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What are you doing here? I’m a psychologist. Ok, where’s my mom? I’ll look after you. Your mother stayed at the police station. And when will she be back? I don’t know yet, she needs to answer some questions. But what did she do? Look… There’s a family claiming to be your brother’s biological parents. Biological means your brother was born from another mother. I know, but… We still don’t know and that’s why we have to talk to her. I’m going to be here… So… Forgive me… l’m lara, the dad’s cousin, but they call me auntie. Right, right, I’m Sueli. I’m a Social Assistant. How are things there? It’s bad, isn’t it? We still don’t know. We need to talk to Aracy. But is there any prediction? It depends on how… She’s not coming back, is she? I don’t think so. Aracy left everything with me, all the instructions… Do the children go to school in the morning, afternoon? So… You see, I’m from Campinas. So I can stay for two weeks at the most… That’s okay. I’ll stay here. . Is everything alright there? -Yes, yes. Is this the children’s father? Yes, but he’s deceased. Good evening, madam. Good evening, sir. How do you do? A table for how many? I don’t know. How many? We’re four, their aunt is bringing them, seven. Seven. We’re seven. How about this table here? I think I prefer over there. l’ll join two tables, then. Ok. I’ll help you. I’ll just put the chairs here. Is it alright here? It’s great. Nice place. My god, what an… Awkward situation. -What would you like to drink? -Water. Soda. A Martini for me, please. Me too. We have a house sangria. Would you like to try it? OK. Me too. Water… Gosh, folks. Dad, I have to get this. It’s quick. Oh, come on, Joca. It’s quick. lwon’t be long. -We had a deal, remember? -I know, it’s quick. Not cool, huh? But at least I tried! How could she… Can I have a quick word with her? She doesn’t want to speak to me? How ridiculous! Bruna, Bruna. Let me talk to her. Just a minute. So she doesn’t want to? I’ll explain to you then. ltried to talk to her once and she said she was embarrassed to be seen with me. She said she was embarrassed, you see? Later, ltried to speak to her and she didn’t want to talk to me. Ok? So, I think… She coming to you to talk to me saying I did something I didn’t do… lcan’t believe… I can’t believe she’s saying this behind my back. You see? Apart from the lack of courage to talk to me, she’s lying behind my back. You see? She doesn’t want to? OK. I don’t want to either. If she had at least talked to me… We could at least have understood eachother better. But if she doesn’t want to, fine, it’s not my business. OK. Bye. lwon’t miss the chance to make a toast. Hey, Joca… Come here. This is your brother. Jaqueline. Aunt Lucy. lara. Aunt lara. Are you OK? What grade are you in? He’s a sophomore, right? Back in my days High School was called “Scientific“. Now it’s changed, right? Everything changes. Everything changes in life, right? And what do you want to do? What do you want to be? He likes music. He plays in a band. A band? I had a band… I had a band… Says the man who played the banjo. Banjo in the band. Banjo in the band. Good thing! You can play guitar, the drums, but banjo? Joca… It was cool. You paint your nails? Yeah, I do. To play in the band? It’s because it’s rock, right? I want to make a toast. A toast to Felipe. Pierre. Pierre. A toast to Pierre. Cheers, cheers, Joca. lt’s warm in here. So, do you support any team? Football? He doesn’t really like football. But none? I don’t know… Corinthians. Not great, but… I don’t like football either. Does it matter? It does. Oh, that doesn’t matter. It does. Being in the Second Division does matter. l’ll… I’ll be back… He’s going to the toilet. Shall I go there? Are you OK? He looks like my dad. The dude’s like my dad. Amazing, huh? Felipe? Felipe? -What? Oh, you’re there. What are you doing? What are you doing? -Huh? -What do you think? ldon’t know. The toilet’s a place for many things. Are you upset? Tell me something. Are you going to live in my house? No freaking way. You don’t want it either? Me? No… Dude, what are you doing in there? Huh? Felipe? -What, damn it? My mother’s been waiting for you for ages and you’re gonna stay in there? Open it. It’s the end of a nightmare, huh? The nightmare’s over. It is… I can’t even… No, we can’t even start imagining what… Have you been doing this for long? -What? Working as a Social Assistant. It’s been a while, gosh, nearly twenty years I think… The one for the road’s done, right? It was a good last one. I’m leaving the amp here for next week. That’s fine. See you. See you. Do you wanna a beer or something? -Yeah. If you wanna eat anything, there’s food. Thanks. Thanks. Are you going? Bye. Everything’s gonna be alright, OK? Relax. Back to your places. Straighten your kimonos. In the front, to greet. Close your legs. The two of you may sit. May | go drink some water again? You may go again. Excuse me, teacher. Pierre is being called at the director’s office. What is it? lwas stolen too! What happened? Jaqueline’s DNA test results have come out.

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