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Always running away. I mean it looks pretty tiring fighting as hard as you do. Impressed? No. I’m actually kinda pissed. Don’t point that thing at me, man. Hurry up, hurry up! Which part of the pig am I blowing on? sirens approaching Is that what we’re trying to make? sirens wailing The cops ask any questions, you just look at them like you don’t understand a word, okay? Okay, that’s good. Push harder! Harder! With this chopstick? Connor Can’t believe these things went out of style in the middle ages. So, what’s the plan? We take the phone back to Hong Kong police. Captain Tang have to arrest Victor Wong. Well, great, you don’t need me. You’re the only tying Victor Wong to the phone. No you, no Wong. You have to testify. You got Samantha into this. Samantha’s your Goddaughter? Well, I thought there’s supposed to be like a billion people in this country. falling water Rapids! Paddle! Connor Whoa-ho! This ain’t so bad, Bennie! You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Whoa! Whoa-ho-ho! Connor laughing Promise you’ll let me go. Promise you’ll testify. You’re in no position to negotiate. No. Bennie I can’t swim. I can’t swim! I can’t…! What? I can’t swim. . Connor Oh, God. I got you. Whoa! Whoa! Connor I can’t believe you can’t swim. Bennie No swimming pool in my neighborhood. Ah, ah, oh, God. both panting For a second, I’m not sure you’re gonna save me. I wasn’t so sure either. Is Hong Kong nice this time of year? Don’t play with me, Connor. I’ll testify. For you. And for Samantha. Here. I think we’re getting close. laughs knock on door Captain Tang. I’m Samantha. I met you at my father’s funeral. Yes, of course. I remember. I’m in trouble. I haven’t been able to reach my Uncle Bennie in days. I didn’t know where to go. He said you could help me. Yes, of course. both grunting Connor Wow, it’s beautiful. Kongming lanterns. You make a wish and let it float up to the sky. Boy: Hello? Hello. Would you like one? For me? Yes. Oh. chuckles Connor speaks Chinese Well, let’s make a wish. To take down the Matador. To get Samantha back safely. Connor Does that mean wish granted? Connor, you’re right. I work too hard. Fight too hard. I have no life. That’s okay, Bennie. Why don’t we go find ourselves some power? Hurry up. Connor I’m hurrying. Almost. Bennie Almost. Ready. Okay, let’s do it. chimes Thumbprint. Damn it. Good thing out of every crisis comes an opportunity. What are you talking about? If that’s the Matador’s phone, then only has thumbprint can activate it. If Victor Wong opens it… It shows that Victor’s Wong is the Matador. Connor laughs We’ve located Chan and the American. Do not let her out of your sight until we return. Captain Tang I’ve got it under control. She’s not going anywhere. rain pattering Handsome Willie Spread out. Find them. laughing Ah-ah! I’ll be damned. laughing Why, you little… Come on, let’s go. Mud festival. Good for harvest. Uh-oh, this is bad. I agree. Someone should tell them this is gonna have no effect on the harvest. I mean that’s really bad. Oh. Willie There! Get them! Now! Is this the kind of time we stay and fight, Bennie? This time we run. lively music playing, man singing Bennie Oh, no, no. Connor How do they keep finding us? Bennie No, no, no, no. Gonna take the shot Oh, yeah You don’t know what’s coming for you What’s waiting for you Connor Uh! I’m shot! Bennie No, no, you’re not. Just popcorn. It’s just some popcorn. Gonna take a shot Oh, yeah, All right Ruin what you can’t fight yelling Bennie Go, go! Connor Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! How do they keep finding us? The phone. What? They’re tracking the phone. Turn it off. Hurry! It’s so difficult. On and off is the simplest thing a phone does. crowd shouting Bennie Hurry! Bennie This is a hundred-family feast. All the families gather… Are you a Wikipedia all the time? Hey! Hey! Don’t eat the food. No, no, no! Don’t eat the food. I’m sorry, sorry. I’m sorry. singing We must sing to pass. It’s a tradition. Well, what’s not a tradition in this country? Sing something. singing in broken Chinese several laugh Huh? women speak in Chinese Women Whoo! Whoo! All right! Chin chin. Well, go on, sing something. Sing so we can go through. singing in Chinese Women speak in Chinese Whoo! panting I can’t swim. I’m scared of heights. New plan. Hurry up! Hurry up! There they are! What’s the weight limit on this wire? I better go first. It might be safer. And don’t tell me not to look down. Don’t look down. Whoa! Oh-ho-ho! Whoa! Ah! Ah! Connor whimpering Bennie I’m slipping. Connor continues whimpering Easy on the ding-ding. What? Bennie It’s the only thing I can hold! Bennie It’s too small! This is a bad idea. both yelling Don’t hang there. Use your feet! I told you it was a good plan. Connor How long are you going to do this? Until we get to Hong Kong. No, I mean this. Chase guys like me halfway around the world. You know, you’re no spring chicken anymore. I’m set in my own way. Not young enough to change. Connor Well, you could still change if you wanted to. What would you do? I like alpacas. Okay. So we’re talking about alpacas now. To me, they symbolize peace.

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