88.1 Fm KRUA

88.1 Fm KRUA , Online 88.1 Fm KRUA Radio internet, 88.1 Fm KRUA USA Radio

A roughhouse is just my meat! Mr. Maxwell, I’ve already accepted your refusal. No, I take it back, prof, you can count me in. Oh, but I assure you– Now, prof, you might need a few huskies. And I’m a whale at organization! You say the word and I’ll run the whole outfit. Mr. Maxwell, one of the chief attractions of this expedition, was the thought that for three whole months I wouldn’t be seeing you. However, now that’s to remind me of something. Of course, crumpets for tea. Well, think it over, gentlemen. Those of you who want more information can come and see me in the morning. Good day.

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