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Don’t you have a rock band? You have a band, man. He’s got a band. People wanna see you sing, get to know you, come on… Do you think this bottle is correctly labeled? Can you tell exactly what substance we have herejust with the information on the label? No? Because with the same molecular formula we can have different substances. At least two different substances here. We can have an alcohol, so the alcohol ends in OL, right? Ethanol. And besides an alcohol, we may have an ether. Remember that ether is when the oxygen atom is between carbon atoms. And the name of this ether is methoxyethane. Then you say “oh, so with the same molecular formula | get different structural formulae?” And just by looking at the flat representation of these substances you can differentiate one from the other. You don’t have to make a spacial projection and imagine it. Felipe? -What? May I say goodnight? Come in. What are you doing? Looking for my shoes. -Why? Felipe, it’s late. Are you going out now? Are you? Why the backpack, son? I’m going to visit… You’re going what? Felipe… l’m visiting my mom. Let’s talk. Sit down, son. Please. I respect your feelings. But give me some more time. Give us some more time. It’ll be very tough for me if you leave now. I’m sorry. Felipe… Felipe, please. Son… Felipe, please! lwon’t let you go! Hello? Tadeu… Look… This one’s beautiful, l’d wear it myself. Let me see. Look, checked. Oh, you’ll look amazing. Look at me. These jeans are my size. Three. Leave them here. What a strong color, son. Cool. I like it. For the rock band? No, for everyday. lthink it’s good for the band. Give it to me. Choose something a bit more… Let him take one. Perhaps one more shirt? These are cool. Oh, you want shoes, sure. What’s your size? . But I have shoes, no need… Excuse me… Look, look… Do you have these in size ? I’ll check. He said he didn’t like polo shirts, then he chose a beautiful black one. Have you tried the black polo shirt yet? It’s a bit large. There’s another one here. It has some details but the size might be good. See if it fits you better. If the size is good we can change it. I’d love him to try on the shirts, we could buy him a suit later today. -A blazer. Blazer? Let him buy two shirts, a blazer, he’ll look smart. We’ll take it in steps. Let us see when you’re ready. We’re curious here. We’re curious here. What do you think? I like the color. How about the back? I think I’m gonna take this. Felipe, OK. OK, dude. Take it off and put on the ones we chose. I want this one. Matheus… I want this dress. Son… I know you want to attack us, it’s understandable. We’ll get that for carnival, OK? Calm down, Matheus. Now, get changed at once. Easy, easy. Matheus. Go in and take it off, boy! We’re in the shop! I want this dress! Matheus, control yourself. You have to control yourself. Felipe… lwant this dress, I’m taking it. Felipe… Take the dress off now or I’ll go for your neck. Shall we try the shirts on, son. Look. I’m gonna give you a fat lip. Get in and take it off now. Calm down, Matheus. Right, let’s try on the shirts. Just approach her before… Why are you so quiet there? No, nothing… Are you staring at Julia? I’ll get something to eat. I’ll go with you. Go talk to her. -You mean it? Go, damn it. She’s alone, it’s your chance. It’s now or never. Seriously. -Hi. -Hi. -What’s up? Not much. I’m going there with my friends, OK? Why? ldon’t want them to see us together. But… Why not? They’ll mock me. -Hi. -Hi. What’s up? Not much. Listen, I’m going there with my friends. Why? ldon’t want them to see us together. Why not? They’ll mock me. Alex. What? Come here. What is it, Le? ls Joca into anyone? Joca? ldon’t know, why? In fact I think he’s dating Julia Verdiglione. Oh. What about you? Are you into anyone? No. And you? That was so so. My turn? -Yes. Look how it’s done. Throw it properly. No, no. Come back. Go on, Pierre, throw it properly. Pierre, go back, go back. Throw it properly. Throw it properly, boy. I’m no good at bowling. Don’t like football, not good at bowling, don’t like man’s clothes, I bought you the dress. Felipe, please… -What else? What else? What else? l have to be good at bowling, is that it? What else do you want? Matheus, please. What else do you want, man? You want me to like bowling, to like football, to like dressing like a man. To be something I’m not? A bit of affection, a bit… Stop it. You put the dress on, I brought you here dressed like a woman. Shall we continue? Continue what? Doing everything this guy wants? What’s the limit not to lose you? What else do you want? Say it! We can’t say no to you. If we say “no” we might lose you at any time. Lose you again, and again, and again. All possible ways. How many ways do you want us to lose you? All I’m asking is that you accept me like this. I accept what you are… I like to dress like this, I don’t like bowling, ldon’t like football. It’s difficult to understand how to live with you. How to love you, how to take care of you… That’s not true. Enough Matheus, enough. Please, son… Stop it! I’m always doing something for you not to leave again.

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