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Elizabeth… I have every confidence in you. Thank you, sir. Sorry to see you under these circumstances. Would you like some water? Yes, please. From what I see out there We’ve got a lot of improvising to do. All right, let’s prioritize. Okay. Injured– Major hospitals will be on back-up generator With enough fuel for hours. But there are– thanks– Lots of people lined up around the blocks already. Are there any streets clear yet? One trunk down each side of manhattan. Good. Um… Let’s set up an outdoor infirmary Right here in the park. We can pull medical supplies from the nearby hospitals We can buses. We can get military vehicles to shuttle the victims. It’ll be easier to dispense food rations, too. We’ve got to let fema medical assistant teams Know where we are. Oh, yeah. We’ve got to have a priority on potable water. Is there a curfew? Tonight, nightfall. Well, we’ve got to have access to a stadium. And we’ve got to, uh… Get as many refrigerated trucks as we can find. For the dead. Careful here. Watch yourself. loud rumbling What’s that? I don’t know. screaming Come on. We have to keep going. We’ve got to keep going. We just got a report of a -foot water geyser. Crew’s on its way to cap it. That would be a trunk line right off the main. Exactly, uh… We’re talking hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. And that’s the only place it showed up. So, where’s it all going? Right down… Into the subway. This station’s been hit pretty bad. Doesn’t look like there’s any way out of here. There’s got to be a staircase along here somewhere. No, it looks like they’re all blocked. I’m really cold. What are we going to do? It’ll be all right. We have to keep moving. Find an emergency exit. Another station. Something. gasping Man : This is supply airlift About to leave area one right now. It looks pretty busy. Over. Volunteer team , south unit, please report to first aid. There’s one more. No, I can’t move it. Lincoln: Every time I come here There are more and more casualties. Well, at least we’re getting them in. Sir, we have reports of flooding In the metropolitan museum. Joseph, look around you. People first, property second! Yes, sir. Joseph, have it cordoned off. And I want e.T.A.S for the national guard And para-rescue squad. Mayor, the governor’s office Says the national guard’s been delayed. Why, for god’s sakes? Apparently, indian point nuclear facility felt the quake. They’re assessing damages. If it’s compromised They’ll have their hands full Cordoning off half the state. I’ll take care of that. Mr. Mayor, we can now transmit On a broad spectrum of frequencies. All right. The first priority is elizabeth perez And emergency management. Then begin broadcasting all available options For medical treatment and shelter for tonight. Any word yet on distribution of radios? Red cross has them at a staging area in new jersey. What good is radio transmission if nobody can hear it? Get them ferried over here and distributed! All right, people! I want updates, shelter, food, ops, logistics Medical infrastructure, minutes, right here! Perez: We’ll have medical collection points At every six-block interval. Who’s talking to port authority? Yeah. We have well over buses Earmarked for medical transportation. We’re finding drivers, but the remaining problem Is the street. We’ll worry about the streets being cleared. Just get those buses ready to roll. Okay. All right. Well, then let’s move on to the armories. We’re halfway between prince and eighth. Shouldn’t be more than minutes to get to eighth. I don’t know. How can you be sure? I’m sure. But you can go back if you want. No. All right. You have any more questions? No. Great. Let’s go! Oh! Hey. You all right? Uh-huh. Your friend is… Certainly enthusiastic. He’s my client. Oh. So what is it you do? Public defender. Really? What kind of cases… What do you do? Account exec, bell atlantic. So, evie… Do you come here often? Oh, yeah, allen. All the time, all the time. chuckling Joshua: Hey, allen?! Want to see something that’s really funny? Allen: Oh, my god. I’m not going to die in this stinking tunnel! I’m not going to die! Anthony: Take it easy! Take it easy! Please, you’re going to hurt yourself! I don’t care! Anthony: We all want to get out of here But we got to keep it together. You’re not helping this. Bert: He’s right. If anybody gets injured It’s going to slow us all down. Nobody knows what they’re doing! Following each other around in the dark… Joshua: Shut up! Would you please just shut up! I am doing my best To get us out! You’re screaming at me like this is all my fault! Hey, buddy, it’s okay. We all appreciate you leading the group. Who asked you? Nobody! Exactly! You been sticking your nose in everyone’s business Ever since we got off the train. Joshua, what are you doing? As a young girl I was always Very self-conscious about wearing my glasses. I think I gave new meaning To the term “blind date.” chuckles Funny enough It was my tempestuous relationship With my glasses that initiated my career. Come on, come on! Still not working?

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