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I’d better phone Tommy’s lawyer so he can start working on his release. Nine miles, marshal. Suppose you do get away, three months in the hills, maybe a year, and they’ll be coming after you. What if they do? I’d rather have three months on my own than years on the rock. Besides, you run around on these hills pretty good. Ten miles, marshal. If you want this guy to live, you’d better hurry. Listen to this, marshal. Get him out of here. You’re next, Reeves. You’ve gone crazy, Forbes, you are out of your mind. That’s right. Stir crazy for being around guys like you and Grady too much. Unlock him! But you understand this means a murder charge for every man on the car. Come on, quit whining! Hey, marshal, here’s another one. Forbes, listen to me: You’re not getting out. I’m under orders. Ten more miles and I’ll put a bullet in his head. One mile, marshal. Let me talk to the marshal. Sure, go ahead. Tell him you don’t wanna die. Tell him what it feels like waiting to get plugged, listening to the miles go by. Sure. Sure, I’ll tell him. Hey, marshal! Here’s a friend of yours. He wants to talk to you. A guy by the name of Reeves, he’s only got nine more miles to live. Marshal, these men have gone crazy. Give ’em what they want. Stop the train in about a mile up here. They’ve already got Walker and Grady, and… I’m gonna be next. Two miles, marshal. You heard that, marshal? You can’t just let them kill me. You’ve gotta stop… some way. Why do you let one of your own men be killed? He’s got as much right to live as you have. Conductor, get her out of here. I’ve only got eight miles to think this over. You’ll be responsible for murdering him, not those men in there. Get her back where she belongs. Come, come now, move along back to… Five miles, marshal. All right, keep moving, keep moving. Right on. Let’s have it. Where’s Marty Mason hiding? Where is he? All right, kid. Move along, move along. Now you do the move along. Stop this train. No, listen, it’s hardly nonsense. I said stop this train! I mean business! We’re still counting, marshal. Nine miles. One mile to go. What about it, Geronimo? Alright, sure. I’ll stop it. Give another listen, marshal. We’re stopped. Yeah, lucky for you. Watch the side of the car. I’ll cover the door. We’re coming out of here, marshal. Reeves will be first, with a gun on his back. If you try to stop us, he’s gonna get it. I didn’t stop this train. I’ll shoot every man than comes out that door. This is your last change to declare yourself. You men who have nothing to do with the shooting, If you wanna escape on murder charge, put your irons back on. I’ll see that you get a fair deal. I don’t know what you guys are gonna do but I’m going to get out of here. Come on to the other end. There’s only one man up there. Come on you! Get back, they’re going to clear the car. We’re getting out of here. You guys going with us? Where do you think you’re going? If you’re going, I’m going with you. You are a big guy, Tommy. Better take this gun with you. Put the leg irons on him. One of these days those cops will be picking up that whacky guy Marty. Tommy has got a chance, we haven’t. Come on. Come on! Get back, marshal, or I’ll drop this guy. And when he drops, I have got you. Capital shot marshal, capital. Keep your eye on him, just to make sure. Get back in your car. I’ve gotta see what’s going in there. Get the sheriff right away. Is there a US marshal on this train? Yes, yes, but get the sheriff. Now, we’ll get that arm fixed. Pardon me. A telegram, marshal. I’ll do that. Why is she here? I’ve had training in this. I know what to do. You’ve been bossing here long enough and look what’s happened. I can see what’s happening. Alright, go ahead. This is for you, Tommy. I knew you hadn’t done anything wrong This young man is getting off the train. He’s going to a hospital. You don’t mind if the sheriff goes along? No, he can be a lot of help to me. You are getting off too? Yes, I live here. Yes, he’s gonna be alright. They had put a big tower there. It got hit by lightning years back. What’s your name ? Rafeek. Where is your house ? It is very close, If I roll twice I will go right inside my home. What is the way to Kamaruttu house ? If you go by jeep it takes half an hour. But the road is horrible. If we go straight we will get Kamaruttu-Perla junction. We have to take Kamaruttu road from there, you will see couple of houses on the way. The biggest house you see among them would be the Kamaruttu house. We usually go there by walk. Even now I will leave you in jeep and return by walk. You talk a lot. Do one thing, give me the jeep key, I will take the jeep. You dont have to walk back. I am used to walk. It is not a problem. The road is really bad for you to drive. Should I give you any extra money ? I am not a money minded guy. People are more important to me. Go safely. you gave just . How much more time is it going to take? You can sleep if you are sleepy. Person beside the driver should never sleep. Oh is it. Then what were you doing so far ? I was just thinking with my eyes closed. I was able to hear your thoughts loudly

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