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I just want to be sure. Sir? Jerry palnick. Hey, evie, I’m sorry to cut this short. I just got another call. I have to take it. Can I call you back? Well, I have to go on the subway, anyway. Maybe later? Okay, sweetheart. Listen, be yourself at that meeting. Tell me all about it later. Okay. I’ll call you tonight. Okay. I’m heading uptown, do you care to join me? Lead the way. labored breathing weakly ): Thanks for coming. Oh, yeah. Wish there was something I could do. I’m sorry. It’s just… Bad luck. Yeah. apparatus rattling May I take that for you, miss? Thank you. Except for a slight limp, my son recovered completely. Dori’s consulted every specialist in new york But, uh, there’s nothing more they can do. I am sorry. Don’t be. My son is amazing. He wanted to be a soccer player Play in the olympics. But he’s decided he’s going to be the coach. Was she driving? Yes. She was blind-sided on the passenger’s side. Guy ran a red. Was she hurt? No. But it hasn’t been the same between us since then. electrical crackling loud rumbling loud rumbling continues Hey! What is this?! shrieks Let’s get out of here! What’s going on?! What’s going on?! screaming Come! Get out! yelling Look out! car horn blaring tires screeching ceramic shattering people shouting metal screeching people screaming and shouting Do you read me?! glass shattering Low rider! Low rider! rumbling dori gasping Low rider! Low rider! Come on! Where are you going?! It stopped. gasping and gagging passengers screaming metal squealing Come on, get up! Hey! Hey! Come on! Get up! Get up, come on! Come on, get up! Come on! You’re cut. It’s all right, I think. Is it over? screaming We’re still alive. gasping and coughing Come on, come on, come on. There you go. There you go. There you go. Low ride… Low rider! Low rider! Come here, sweetie. Come on… Low rider. Danny… Danny! Dad? Daddy! Dad! Dad? Oh, my god! Daddy! I can’t breathe. Help! Help! I need an ambulance! groaning Shh, shh… Diane… Are you all right? Yeah. You hold on, daddy. I’m… I’m so… So glad we… We saw each other today. I’m glad. Daddy, don’t talk like that. Who do I call when everything goes haywire, huh? Diane… I’m so proud of you. laughing weakly Oh, dad… I brought a dancer into the world… A beautiful dancer. coughing choking Help! loud rumbling I’m sorry. No! Do not be shocked by what I do, please. Diane: What are you doing? Oh, no, don’t. Just leave him alone! Get your hands off of my dad! In an hour, your father’s shoes will Be gone, his coat– whatever he has. Gone! All of it. Take what your father still has to give. You will treasure it later. Come on. We have to go. I’m not leaving him. We have to go! We got to get… Come on! diane yelling Come on! loud rumbling electrical crackling man groaning electrical crackling continues woman sobbing groaning ): Help me! groaning continues woman wailing I think he’s dying. I think he’s dying! Let me see. wailing continues No… No! No, no, no! No!! Shh, okay. Backup lights came on. woman crying knocking on door woman screams Hello? radio static Joshua: Hello? Can anybody hear me? Hello? He’s alive. There’s nothing to be done. No, no, we have to try to help him. Joshua: The man is practically dead, evie. How do you know? The way he’s breathing. What? Evie, we need to focus. We don’t know what we’re up against But we do know we need to try to save ourselves And to waste energy on a dead man Would just be foolish. Okay? Don’t worry. We’re going to be all right. What if it’s a nuclear explosion? Or maybe a bomb or terrorists. We’ll soon find out. crying softly Let’s get you out of here. Here we go. Mom! You got her? Ahearn? Get the paramedic equipment And get out there in the streets on foot. We have people down everywhere. Yes, sir. Got a radio? Right here, sir. Who’s out there? C.B.S are going strong, sir. Those guys are on batteries. Ham radios from outlying areas still have power. Got a guy in queens says they’ve taken a hard hit. Central? One police plaza? Anything? No word yet. This is chief ahearn, fire station

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