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Thanks. How did he know? I told them it was our anniversary when I reserved. Really? This is a first. Well, then… That’s all right. You act like it’s special. It is special. But we’ll be back next year. Marriage is forever, right? What a lovely restaurant. A co-worker told me about it. Please thank them for me. It’s crowded, isn’t it? It’s popular. The best restaurant on Tokyo. It’s in all the magazines and takes one month to book. Really? Not hungry? Come on, say something. Can I hold your hand? What are you thinking? Nothing… What? Nothing. What is it, Tomi? I know it’s sudden. I’m going to get married. Congratulations. Thank you. I’m sorry to be late. No, I’m sorry. Don’t be. I got to take a break, so I’m happy. Suddenly, I wanted to see you at work. Is it OK? Here at your job? There are lots of couples here, so we’ll stand out less. Every day, I marvel at how many different kinds of couples there are. It’s mysterious how in couples, males and females start to look alike. Look. See? Don’t they look alike? And those two, too. Something wrong? I’m sorry, I just remembered a deadline. I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you next time. What were you doing? Nothing special. Nothing? That’s right. Just spacing out. Don’t touch that. Hello? I’ll be right back. An emergency? Sorry. That’s fine, I’m free so I’ll wait here. If my brother comes home before you, what should I tell him? Ruriko… you’re glowing. Give this back to Haruo. I don’t want it anymore. Don’t think you’re the only lonely one. I didn’t think you’d come. No. I worried. I worried a lot. You hold on to this. That’s her fate. This isn’t… The least bit sweet. Calm down. I’m the one that split up. Why are you crying? It makes no sense. It makes sense. Because I love you. That’s… That’s terribly sweet. Ruriko. See you. Say… This deep? Hello. Plant this, too. Oh, sure. Coffee? Do you want a cup? It’s nothing to be sad about. Say, look at that. Do you know what it is? I don’t. It’s aconite. Its flowers are quite beautiful. A long time ago, I used it to kill my husband. Why? No reason. Well, I guess because I was lonely. Human beings are monsters while they’re alive. But once they’re dead, oddly enough, they become human. Care for sugar? And now? Yes? You’re not lonely now? Of course… I’m lonely. Whether you’re together or alone, it’s lonely. A rose blooms… on the bush. There is no… greater mystery. A rose… There is no greater mystery. Past its bloom, it falls from the bush… as the light. What’s wrong? Get closer. I want to be even closer. I wish that door would just stay closed. And we’d be, trapped in here together, forever. See you. Ruriko? Welcome home. What are you doing here? Nothing. I designed a new bear. Oh, I see. It looks like you. Thank you. Shall I hold you? I’m home. I’m the one that came home. Were you away? Yes, I was. I was away. I’m home now. Welcome home. And you? I’m… I’m coming home soon. We’d better get going. It’s pretty far. Sure. What’s that? It’s their wedding present. Tomi wanted them. Remember when we talked about sharing memories? Maybe it’s not enough just to have memories. Maybe it’s more important to remember them. To remember them together. Shall we go? Starring Miki Nakatani Nao Omori Chizuru Ikewaki Juichi Kobayashi English translation by Linda Hoaglund Subtitle timing, editing and additions for this version by famitsu Special thanks to ikeda Based on a Novel by Kaori Ekuni Written by Kyoko Inukai Music by Takeshi Senoo Director of Photography Isao Ishii You’re watching those convicts pretty closely, aren’t you? They won’t get out if that’s what you mean. Oh, I wasn’t worried. I was speaking for the passengers. Of course, I knew that’s why you asked. So you heard it too. It’s always the same, like he was trying to talk to us. Like who was talking? Can’t you hear it? I always can. Whenever I’m on a train. The click of the wheels. It’s like a strange voice, keeps on saying the same thing over and over. You’re nuts! I can’t hear anything. Listen! Listen to what it’s saying. Escape! Escape! Your last chance! Escape! Escape! Your last chance! What does it sound like to you? Escape, escape, your last chance, your last chance… Escape, escape… Escape! Escape! Your last chance! Escape! Escape! Your last chance! Escape! Escape! Your last chance! Escape! Escape! Your last chance! Yeah. I heard it. You can all hear it! We’ve got to make a break for it, it’s our last chance! They’re taking us to Alcatraz. We’re going to be there forever, for the rest of our lives! Somebody shut him up! It’s a fortress, a fortress I tell you, sitting on a rock in the middle of the bay, with tides all around you waiting to grab you and pull you down! Keep quiet! Stop it! Where do you go? What are you doing? They’re taking us to Alcatraz. Lay off you, guys. Shake out of it, kid! At it again, eh, Forbes? Cigarette? Me? I was only trying to break it up. Yes, sure you were. This is all the thanks I get for doing your work. Get back to your seats. All right, Grady, come out of there. Guess you men don’t like to eat. We can’t bother to feed you, then spend all our time holding you down.

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