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, George, won’t you? I’m surprised you have to ask. I wasn’t really asking. You should have gone with George. Well, he asked June. Not exclusively. He asked you too. He asked me too? How many women should a man take to dinner? Maybe in Utah. So you’re gonna go alone? Sure, why not? Hey, I think it’s great. I was always too scared to go anywhere alone. Then I got married. Now I’ll never be alone again. Check out this situation. You two kids have fun. All right. Ah-ha. Howard. Helen, how are you? Mr. And Mrs. Wade, good evening. I hate these things. Ridiculous. Why can’t we just give the money and be done with it? Yes, that’d be fun. Who wants a drink? I’d love champagne. We don’t want anything. I’ll have a Scotch. GEORGE: Great. I’ll be right back with one of the promotional bottles. TRUMP: Wade. Trump. I hear Kelson finally dumped you. Not exactly, no. We came to an understanding that she couldn’t bear me for another second. Who’s the new chief counsel? If she’s any good, I’m gonna steal her away. I doubt it. She seems quite loyal to me. Let me be the judge of that. All right. I’m not intimidated. I’ll even lead you to her. She’s over there somewhere. [NORA JONES SINGS “The Nearness of You”] [CONTINUES SINGING] Good evening. Well, you look… I… I… You… I can’t wait to hear your speech. Yeah. No, it’s just you look absolutely… surprising. Well, you haven’t seen the whole outfit yet. You see, ordinarily that would suit you extremely well, but… Well, tonight you’re… I’m just… Lucy, hey. LUCY: Hi. Wow. I love your dress. Thank you. And you look very beautiful. JUNE: No. I’m sorry, was I interrupting something? No, no. We were just… going over my speech. Right. Work, work, work. Howard wants me to revise the Island Towers proposal… now that we’re tearing down the center. I could really use your help with that. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. George, can I please talk to you for a second? Hang on. They’re about to shoot a man out of a cannon into a vat of ice cream. George. GEORGE: I know, but I spent half the night arguing with Howard. LUCY: I don’t care about Howard. I care about you, your word and the community center. No community center. I see. Okay. Look, it’s not the end of the world, and we do give millions to charities. Your charities, actually. So that justifies lying. Since when is helping people and telling the truth mutually exclusive? You promised me. Oh, here we go. You said you needed me to tell you when you were being a schmuck. It’s frankly none of your business, is it? You don’t work here anymore! I cannot believe you won’t even try to be the person you could be. This is the person I could be. No. You think you’re second-rate and there’s nothing you can do. And I never believed it until right now. This minute. This is the first time in a year that I really don’t like you. I haven’t liked me for longer than that. And I’m not crazy about you right now. Why don’t you go and be the person you’re supposed to be. Oh, good. I see the mature part of the evening has begun. Oh, buzz off, bozo. MAN: Ladies and gentlemen, the ice cream is ready. Here comes the topping. George, thanks again. This was a spectacular evening. Huh. JUNE: I can’t wait to tell my family who I met. Why? Who did you meet? You. Ah. What? The elevator. GEORGE: Oh. Evening. MAN: Evening. WOMAN: Evening. JUNE: Hi. How’s your room, by the way? Amazing. I want to pay you back with interest. Don’t be daft. I don’t need interest. Well, this is me. GEORGE: Hmm. So good night. Yeah, good night. Um… I had a wonderful time. Good. I’m very glad about that. So good night. Yes, good night. [WOMAN CLEARS THROAT] It’s all right. I own the hotel. Your breakfast is complimentary. [JUNE MOANS] Gorgeous. I know it’s weird living in a hotel but it somehow has a very homey feel. Would you like something from the minibar? Maybe a beer. Right. JUNE: Wow, chess. I love chess. You know what I love even more than chess? Pokémon? Strip chess. Yes, that is a very good game. LUCY: George? We need to finish this conversation… JUNE: Lucy. LUCY: Oh, June. Hi. Lucy, hi. Wow. Wow.

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