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Used to be a big executive in the wrong business. Bart Kanin! Oh, you know him, huh? No, but I think he knows me. Sure! How are you, Tommy? This is a break for me, isn’t it Kanin? You and me on the same train. Looks like I’m gonna enjoy this ride after all. That makes it just fine. You couldn’t settle your trouble outside. No, you gotta wait and bring it in here. Nick, you and Billings marshal’s orders. Changing you guys around. It means I’m putting you with Tommy Calligan. Come on. He picked up a new prisoner, all right? Yes, he’s in there. On your feet. I’ll take you to travel alone, Nick. Sit down, Calligan. I couldn’t take a chance on you after that last break you made. Okay, Nick, you’re gonna get your own private little ankle chain to hold yourself. You’ll get used to it after you forget and trip a couple of times. Hand me those irons there, won’t you? Yeah. Escape, escape, your last chance! Escape, escape, your last chance! Escape, escape, your last chance! Hold your place! Come on Nick, you can make it! Run for it! Get back there you guys! Take it easy, Nick. You know that door back of you is locked. Back with me, back with me I said! Nick, I don’t wanna have to plug you. Oh don’t shoot, don’t, you can’t do it. It’s Nick, he’s gone crazy, he’s got the conductor. How did he get out of here? Don’t shoot unless you have to. Don’t do it Nick, I’m telling you. Give me the key, give me the key, quick! Alright, here it is. What’s the use Nick? You’re not going anywhere. Nick, listen to me. You’ll never make it, there is no chance. I’m telling you to give up, for your own good, Nick. That was a shot! Put him in the baggage car. Now you don’t have to worry about him getting away. Please, no one’s allowed on this platform. Is it one of the convicts? How did he get out? Which one was it? He was killed, wasn’t he? Please, back to your seats everyone. Please, please, hurry. Back to your seats, please. Oh, do you think we should put those passengers in another car? No, keep ’em in there, I don’t want to excite the rest of the train. Anyway, it’s all over now. You killed him, you dirty rat. You are a big guy, Grady, with a gun. That’s gratitude for you. I only put him out of his misery. He won’t have to worry anymore like you, guys. Maybe you ought to start worrying too. Marshal, looks like we have got a problem here. Yeah? What is it? You know, regulations say a corpse on the train requires an extra ticket. Looks like we’d better get him off. What’s the next stop? Perro Gordo, that’s the county seat. We can probably get the sheriff there. Keep on your toes tonight, man. Around here it’ll be the dangerous part of the trip and they’re gonna make a break for it. And maybe more shooting, which wouldn’t do to my record any good. Did he spill anything yet? Not Forbes. I’ve been watching him. He ain’t studying the decorations. Be sure we find out what he’s up to. Yeah, go on. Ought to be a lot of ways to crack out of a fly trap like this. You got any ideas Forbes? Too tough. Not for you, it isn’t. What do you want to try it alone for? With a little help you might have a better chance. You guys seem to have the ideas. What are you stalling us for? Afraid we’re dumb enough to mess it up for you. You seem to be reading my mind. It would actually save a lot of time if you just give him all the answers. Ah! Come on, no use trying to get anything out of him. In case I do get some special ideas, I suppose you two boys will be around. They’re all watching Forbes. Waiting to see what he’s going to do. Maybe I don’t wanna wait them. Do you know this country? Yeah. I thought so. Maybe we will get out into it. How many go? Why? Two men hide a long time. More than two, no good. Both are man with leg iron on. Make too many. There are ways to fix that. I got a friend on this train. You aren’t thinking of crossing me, are you? You’re on, shut up your mouth! You holding out on me, you got an angle there. Sure I have got an angle, one that I can’t miss. Let somebody else do the work for us. Like, for instance… Tommy. I think he might be very useful. Yeah, you’d feel better with him out of the way, wouldn’t you? Like killing two birds with one stone. Shut up. Sit down, Tommy. Getting kind of worried, Kanin? You’ve got a couple of wrong ideas. If you think you’re gonna talk me out of anything, save it. I don’t blame you for being sore. You think you wouldn’t be in here at all, if it wasn’t for me, huh? Maybe I didn’t have a lot to do with it, but I didn’t want it that way. I just couldn’t turn Mason in, you know that. It’d have dragged out too many tin cans. I thought it was about time you started crawling. Nobody’s crawling. You got a stiff rap, you think it’s my fault so it’s up to me to get you out. It’s easy, isn’t it? I suppose we’re gonna walk out on a weekend pass. Not exactly. Now listen, there’s gonna be a break. It’s all set. I can fix you with the others if you wanna go along. That might sound good, Kanin. Coming from anybody but you. Well, what do you care? You wanted a chance and I’m giving it to you. That’s right out here. It’ll be easy. You can do a lot of things with money and I am talking about big money,


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