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Yeah, that’s how we do in America, fast and loose. Officer: Bennie Chan’s attorney’s here to see you. I’m Connor Watts. Leslie Here we go. We’re in. Thank you for saving us, Leslie. Thanks for letting me help. mouths “Ask her out.” clears throat Well, maybe when this is over I could take you out for a chicken and beer? Yes, I’d love chicken and beer. beeps Okay, we’re ready. We’ve bypassed the thumbprint. Bennie, it just looks like gibberish. Connor It’s nothing. Bennie Wait. Stop right here. I know where to go, but we need a plan to get out of here. alarm ringing car horns honking Wait up, wait up. This is the place. I bet it’s the one with the armed thugs. You and I split up. Okay. Don’t try to be a hero by yourself. Right, no need to start now. Go! Go! wooden boards creaking Man I had no choice. I did what I had to do to get the phone back… We never touched her, just scared her a little. Tell him, Willie. I was only following your orders. If I had known who she was… You liar. Wong You couldn’t have achieved any of this without me. I am the money man. You need me. Man That’s where you’re wrong, Victor. I don’t need anyone. Help. You really don’t know when to stop, do you? Connor? What the hell are you doing here? It’s a long story. I’ll tell you over breakfast. Forget breakfast. Where is Bennie? I have to go find something to open this with. I’ll be right back. Don’t you dare leave me here. I’m sorry I got you into this. Connor! Connor! Bennie, I tried to warn you. Captain, the phone. You’re the Matador? He looks like the kid from Jerry Maguire. Thank you, Connor, for sticking with me. You’re welcome, partner. Guns in the water. Now. Connor Dasha! Oh, it’s about time. laughs Sorry we’re late. Well, just glad you could make it. Welcome to the family, Connor. Thanks. Bennie Family? Yeah, long story. Huh? Hello, Chinese man. Let’s go. Hey, get ’em! Look out. grunts groans Bennie Go get Samantha! Go! Go! Bennie Go! Hurry! ship creaking gasps groans man grunts screams sizzling Hey, gentle. Mind the packing. spits Cocaine. gunshot ticking helicopter whirring Yung. This is the Hong Kong Police Department. We have you surrounded. Bennie! The ship’s sinking! Samantha! gasps Ah! Esmond We have you surrounded. Hands behind your head. Bennie Connor, watch out! Freeze. Boss. knocks gasping Bennie! gasps Bennie! Take care of my daughter. No! Bennie. No! I’m going to choose to remember him as he was before. My father died nine years ago. He was a good man. Best partner I ever had. Ahem. Best Chinese partner. Taking off for Russia tonight. Really? Why? A wise man once told me that honor is the most important thing in life. I made a promise and I intend to keep it. chatter screams baby crying speaking in foreign language baby cooing, spits speaking in Russian Sorry, Connor. Dos vedanya. Bennie Where are you taking me? You’ll never get away with this. Will you pipe down? You’re ruining the surprise. Was he always this grumpy? Hmm. Connor Keep the blindfold on. All right. Okay. Surprise! You took me to my own farm? No, this! Bennie Wow! Alpacas. Wow! Connor Thought this might keep you busy since you’re no longer chasing bad guys. Hey, guys! Look at this. Tada! Bennie, you’re famous! Ooh wee! Hey! blowing kisses Speaking of… Sam and I are going to go for a little walk. No, I go, too. Chaperone. Don’t worry, Uncle Bennie, I still have the mace. Good. So all… Ow! Damn. What are you doing? It didn’t work, did it? I told you. It takes practice. I’ve been practicing. So practice more. Are they gone? Yes. screams Bennie, are you okay? Bennie? Bennie. Are you okay? What have you done to him? Bennie? Bennie, wake up. Come on, please. lively music, man singing Go on tell me about how I’m supposed to live Renny Harlin: One, two, three, action. The time has come for me to be free I wanna travel the world, I got things to see And I know my feet will be under me Whoa, oh oh-oh-oh I’m walking on my own two feet Whoa, oh oh-oh-oh And I don’t need no one to lead I really don’t know how to swim. Really? Yes. Man Okay. Come back.

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