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What I love about architecture is its ability to shape a community. This center has shaped the community! It turns strangers into neighbors… Its ability to change strangers into neighbors. How the right design for a park can make people feel secure. How a school building can be functional and beautiful so that kids feel… No, the community center makes children feel engaged. It allows them a place… Functional and beautiful so that kids feel engaged instead of imprisoned? Yeah, sounds good. I like that. But I said a community center, not a school. I know, it’s all very good. Jump in. Thanks. Nice shirt. LUCY: Thank you. [LUCY CLEARS THROAT] So do we have a deal? No. I want something else from you. No. I’m fully aware of your reputation and there’s no way you’re getting that. Getting what? You know. The . That’s not gonna happen. No, that would be nice, but what I really need is a new chief counsel. Well, I think I would prefer the , because… Okay, if you take the job, I promise to save your community center. You can direct our pro bono efforts. That’s millions of dollars at your charitable disposal. You couldn’t possibly want me. I’ve spent my life working against people like you. Well, maybe if you work for me, you’ll win occasionally. I… I don’t… I need an answer immediately. Here is my direct number at the Grand Hotel. You live at a hotel? Well, I own the hotel and I live there. My life is very much like Monopoly. And I know you wouldn’t care, but I’ll start you at $,. There’s also usually a very nice Christmas bonus. Thank you. Hi, Lu. LUCY: Hey, Rocco. I can’t believe how much I ate. I’m proud of you. The whole left side of the menu. You know when I get tense, I just start to eat. Honey, you cannot work for that man. Hey, we can use the bail money. Remember what Sun Tzu said? LUCY: Yes. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Sun Tzu didn’t have a daughter. What’s this? Oh, dessert. Thank you. It’s the only way to save the community center. It is. And if I work for him… I have huge resources at my disposal for charities and shelters… Yes, but… LUCY: Mom, I promise. I will still be your daughter. I will still be a lawyer. And I will still have all the same ideals. Let’s update all the files. Especially the muni-codes because I’ll need those. I’m gonna speak with Mr. Wade. Mr. Wade, so sorry to bother. I’ve been over the Environmental Impact Reports for Island Towers. I would really love to talk to you. Very good. I really wanted to ask you: Which one of these do you prefer? How do you mean? It’s for my new personalized stationery. Is this a trick question? They look exactly the same to me. No, not at all. This is a linen finish and this is a watermarked vellum finish. Leaving aside the fact that they’ve taken perfectly good forests… and denuded them in order to produce this nonrecyclable paper… I would say it was… Well, then this one. It tastes better. Do you know, I’ve asked people that question. You’re the only one to come up with that. LUCY: Hmm. My God, you’re good. I’m getting you a bigger office. LUCY: No, it’s very sweet, but I’d rather go over the… Very firm. But is it too firm? There’s debate among chiropractors about the optimum level of tension. What are your thoughts? If you really want to know, the more firm the mattress… the more pressure on the th vertebra leading to herniation and subluxation. GEORGE: Hmm. Quite bouncy, though. Have a bounce. No. [PHONE RINGS] Hello. Yes, I’m glad you’re up. I didn’t want to wake you. I just felt like a chat. George, it is : in the morning. Can’t you talk to whatever Mensa candidate you’re with? I resent the implication… that because someone may not share your high IQ… they’re not a person of substance. Wow. You all right? I swallowed my Altoid. She swallowed her Altoid. That can happen. A sudden hair flick, dangerous. Okay, George, I am tired. Put her on the phone. You mean, put her on the phone? Put her on the phone! All right. Someone for you. Hi. Hi. The man you’re dancing with is deeply troubled, okay? And even though he’s rich and attractive… you’re too young to trade yourself like a stock on NASDAQ… for someone who won’t remember your name… or his in the morning, is still married… and has recently had a very suspicious rash. It is :. Go home, finish high school and reach your potential! GEORGE: You all right? I think I’m gonna go. What did you say to her? Nice chat? Yes, she seemed very special. Okay, I’ve got to get up early for a divorce case, so I have to go. Yes. Now that we have to talk about. Now, do you think I should cry? I was thinking perhaps little machine gun bursts of sobs. [SOBS] A little more hysteria, more of a whimper than a sob. You’re pathetic. Good night. All right. I’m sure he’ll be here any minute. Is there any more Diet Coke? [DOOR OPENS] Sorry, everybody. Did I miss the blessed event? Check with me before you talk. Now that we’re all here, I’d like to discuss the settlement terms. The terms have been set. It’s called a prenup. We both know… that a prenup doesn’t preclude certain recompensatory…

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