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You deserve the opportunity. Look at your track record. It’s not just about winning. It’s not? Well, of course not. That only matters in elections. Seriously now, this bingham case… It’s a long shot. I’m going to have to win it in the closing. Then it’s a good yardstick. I think this is why I don’t call you As often as I would like to. Well, sometimes you need to hear what I say. I’ll make a deal with you. Win the bingham case, take the interview. Mom. You’ve worked hard enough for it, eva. Deal. Deal. That’s a deal. Give it up. All right. That’s my girl. phone ringing Hello? Dori: Hi. Hi. I just wanted to talk to you. What’s up? You’re going to think I’m crazy Um, but I think I felt A tremor today. Oh, dori, don’t we have enough to worry about? Why are you always so quick to get angry? I’m not angry. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Your every waking moment is now devoted To protecting danny from some kind of disaster And when there isn’t one, you create it. It’s like an obsession. You’re wrong. Danny is healed. He will never be the same. And you won’t let him. And this isn’t about danny. It’s about you. Dori, it’s been two years. What are you saying? You still feel responsible for an accident. Dori? Take my hand, grandma. Why are you always trying to treat me Like I’m some antique? You know, grandma There are buildings with doormen and elevators. And people to chew my food, too, I suppose. No, eva, this is where my life is Always has been and always will be. I am not moving. Grandma. I worry about you. You’re not getting any younger And besides, home is where you make it. Lawyer talk. You haven’t lived long enough To know what home is. It takes family, friends and time, baby. Good night. Stubborn! Love you… door creaking open sirens wailing You haven’t said a word All morning. Anything wrong? No. School going all right? Fine. Except for the fact that everyone looks at me Like I’m an alien, but… Okay… It has been in the paper Every morning for a week. Dad, how could you let it get like this? Christine, there wasn’t really much I could do about it. If the mayor is so Then why is it that you had to quit? It’s too complicated to explain. You don’t want to know. Yeah, I do! Okay. The mayor has made decisions That I think hurt the department. He’s rerouted money And now we’re short on equipment and training And that is dangerous For everybody. Honey, I didn’t mean for it to go public. It just got away. I’ll find a different job. But you used to love your job. I mean, now all you do is fight with people And it’s ever since you and mom split up. Now that’s not true! It’s… It’s true that the divorce has been difficult But it just… Just got away. door closing You know, dad… It’s not everybody who quits their job Just to insult the mayor. Yeah. I showed him, didn’t I? Yeah, wham, right in your own kisser. Hey. Who would have known an alien could be so beautiful? Bye, dad. Evie: The murder of madeline bingham A helpless invalid Shocks and appalls us deeply. Our reaction is to lash out and take revenge. But our duty is to do justice. The prosecution has illustrated nothing but The weakest case of circumstantial evidence. I ask you to examine it. You will find no facts can be forged against joshua bingham. In a few moments, you’re going to go back to that jury room And I don’t know what’s going to happen. I do know the room is small, windowless… Has one door that will be closed. Imagine it gets locked And you’re in there for the rest of your life… Because we think you might have done something wrong. You’re talking about a man’s life. There is no room for any doubt. No one truly knows what happened in that room. Joshua bingham is a good and innocent man. Hey, I was thinking… I’m not busy today. Maybe I could stop and get that pele video you wanted. What do you think? Yeah, sure. Danny… Don’t be so enthusiastic. Dad said he’d pick it up on his way home. Oh, okay. Is something wrong with you and dad? No, danny. Your dad and I are having some tough times But we still love each other And we’re just adjusting to

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