.. What do you think you’re doing? Doing work.The idea taking Gregg’s job up Didn’t I tell you to get some publicity for de Lisle? They’ve been in this country a week and haven’t heard a word about them The Gregg will be the big thing in the show,I got some smashing I’m not interested in your ideas, why don’t you do what you’re told But it was your idea,Bop, you said she was great Oh my idea was it? I don’t want to hear anything more about it What about all my work? This is in your head, I won’t have it,you see, I want some big publicity for de Lisles, it is their first engagement in England They are stars, understand and I’m paying them £ a week And I want to put over,and I want to put over big Bob,what sort of a story can I make over a trapeze act? No story.Are you crazy? Any wrong with your eyes? Haven’t you noticed that they are twins? The crowd was so quiet you could hear a twin drop It’s a good gag.Am I paying you £ a week to tell me there is no story But Pop I’ll fix someone £ a week and get some value for my money,you silly,Bergen Publicity What’s in him? Roaring like a lion Nothing we are in fact out of the doors What’s up? You and me.The whole follies.Every word or thing I’ve been working on for weeks No Mike.Let him now we are in a sweatshop Shut up.And all because of the precious de Lisles.I’m going to get a drink Me too What’s the matter with Barney? What has he got the best thing out of his shares He has.Hasn’t he? He’s the boss isn’t he? All he is worried about is his precious de Lisles -de Lisles -de Leos Where the bloody acrobats get me Hundred a week Amazing Who put the show over that.Who got the brains around here? What I get for mouldy quids a week. And they get a hundred I would like to land my hand on some of that French dough Oh,what I hope.Hope doesn’t get us anywhere Doesn’t it? My great chance Jules de Lisle Loterie Nationale premiere prim numero A million francs You’re late darling where have you been? I’ve been busy.You got to pack Pack? What do you mean pack? Where are we going? Isn’t that the fair old bait? You’re going Me? What you are talking about is crazy I know.You are tired of me All right who is moving in Mr Romeo? Save your wit,this is business. Big business.Calm down, You’re going to get your diamonds and your chance to sing it out Give me some food and listen You are crazy,you’ve been drinking Shackled We’ve been chasing chickenfeed I’ve got something new It’s bigger and better,you see Go on,big boy, I’m listening Do you like million francs Penny? I’ll settle for half.When do we get it? Today or tomorrow? Within a week if use our brains -You remember that letter -What letter? Those letters the registered ones One of them was de Lisle Jules, has won a million A million? Says so in that letter I didn’t know you could read French Education ,they are wonderful things That’s what dictionaries are made up for As far as I can make up I appear up in Paris on a ticket presented with this letter Where do we come on it? It is his not ours He doesn’t know about it.Nobody does, but you and me for the moment All I’ll have to do is to get that ticket And he has managed to have it all wrapped up in pink ribbon.You are cracked I don’t expect him to I’ve been to their hotel room and drifting them like a vacuum cleaner Mike.You haven’t? You know land yourself in jail one of these days Now listen.I can take care of myself I’m not so sure Now listen Penny Mosley Hello you two. I have been looking for you two fellows Hello Bergen Meet Gloria Gregg.A great girl with a great future And with no past,thank you Gloria meet the famous de Lisle George and Jules But for the bet of my doughnuts, means which is which How do you do Mademoiselle,this is my brother Georges,I am Jules I’ll try to remember He is the coach,this is Georges I want to talk to you,boys,I am planning some swell publicity I want the stories of your life All the sensational details Very fair if you want them now you have to come sooner we are just going into your English tea L’addition,please He means the bill Will you come with us to the beach? I’d like to We’ll have a swim No thank you,water is too cold But on Sunday How about you? Me? No I don’t swim.Flying excellence men. We’ll talk afterwards Hey,that’s our meets No,please All right ,if you insist How much for these? All caught before you got up this morning,Sir You catch them? No,Sir.I am no mermaid Thank you.You look more like a whale Give me one Well what next? You do what I told you How do I know who is Georges, I don’t know one from the other Yes you watch me Seems ashamed,nice fellow You play my wares or I get some other dame that will Got out,too cold even for them supermen Did you enjoy it? Oh.Not exactly

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