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I can not. She has the support of the Huntly family. Rich, powerful, Catholic. Destroy them. They are too strong, Then have Mary Queen of Scots herself, destroy them. Give Mary, Queen of Scots no choice but to destroy her strongest allies. How The strong must show they are strong. That is their weakness. Sir John Huntly. Lord James, People say you are weak. Huh…weak That Protestants …. Lord Gunn. Even they say of you “How could Sir John suffer such abuse and do nothing ” I know it wasn’t weakness, it was forbearance. Let them mock you, I know you’re are a man, They mock me ……….did. I did nothing, for the queen forbade it. Whatever you do, you’ll have the queens blessing, Move. Get rid of him. You must execute this killer. It’s a rich and powerful family, A Catholic family. The religion matters not People will not say their wealth and power did not save them, but their Catholic religion did. The queen will let Catholics get away with murder for she’s a Catholic herself. I will talk with David, leave us. I will not. Very well you may stay. Why did he do it To Defend your honor. My honor I was defending yours. Sure, but that’s what I said. We have a dilemma. Monsieur. Do not touch me. I will solve your dilemma. What would you effect, Sir. I will solve your dilemma. How I will kill Sir John Huntly in his cell, people will assume friends or family of the victim have done it. Justice will have been done and you will have played no part in it. Neither the Catholic or Protestant Lords will turn against you. You sure Sir, You think this dishonorable Yes. Disreputable Yes. Many a men would risk his life for you but few would risk their honor and their reputation. I would. That is the measure of the great esteem in which I hold for you. Goodnight, Sir. I am Scottish. I do not understand French. Good night, Sir. You have not knelt, Sir. Whatever he did, he did it out of love for you and for the Catholic faith He saw his queen, abused by filthy Protestants and he could not bear it. Mary, you must witness it. I know. If you wish to be a mother one day I pray for that to happen, but forgive me, you are childless now, you do not know the love of a mother for her son, You act out of ignorance, Please. When you, yourself, a son, will you understand the grievous harm you do me now, and Your Majesty, will break your heart. You will not be able to look at yourself without remembering mine. You’ll not be able to look at your son without remembering mine. Oh please, Your Majesty, Your Majesty, save the life of my son, please spare the life of my beautiful son, save the life of my son. You find your words Beware of the bastard. Bastard Your brother, Lord James, How dare you. He told me whatever I did to that man with a scar would have your blessing. Can you die with such lies on your lips Indeed. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holey Spirit, Amen You must speak Your Majesty. I can not, We must seize this moment, This was not a Catholic murder the Protestants. This was a Scot who murdered a Scot Move. Make way. Move. Make way for your queen. Move. My Lord, I thank you, once more. You must learn to enjoy executions, You must rule by fear, for fear is all they understand. I take my advice from wee David. Did he deserve to die? Yes. Then your mother would have swung that axe herself…. and she would let no man see her tears, Fear not, Bothwell, you will never see them again. I curse you. May you die in the same manner…. as my son….my curses upon you. Stand. Where are the Catholic Lords? At prayers, I think. I will take a husband. Sooner than I intended … For I need a strong ally…. in whom you can trust. Lord Darnley comes. He’s not a hunchback like the Austrian, or a ladybird like the Spaniard. You Majesty, this one is none of them. Lord Darnley. Grandson of Henry VII, Fourth in line line to being on the throne. God willing, I may have met my match. Beauty before my eyes, Your Majesty … It is a dream come true. You are charming, Lord Darnley, Yes. Do you dance better than you speak French, Lord Darnley? Do I dance…Your Majesty, I tour Saint Vitus. Beautiful, is she not? Who?, You would marry her? Might consider it eh. But your not in the french court, the heir apparent of Spain? No. And you’re not rich? So what would you bring to such a marriage? You have not yet Queen Elizabeth? No…is she beautiful? Yes. More beautiful than I? She is my queen. She’s a woman, She is the most beautiful woman in England, Your Majesty, and you are the most beautiful in Scotland. Stand for your Queen. Do you miss France? Yes. I miss the warmth, our music, our food, our wine … our people. You are in the French mountains, rain has ceased … the sun appears, and baths your face. Now the smell of French lavender, wild rosemary. I may keep this? Under your pillow. It is your great beauty that makes me be so bold. Madam, is there not man in the whole of Scotland who’s good enough for you? Sir? Rued by the Austria, Spain and now England. What is wrong with my country, it pray? You’re drunk, Sir, And you are French, Madam. Now I would sooner be drunk for a year than French for a day. Now is it, French to see merit in this long streak of English piss, Madam? Do you not know what England has done to my country? They have raped our women, murdered our children … Hands off me! And now it dines with our queen. The dead of Scotland turn in their graves … for an English man dines with our queen. And why are you here , Madam, eh? Our people offend your eye, our food, your nose … so why, tell me Madam, are you here. Was your life so boring in France… Get your hands off me… is that why you’re here? Not for Scotland, but for yourself . You will die for this. Why are you in ours … if its the the people despise…. There goes a Scotsman in need of his oats. Hands off me. Who did this? to me I know not. Remind me what I said. The Queen wishes to do the personally. Forgive me. How’s your head? Sore. I could remove it for you. Well, that would do the trick, aye. You caused Lord Darnley great offense. You called Lord a long streak of English piss. Then I must apologize …

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