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big family, dirty, that kind. JUNE: Exactly. CROWD: Let’s go, Mets! Let’s go, Mets! Let’s go, Mets! MAN: Strike him out! LUCY: So, what did you think of June? GEORGE: Loved her. Great. Yeah, me too. Yeah, she smiled obsequiously, flattered me constantly. She’d have no problem picking out an ottoman. Exactly what I’m looking for. LUCY: A tad weak on the experience side, but… We went out for a drink, talked for an hour. She’s a very clever girl, you know. Sharp. So you guys went out for a drink… Uh-huh, uh-huh. She got nowhere to stay at the moment, so I found her a room at the Grand. And I invited her to the company outing. Turns out she’s a useful tennis player. Well, I can swing a racket. Yes, I know, at my head. I’ve experienced it. But listen, thanks to you for finding her. Genius. LUCY: Oh, God! It’s gonna hit us! MIKE: Get out of the way. Move! GEORGE: Mike, you all right? MIKE: Yeah. GEORGE: Easy, the season just started. MIKE: Thanks, George. Next time, go to a Yankees game. [BOOING] Hey, look, you’re on TV. I don’t hear you. I don’t hear you. Stop it. [GIRL GIGGLING] NORMAN: Nice! JUNE: Nice one. GEORGE: Thank you. Ha! Three-love. All right. Cool. NORMAN: Nice. Yeah! Mine, mine, mine! Okay! Come on! JUNE: Lucy! Oh, my God, Lucy, are you okay? Do I have a concussion? Ask me something. Name all the Supreme Court Justices. LUCY: Thomas, Ginsburg, Scalia… Stevens, Kennedy, Rehnquist, Souter, Breyer, O’Connor. Right? How should I know? Want some? Thanks, I really shouldn’t. Okay. You think she’s a natural redhead? JUNE: You’re so good at this. I was gonna give June a lift, and Howard offered. [LUCY GROANS] He liked her, that is a big strike against her. Although I will say she’s an excellent tennis player. Very nice form. Fantastically nice form. Oh, man. Incredibly lithe. What? I thought you liked her too. No, I jus… I think I just ate too much. Really? What did you have? Just a chili dog and some fries and a soda… and a bag of some little girl’s cookies… and another chili dog stuck in there somewhere. Okay. Let’s try and take your mind off it. Okay. Heard from Ansel lately? I’m sorry. I’ve been thinking about this. You should move on. Forget him. Plenty of other pebbles on the beach. The world is be full of men who’d die… to be with a compulsive eater who can’t fall in love. What? I’ve fallen in love. Yeah? Yes! With whom, might I ask? And no pets. Billy Westhouse. Billy who? Westhouse. I knew him in high school. Did you tell Billy that you loved him? Did you say, “Billy, I love you”? [GROANS] Ow! Goodness! It’s not funny. Sorry. That last chili dog is really barking. GEORGE: Yes. It’s not perfect timing, I must say. Don’t panic. We’ll be in the city in minutes. I don’t have seconds! I feel like I swallowed a cruise missile. Listen, if you’ve got to go, go. What…? What am I? years old? This is my car! It’s only a Volvo. Well, people just don’t go in Volvos! I’ll buy you another Volvo. No! That’ll be the only thing you’ll ever remember about me. I’ll be the woman who went on the front seat! That would be hard to forget. [LUCY WHINING] Okay, I have an idea. See that RV? LUCY: Yes. GEORGE: That is our target. Can you make it? Therein lies your salvation. No. Yes, it’s an excellent idea. It’s unclean! It’s a brain wave. I can hold it! Out! LUCY: I can hold it! George, I’m holding it! I’m fine, I can hold it! No! No, no, George, I don’t want… I’m not going. I’m holding! Come on. Hi there! GEORGE: You all right? LUCY: Yes. GEORGE: Okay? I’m good. GEORGE: You all right? I’m good. GEORGE: What? My ankle. No! No, no! Oh, God! No! Hi, there! LUCY: Oh, God! GEORGE: Sorry to bother you. I’m not insane, but my friend needs to use a bathroom. It’s an emergency. I’ll give you $. A thousand! Okay. GEORGE: Thanks. Very sweet of you. LUCY: Thank you. LUCY: Clean, clean, clean. Where are you guys from? Well, Kentucky originally, but now this is pretty much home. Uh-huh. [LUCY GROANS] Come here, babies. Hurry! LUCY: Oh. What kind of mileage do you get out of this thing? It’s an RV, right? A recreational vehicle? Traffic’s moving. Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! Hold it one sec! Honey, how are you? Are you nearly ready? LUCY: Kill me! Yeah. Oh, um… Oh. [HONKING] WHITMAN: Look at that poor jerk. Yes, poor jerk. LUCY: Whoa, Nelly. LUCY: George, where’s the car? I’m sure it’s been safely towed by now. Oh, God! George, George, George! Don’t worry, don’t worry! In many ways, it was the perfect end to the day. Except for those poor children in the trailer. They actually looked quite frightened. [CHUCKLES] Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Once it’s published in the company newsletter, there’d be no point. All right, I’ll call for a lift. Would you like to have your nails done? A Hollywood tan, perhaps? LUCY: God, it is such a beautiful city. GEORGE: My favorite building of all time. Look. Nirosta steel, sunburst tower, gleaming gargoyles… all designed by a man called William Van Alen… obsessed with beating his former partner… who was building the Bank of Manhattan tower at feet. So Van Alen announced the Chrysler Building at

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