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But from what I’ve seen You might be the only person who knows what to do… For everybody. Okay, central park. See if we can find the mayor. electricity snapping They never had a chance. Listen to me, everyone. We can’t worry about the people In the rest of the train. There’s nothing we can do. They’re all dead. We have to check for survivors. There’s nobody but us. banging Help! Let’s go get ’em. laughing Hey! Hey, what are you doing, guys? You’re just making it worse! Chill, lady. What you think You’re doing, huh? Think you’re a cop or something? All right, take what you want, okay? glass breaking What are you doing? You cannot stop this. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to… People become like animals. They take and they don’t care if they hurt you for it. And we just let them? For somebody’s jewelry? What are you, crazy? To stay alive, in one piece. That is what is important. Maybe you’re okay doing nothing But I’m not. Okay. Can you imagine what I feel? I travel across world to america And now I must think the same way I did Where I had to run for my life? glass breaking I just think it’s wrong. Me, too. Good luck. I can’t get this to work. Try this quick-start menu card. Man: We don’t know yet. Look, con ed is working on the grid But it’s safe to say over % is down. You’re breaking up! I can’t hear you! Here’s a disaster plan in from gracie mansion. Have you got anything that can run it? Okay, okay! Up and running! Any word from emergency management yet? Emergency service units are on the way With briefcase satellite hook ups. Man: We’ve got three transmitters up and running. That’s a start. Joseph, check with the f.C.C. About radio transmission. Make sure we work on the appropriate frequencies. Where’s mark ross from emergency management? Well, somebody find him. We’re going to need him. garbled radio transmissions helicopter whirring Mayor. Are you aware Of the damage at one police plaza? I am. You and I have a dilemma. You’re the ranking officer of both fire and police. But I have your resignation on what’s left of my desk. Consider it withdrawn. Should we put aside our personal differences? This situation doesn’t allow for personal differences, mayor. Agreed. Until further notice, I have not accepted your resignation. By tomorrow night This place will be running amok with feds, fema The army, navy, you name it But right now the city is on its own So we’ve got to hold the fort. Streets are blocked. Engine companies can’t get through. But we can get crews through on foot To pry people out. Contact public works. Locate earth-moving equipment. We have to clear major highways and streets. We barely have communications. If we don’t clear the streets We don’t deploy search and rescue. You got that? All right. You heard him. Let’s do it. Your family all right? My daughter may be under grant high. Yours? My mother is missing And my daughter is somewhere down in the damn subway. Okay, here we go. Bert, be careful! We got you. Nice and slow. Thank you. Okay, let’s move out. Hey! Who put you in charge? Well, I don’t want to stay here and die. Do any of you? My vote is we move on and find some way out of this. He’s probably right. Pretty cold, though. You going to be all right? Yeah, I think. Are you okay? Yeah. I thought once we quit gambling that, you know… …Our luck would change, huh? We should have taken the bus like I said. Hello? Is anybody here? Yes. I don’t know where to begin. Everything is broken. I lost my contacts and I can’t see a thing. If I could just find my glasses Then maybe I could find my shoes. Come on in. The elevators don’t work and the stairs are dark. I think we’re marooned up here. I have an extra flashlight With batteries. You can have that. Thank you. What is it you’re doing? This is earthquake survival stuff. You’re from california. Yeah. I’ve been here about a year. It’s really just, you know, essential stuff. And you should have these band-aids for your feet. I’m alice. Dori. These are size six. Will that help? Uh, that’s close enough. I’m not going to complain.

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