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Fortunate that we must meet To have just the chance At our dance with destiny. Connor Sweetheart, didn’t I tell you backlight’s the key to these photos? You gotta use a flash. Oh, hey, will you take a photo of me and my gal? Please? Samantha. Boss. Enjoy. Connor chuckles If you’re taking a discreet photo, it helps to be discreet. Thanks for that. Why were you so nervous? Come on, he’s my boss. I gotta be cool. elevator dings Dealing with obnoxious gamblers like me night and day must get pretty exhausting. Occupational hazards. And you’re not that obnoxious. Well, the night’s still young. You eaten yet? Wanna grab some breakfast? I’ll think about it. Okay, you think about it. elevator dings doorbell rings Oh, back so soon. Sergei, ha! Man, you look different. Did you shave your back? Start walking upright? Heh! Good times. Sergei You think you can hide from us? Why did I have asparagus? Wait, I have money. I can pay now. Dima wants a word with you. So we take you back to Russia. Can’t we just talk via Skype? Connor You ladies didn’t forget anything in the room, did you? Like say this. Ah! Hmm. Muzak playing woman shouting in Chinese man shouting in Chinese Help me! silenced gunshots Ah! Whoa! Hey, guys! What did I say? Let’s go to Russia. I love Russia. Connor Watts should never have set foot onto the VIP floor using your key card. I just met the man last night. Whatever you think this video shows, you’re wrong. You should have recognized him. He cheated this casino out of a million dollars. Samantha. Find him and you can fix it. I’ll be keeping my eye on you, hmm? Send out everyone. I want him dead or alive. knocks at door female voice speaks Chinese conversation in Chinese Okay… phone rings Hello? This is Leslie. Leslie, it’s Bennie. I need to locate someone. Can you run the APB for me? His name is Connor Watts. Okay, got it. clicking gasps Leslie Bennie, I found him. Sending you his location now. Connor Yep, looks like I screwed the pooch this time. yells Hello, Connor. Natalia! I believe you know my daughter, huh? Connor Natalia, you told me your dad was a butcher. He is. Dima Natalia said you were nice American. Very respectful. Otherwise you would be dead. I’m pregnant, Connor. Who? Connor, I’m pregnant. I don’t believe you can get pregnant the way we did it. Not that we did it. You marry my daughter, I let you go. Whoa, whoa, whoa. We got a big misunderstanding here. Trust me, you don’t want me to marry her. I mean, planning a wedding on such short notice is a logistical nightmare. kiss Dasha, again. Connor Oh! Oh, oh. Oh, oh, no. No hard feelings, Connor. Ah! men shouting in Russian Bennie Connor Watts? Connor Who’s asking? Bennie Chan. Hong Kong Police. Hong Kong? Whoa! Hey. I can only walk so fast. Whoa! Ah! Excuse me. yelling in Russian I’m sorry. moaning speaking Russian Bennie Excuse me! Look out! Ah! Look out! Look out! Oh, God. Ah! yelling gun clicks empty Excuse me. Excuse me. truck horn blowing Whoa! Ah! Connor I don’t mean to tell you your job, but I think taking a car would be faster. Connor Watts, you stole money from casino. I bring you back to Macau. Let’s go. Dasha Give us the American. No one has to die. Sorry. speaking Russian Connor Bennie! Hey, Bennie! A little help! Bennie! Hey, Bennie! shouts Oh! Ooh! groans Bennie, help, help! Help, Bennie! Connor Help! Help! It’s about time. I’m telling Dima. yelling So heavy. Connor Not so rough. Bennie Hey! He’s mine. Who is this man? A Chinese cop. Now get him! Hey, it’s not honorable to fight girls. Then stop acting like one. Oh, ow! Ooh! Ooh! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Ow. You did not… shout Size D? Double D. Connor! metal squeaking What are you doing? Bennie! I was just trying to give us a head start. Uh. Thanks for opening the door. Go! So you’re taking me back to Macau. That’s my plan. You seem like such a great travel buddy. It’s a shame I can’t fly back with you. What do you mean? Don’t you need a passport to fly? Connor laughing How did you get my lighter? Better question is how did I get your passport. We need to be there in two days.

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