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Thank you. Will we be seeing you tomorrow at his party? Don’t push it. Come here. Careful. I know. Mom. Okay. We’ll see you tomorrow, Ana. Good night. It’s after midnight. I’m not tired. No. It’s your birthday. Yeah. Happy birthday. Thank you. Do you still have that gift I gave you? Yes. You know you didn’t have to. All I want is you. Just open it. Okay. Keychain. Turn it over. Does this mean yes, yes? Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Wait! So this whole time I had the answer in my pocket? Anastasia Steele… What am I gonna do with you? Take me to the red room. Take me… Take me to the red room. Are you sure? Yes. Yes. I love you. Well, I love you. Hello? Mom? Hi. Ana, sweetheart. Where have you been? I know. I’ve been… I’m sorry. Work has been so crazy. I hope they’re not overworking you? No, no. It’s actually… It’s going really well. Um, but I was calling because I, um… I wanted to talk to you about Christian. Christian? You’ve heard from him? Yeah. We got back together. Honey, that’s wonderful! This time it’s going to last. I know it is. I hope you’re right, because, um… He asked me to marry him, and I said yes. Mom? You’re not… No, no, I’m not pregnant. Um… I know that we haven’t been together very long, but I love him so much. He’s the one. Oh, sweetheart! I’m so happy for you! You are? Of course. You’ve always known your own mind. If that man is the love of your life, you grab him with both hands. Thanks, Mama. Have you called Ray? Um, no, not yet. Um… Christian did, though. He asked for his permission. He asked for your hand? That’s so chivalrous. Hey. Hey. Champagne, Mr. Grey? Thanks, Gretchen. And can I just say, happy birthday? Sure. Thank you. Christian. Mom. Happy birthday. Thank you. And Ana. Hi. It’s so good to see you again. You saw us last night. Yes. And because of that I am never taking anything for granted. Ever again. Hey! I heard about the crash. Are you okay? I’m fine, Elena. Thank you. Oh! Ana, let me introduce to you, my good friend, Elena Lincoln. We met at the masquerade. Yes. Nice to see you again. Excuse us. Surely. She’s fantastic. Ladies, gentlemen. Mia. I wanna thank you all for coming here this evening. I was expecting a small family gathering. Thanks, Mia. But I’m happy that you’re all here because I have an announcement to make. As most of you know, yesterday Ros and I had a narrow escape. And something like that reminds us of what really matters and how important it is to seize the day. We should cherish the people we care about and who care about us. Mom, Dad, I know I haven’t always been the perfect son. But I owe everything to you both, so thank you. But that’s not the announcement. Ana, come up here a second, please. So, a while ago, I was lucky enough to meet this amazing young woman, Anastasia Steele. And very quickly, I realized that she was the one I wanted to share my life with. So I asked her to marry me, and she said yes. Oh! That is so… I am thrilled, Ana. Welcome to the family. Thank you. If I cry any more, I’m just going to dehydrate. Oh, my God! Don’t do that. Congratulations. Stop crying, Mom. Can’t help it. I love you so much. I love you. Hi! Well done, big brother! Ring! Show me the ring. Oh, we’re gonna choose it together. No rock. Christian Grey. Oh, my God! I have a sister! I leave you alone for a couple weeks, and this is what happens? I know! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. Oh, please. Come here. Oh! So, how does it feel to bag Seattle’s most eligible bachelor? It’s a little scary, but… Well, if anyone can make it work, it’s you. Hey, sis-in-law! Congratulations. Christian’s a very lucky guy. You, however, are certifiably insane. I’m sorry to interrupt. Mia wants to taste one of your killer cocktails. Oh, well, coming right up. I see you heeded our little talk. What makes you think I would ever listen to you? You don’t care about Christian. He’ll see that. I’ll make sure of it. He’ll see right through you. It’s over for you, Elena. You’re just a mousy little thing after his money. He’s not capable of marriage. Thank you, Christian. Why are you even here, Elena? She’s not right for you. You don’t know what’s right for me. You taught me how to , Elena. Ana taught me how to love. She’s just the next one in line. Get out of my house. Leave my children alone, and get the hell out of my house. Ana, darling… Would you give us a moment alone, please? I’m sorry about that. Is your mom okay? Furious. Hmm. Elena’s gone. Like, gone, gone? I’m done. The business. Everything. I’ll have my people sort out the details tomorrow. I know she was important to you. I’m sorry. Are you? No. No. What’s that you got there? Come with me. There’s something I need to show you. Last time we came down here, I was over your shoulder. Oh, yeah. After you. Oh, my God! You wanted hearts and flowers. Oh, my God! It’s okay. It’s okay. Christian… This is amazing. Be mine. Share my life with me. Yes. Marry me. I’ll marry you. Give me your hand. Did you do that? Great, isn’t it? That’s so pretty. Oh! I solemnly vow Okay, make sure you do. We’re here to work. If I jumped, would I survive? With a clean dive, perhaps. Mal, what are you doing here? I thought you might be missing me. You know that I am. But I can’t trust you anymore. So what? Looks like Arthur’s taste. Actually, the subject is partial to postwar British painters. Please, have a seat. Tell me… …do the children miss me? You can’t imagine. What are you doing? Just getting some fresh air. Stay where you are, Mal. Goddamn it. Turn around. The gun, Dom. Please. Now the envelope, Mr. Cobb. Did she tell you? Or have you known all along? That you’re here to steal from me, or that we are actually asleep? I want to know the name of your employer. Ah, there’s no use threatening him in a dream, right, Mal? That depends on what you’re threatening. Killing him would just wake him up. But pain… Pain is in the mind. And judging by the decor, we’re in your mind, aren’t we, Arthur? What are you doing? It’s too soon. But the dream’s collapsing. I’m gonna try to keep Saito under a little bit longer. We’re almost there. He was close. Very close. This isn’t gonna work.

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