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Be safe, John. Now, hold on. Hold on. Maybe I’ve been a bit rash. Could you tell me more over a drink? We could rechristen the house, as it were. A drink? Yeah, a drink. Don’t think this is gonna turn into some sort of Manchester weekend. Get that out of your head. We could have a trewhiddle Tuesday. No, definitely not. Well, let’s mark that as a maybe. Now, that’s what I call making yourself useful, love. You know, this is the third conference that you’ve been to. All right! Okay. I… Why is it That every time we talk it turns out this way? We just called to say good morning. Dori, you’ve got to get back into the swing of things. Oh, sam, please… You gave up a thriving business. I mean, you and I used to climb every weekend. I… I miss our life. Dori? We have to talk about it sometime. I know, sam, I know. Is that dad? Danny wants to talk to you, okay? Make it fast, all right? We’re already late. Hey, dad, can I get the pele soccer video When you get back? Okay, cool. Bye. Hey… Don’t forget your jacket. Low rider, no, no, no. You stay. You stay. Good boy. Daddy… I don’t know why you get so upset. You know practically every cent I make I spend on rent. And I don’t exactly live in the trump tower. I know, I know. I scrounge a little for food and then I’m broke. Yeah! Well, you’re a rich banker. Well, daddy, you are! Of course you worked for it. I work hard, too. I just don’t make any money. Wait, can you hang on a sec? blender grinding Sorry. Yeah, I will pay you back As soon as I’m a rich and famous prima ballerina. Yeah, I have it around here somewhere. I have my bank statement. That’s how I know I’m broke. Uh, o-okay. I have exactly $.. Oh, that was two weeks ago. laughs I know that’s not enough. That’s why I called. No, I’m not laughing because it’s funny, daddy. I’m laughing because… What else can I do? Yeah, lunch sounds great. Oh, not that restaurant! All right, okay. I won’t be picky, I promise. Oh, whoa! No, everything’s okay. Uh… Yeah, I’ll bring the bank statement. Yeah. Tell mom I said hi. I love you, too. Bye. Enjoy your stay. Thank you. No. Good afternoon, doctor. No, richard. Would you please sign here? I was always coming home the day after tomorrow. So take the kids out to eat, okay? All right. And please make sure they get to school on time. All right. Okay. Yeah. Bye. Men. Women. I’m a surgeon by day and a homemaker by night. Sometimes I get a little tired. Besides, I bet you anything your significant other Is far more resourceful than mine. All bets are off. Sam thorell. Nancy stuart. It’s nice to meet you. “ridgefield, connecticut”? Now that sounds so civilized. Well, most of my cases are elective So maybe you’re right. And you? New york city. Originally los angeles. Ah. Let me guess. You got tired of all those palm trees. Well, it’s a long story… Keep the change. Stop. One would think that by the time you’d been accepted By the new york city ballet You would understand that art requires discipline. Miss agostini, there are many others Waiting in the wings who would love to be in your shoes. Understood? Shall we continue? I’ll make summary remarks, then we’ll just have to see. You all right? Anything I can get for you? You’ve done a great job, miss lincoln. I know you’ve done everything you can. Joshua… There is still time for a last-minute plea bargain. Involuntary manslaughter. We could negotiate for time served. No, miss lincoln. We haven’t come this far To admit to something I did not do. There’s a risk. What you’re doing… Well, if it’s a risk to tell the truth Then that’s what we have to do. Now’s not the time To start doubting ourselves. I trust you. Okay. music playing Danny, would you turn that down? All right, saute the mushrooms, add onions and herbs And melt butter. Danny! Please turn it down! Thank you. All right, reduce one cup of wine. Do I have a cup? rumbling Danny! What is it?! What happened? I-I don’t know. I thought we were having an earthquake. Chill out, mom. We don’t live in l.A. Anymore. rumbling and rattling Man whistles ): Taxi! Taxi! In other news,

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