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You’re so kind. You can have it. I can? He can? Her name is Nana. I’m home. OK. You’re home. Hi. Did you eat your dinner? Yeah. What did you eat? A beef-rice bowl at the station. Oh. Would you like a cookie I was given? Sure, thanks. How was your show? Good. Lots of people came. Someone who insisted on having Nana came. He seemed desperate so I gave it to him. Yeah? Are you renting all those? I’m Tsugawa Haruo. You gave me the teddy bear, Nana, at your show. Oh, hello. Do you live nearby? Yes. Me, too, minutes by bike. Miyako, this is Iwamoto Ruriko. Really? Oh, wow. It’s like a dream. This is Miyako, my girlfriend. Is Nana well? Yes, she’s staying at home today. I’m so happy to meet you. Could we buy you a cup of tea? I’m sorry. I don’t have time today. Too bad, but next time. OK, next time. Excuse me. Promise? OK, I promise. Hello? Oh, sure. Why do you play music while you’re playing a game? I kept knocking. Sorry. I found some lychees today, still on their branch. Oh, yeah? Enjoy. Thanks. What? Can I sit next to you a little? Sure, go ahead. Ruriko. Yes? Um, why do you want to be here? Am I bothering you? It’s not like that. There you go. Thanks. There isn’t enough romance in this house. Romance? Yes, romance. That’s not true. Yes it is true. What should I do? I don’t know. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know if we need it. But I do know it’s missing. Maybe it’s missing because it’s not necessary. Sometimes when I’m with you, I get so lonely. I’m sorry. This room is so relaxing. Maybe because the table’s so cold. Here, enjoy. What is this? It looks like a potato. It’s called “Pomme de terre,” a French pastry. It’s made out of potato and marzipan. I see, there’s even a sprout. Do you have a boyfriend? I do. A lover actually. He pays me so he’s a lover. Did I surprise you? No. Don’t tell my brother, OK? But you know, recently, he’s cooled off. Want to know a good tip? Solanine is best for a double suicide. Potato sprouts have a poison. If you grow lots of them, cook them and eat them together, it’s over. Solanine isn’t a poison. You’ll just get a sick stomach. Really? That’s right. You’re so funny. I see. Hello? Yes, he is. OK, I’ll tell him. Iwamoto, a guest for you at reception. A guest? Were you surprised? Yeah. I’m sorry, I just suddenly wanted to see you. I thought lunchtime would be OK. Sorry, is it creepy? No, not at all. It feels nice to be outside. I work at the aquarium everyday, so I feel like I’m locked up somewhere. You should have called first. I’m not always at work. Well, it’s fine. I just took a chance. Besides, you were there. Shall we sit here? For you. Thanks. These lunch boxes are really famous. I’m into gourmet stuff and I love to eat. I can tell. That’s mean. Are you saying I’m fat? No, no, no. Here’s some tea. Thanks. You never visited the aquarium. I gave you those tickets. Yeah, sorry. What’s your job at the aquarium? My job? Well, let’s see. It’s not a glamorous job. Prepare their food and clean up. And fish eat fish. So my hands always smell fishy, right? They don’t smell. Really? I’m glad. I just had a good idea. Let’s eat lunch together every Wednesday. Wednesday’s my day off. It was just an idea. Thank you. Thanks. I’ll just check inside. Oh… I’m not sorry. I always wanted to. Always? Since I first met you at your show. I have to go home. OK, see you. Why do you look scared? I’m not. Hold me. Hold me until I say it’s OK. Thank you. I like windows. Outside it’s night and it’s dark, but inside, it’s safe. Want to go to your room? No, I… You want to play your game, right? Go ahead. Thanks. My fourth one. What? I have a promise with Satoshi. To not smoke more than cigarettes a day. I try to keep promises. How often do you do it with your husband? Do what? This. We don’t. Not true. Be careful. It’s true. Of course, we did it for a while, after we got married. But not in the past years. Huh. But you sleep together? In a double bed? Yes. We’d better stop doing this. Why? Because it scares me. I’m scared, too. You won’t stop this, Ruriko. Why do you think so? Because you’re passionate. Why do you think so? Probably because I am, too. What does it mean to be passionate? I have to go home. I’ve fallen for someone. Even though I only want to love my husband. I’m fine, I’m fine. I won’t be that late, I’m fine. OK. Will do. Enjoy. Shall we? OK. Cheers. Delicious. Yes, it is. Is this OK? Was your wife mad because it was so sudden? I told her I’m with a club member. Right. The one called Miura. She remembered that you came to our wedding after-party. She remembered you’re cute. Doesn’t your wife get jealous? She does. My wife says, she’s jealous of not just women, but my boss, my colleagues, even my desk at work. Strange. Sounds a little complicated. I can’t really understand that. But that’s probably because you’re so honest about everything. You think? She won’t know if you don’t tell her. Excuse me. This is the best restaurant in Tokyo. It’s in the magazines and usually there’s a one month wait for a table. Thanks for the food. Isn’t this absolutely delicious? I don’t like shrimp. You don’t? Really? Then, I’ll eat yours. I’m so happy.

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