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My wife is pregnant. Help her if she needs anything. I will come tomorrow Anna, I cannot come daily, I have other works too. I will come and clean the house weekly once okay. Okay. Dont roam around in this place. You will be all well. Take my special tablets okay. What about you? Hold it up! Doctor, Shouldn’t he lay down for doing that ? Who is the doctor? me or you? idiot! Whats the score ? wickets are down. Who all ? Kohli, clean bold. He is useless. He is just fit for showing off. You can come after a week and get the stitches removed. Or else you can just pull the thread yourself. Doctor, is it a zip to just pull it like that ? Go give that urine sample to the lab idiot. You seem to be new to this place. yeah, came here just days back. I am staying in Kamaruttu house. special tablet, morning once, noon once and night once. Take until gets over. Over? tablet or me ? Both. Is a medical store nearby ? Clinic, Hospital or medical shop, this is the only place. Thats a special tablet, you will be fine in days. Did you see my watch anywhere Indu ? It should be somewhere near the table. No it is not there. Okay, I will find it, now put the old watch. I will come fast. Don’t wait for me . It is really difficult now. You get sand only in few places. Hello sir, I am Gutham. Kaalinga invited me. He has told me about you. American writer. Just the magazine is American. Why man, you think our magazines are not upto your standards ? Nothing like that. Event organization has been very well done. We are doing this event from last years. You wont be able to see an event like this anywhere else. You watch the show. Where is the Bhagavatha ? is he asleep ? I am not getting sleep even if I want to. See this is what happens when you sleep at work. It is better to sleep at work than to make the students sleep with your lectures. Both of you have blessings of Nidra-devi, both are BRILLIANT There is no doubt that you are a writer! Gautham, I am happy that you came. Didn you get your wife ? She is not feeling well. So she stayed at home. Okay, thats fine. Where had you disappeared ? I thought I saw someone familiar. Where is Shankar master ? He told he had some work, so he left. Anna, Which way should I head to reach Ballechal guest house ? This itself is Ballechal . And Kamaruttu from here ? Just miles that way . Colored face…. red eyes….colored face… red eyes Tell me slowly now. Gautham there is something in this house. I saw it dancing yesterday… It should be a dream. No no… it was real… It must be the Bootha.. May be it is angry that we have not started the rituals. You have burnt your hand!! See what you have done to yourself. I will go get the doctor. No no.. Do not leave me alone here. I will go get the doctor now. Later we shall discuss about the arrangements for the rituals and pooja. Just trust me and listen to my words. Just get some rest. I will come fast. Gautham, I have to tell you something very important. We can talk when I return. If something happens to me. you should know this. Nothing will happen. What will you do if your Indu would not be there. You are here with me.. just sleep.. I will be back soon. Is Akka awake? How is she feeling now ? Start the car. You are simply wasting the time. Do you need so much time to take my complain ? Main officer will come now, wait.. I do not like some things. One of them is calling me to the police station in the middle of the night. I do not like people talking in loud voice in my station. Do not interrupt me while I am speaking. Get me a tea. You, come here. What is the issue ? My wife is missing. She is a pregnant. months. Since when is she missing ? from hours. Is that a joke ? If I start taking complains like that I should open a counter here. On what basis can you tell she is missing? She could have gone to a friend or a relative’s place. Go home. She will come. We do not know anyone in this village. Also she was not in a situation to go anywhere. Is any money , gold or anything missing from your house ? Nothing Has the house become messy ? No Then how can I take the complain. If she cannot walk, someone known should have taken her with them. I said we do not know anyone in the village. Keep your voice down. I dont like that. Someone shot me days back. You bring him and question him. Do not tell me how to do my job. Who shot you?Why did not you complain about it ? It did not seem that important then. Someone tried to shoot you, and it did not seem important.. and now your wife is missing for just hours and it is very important ?? We are simply wasting the time here. You are the one who is wasting my time here. You are playing some sort of game here… or else she eloped with some other guy…. who could it be ?! May be with the guy who shot you. Yes, that is why he shot you. Who are you, who looks like a flower.. Sorry, I did not see you there, I just came in. It is my luck that you came. How can I help you? I need information about a post box. I should put an application for some postboxes. Rarely people used to come here, now people are asking for post boxes. No, not to open one…

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