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and I accept the risks, so can we get to it, or do you two need a timeout? Fine and dandy. Let’s take a walk on the dark side then. Coming, team? Stop being a child and slow down. Where are we going? Ritchie’s. Have you talked to him lately? I know he’s pissed. You don’t have to remind me, love. It’s on my CV, remember? No, really, has he told you… Oh, no. He’s dying. John Constantine, purveyor of the dark arts and lifeline of last resort. No matter. Your friend’s soul will be collected, and there’s nothing you can do to alter that. Why don’t you go do something useful, like haunt a house? Who’s he talking to now? Shrouds. They deliver souls to hell. They’re drawn to you. Maybe it’s your Cologne, batsy. This one has cheated us many times. It is vexing. Boo. This has been lovely, but it’s time for you lot to bugger off. When the time comes, I’ll be the one to collect your soul, Constantine. Yeah, yeah. I thought I felt a disturbance in the force. How you doing, Johnny boy? Zatanna and Batman? What the hell? Tell you everything inside, mate. You poor thing. Yeah, I may have lied the last time we talked, about exactly how fast I’m sledding downhill. I’m sorry about that. But it means a lot you’re here, John. And, hey, you don’t have to say it. You’re forgiven. Still wondering what Batman’s doing in my living room. And when is he gonna shut up, right? What? What’s with the face? You’re not here to say you’re sorry, are you? Of course I am, but I was looking to borrow the Keshanti key as well. Unbelievable. I tried to tell him on the way. Yeah, it’s not your fault, Z. Just like everything, this is rock star Johnny’s fault. I was with you when it happened, Ritchie. We were side by side. Yeah, yeah, yeah, side by side. But I got the weird magical cancer while you, you added to your rep. Isn’t that right? Look, me not making proper amends isn’t related to the key, which, truth be told, you’re not gonna need, mate. John! Getting that a lot lately. You can go screw yourself. I am not giving you crap. Your anger is understandable, but you need to reconsider. Innocent lives are at stake. Well, doctors say an upbeat attitude can help, so what I’ll focus on today is that I met Batman. Force of good. It was also nice seeing you, Zatanna. Now, if you’ll excuse me… You can show yourselves out. This him? Father of the year. I’ll need the gear now. How does this work? It’s basically a magical shortcut. It lets me access different planes of existence without doing -odd hours of incantations. In this case, I’ll poke around this poor sod’s memories to see how his madness began and, more importantly, what caused it. What are you doing here? I’m calling security. I’ll make sure the looky-loos stay out of our hair. Z, give me a psychic shout if this body comes under attack. Wouldn’t do to be trapped inside, now. Wouldn’t do to go in alone, and since I’m right here… Too dangerous. You’re out of practice, love. Look, you wanted me along. I’m here. I’m not waiting in the wings. Let’s do this. Mmm. Hmm. Z? You okay? I’m fine. I’ve never liked this sort of magic. I can feel darkness seeping inside me. How you stand it is beyond me. It’s all about control. If you ever need a refresher… We’ve had this conversation. I haven’t changed my mind. Sure, sit out the war between good and evil. After all, you’ve got a good thing going being applauded by mindless twits. Really? Now? Good a time as ever, I reckon. I’ll teach you to talk back. No! The magic I perform brings people happiness. You sure it’s not the two drink minimum, love? You’re such a pessimist. Wrong. I expect the worst, so I prepare for the worst, and when the worst happens, I’m ready. But my outlook doesn’t alter the reality of the world. Steven, stop! Leave me alone! Another precious moment. There was joy, too. His madness swept it away. Who dropped the bed pan? This is it. This was the morning of his madness. What do you think will set him off? My guess is the sudoku. He’s got two s in the same row. John. Run! Run! Run! Run! Let’s get out of here! Oh, come on, fellow. Eat a piece of fruit, huh?

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